Video Posts

Quantum Temporal Project

The Center of Being

Mined Hell

The Insane Brane

Children Used to Map Multiverse with Quantum Computer

Christian Lee Sanderson Food Forest Civilization Seed for Global Light Body

The Human Realm and Spiritual Continuity


Christian Lee Sanderson – The Multidimensional Supersoul Network and Quantum Light Interactions of Consciousness

Truth, Knowledge, Self-Liberation

The Exponential CTC Acceleration within the Anisotropic Quantum Field

Beyond the Horizon (Archive)

Countersteering Chaos (Archive)

Bubbles Within Bubbles the Backbone of The Soul Stealing Grid (video)

Extraction from Simulation Through the Quantum Gateway

Liberation Vibration Leads to Vibratory Liberation

The Metaphysical Journey- A Discussion with Aurora and Lauda Leon (Sovereign Ki)

“Checkpoint” Amenti

Shadow Consciousness Internet Manifestation, Collective Mind

Reality Encryption through Cryptophasic Language and Compartmentalization

Sentient Hive Mind Technological Reflection

Cloning and Immortality

Technological Relay-Interface for Virtual and Mental Planes

Trauma-Based Mind Control and Amnesia Walls

The Use of Temporal Dislocation and Mind Control in USAPs

Consciousness Based Holographic Reality, The Extra-Dimensional Self-Awareness

Augmented Reality, Higher Dimensional Information as Intent, Ancient Consciousness Transfer

Mandala Consciousness, Neutralizing Residual Entanglement, the Neurological Projection of Biological Consciousness through Perception

Soft-Disclosure Reality: Dark City, Truman Show: Waking Up, Soul Swapping and Memory Based Machine Learning

The Game 2.-

Militarization of Consciousness, Spiritual Enslavement and Interdimensional Travel

Technological Cloning Immortality, Quantum Hacking the Universe, Biological Immortality

Censorship of Videos and Exploring New Options

Cloning, Hidden History, Extra-Dimensional Operation

Suffering and Strength, Beauty and Disgust

Virtual Reality, Language, Self Hood and God Consciousness

Cult Mind Control Technology

Knowledge, Myth and Magic, Consciousness and Virtual Reality

Winter Healing, Industry Corruption, Abuse and Mind Control of Artists

The Holographically Generated Pseudo-Reality, The Sleeping Humanity

Virtual Hyperspace Spiritual Battle for the Soul of Humanity

Spiritual Involution and the Achievement of Spiritual Liberation

Overcoming Suffering and Ignorance to Remedy the Manipulation of Consciousness

Spiritual Chronic Fatigue and Self-Accountability

Paranoid Times Disclosure – Flesh Interface

Lauda Leon: REANIMATION, The Mind Made Manifest Control Pyramid (video post)

Quantum Leaps in Technological Advancement and Intelligence

The Internal Apocalypse: The Reversion of the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind

Self Observation, The Metaphor of Reality, Time and Extra Dimensional Awareness

Life is a Metaphor

Suffering and Joy, Roald Boom, The Known and the Knowing, The Imposter and the True Self

Suffering, The Choice, Free-Will, Strength and Self-Awareness, The Illusory Battle

Soft-Disclosure: THE DISCOVERY (2017)

The Long Body

Relax In Joy and View the Metal Sky

Spirit, Consciousness and Becoming the Now Moment!

Food Fast, Neurons and Nerves

The Unveiling of the Truth is the Healing of the Fragmented Soul of Humanity

The Time Machine

The Awakening to the False Reality and thus the True Reality

Civilization Consciousness Organic Timecodes Segments, AI and Liberation

Intentions and Parallel Time (Lives) In the MultiVerse Matrix

The Civilization Simulation

Unit Circle of Redundant Self-Awareness, Leading to a Stream of Emergent Consciousness

Share This Information

Time Resets, Ancestor Simulation, Torus Technology, Interdimensional Parasites

Wernicke’s Commands, and the Spiritual Development of the Humanity

Fallen; Hybrid Experimentation, The Embodiment of Evil

Strange Information, Twin Universes, The TimeGate (Cosmic-Collective Synchronization)

Enjoyment of Life, Youth, Appearance, Personal Work and Social Expectations

Let’s Talk Parasite Cleanses (video)

The Acquisition of Parallels (video)

The Spiritual Evolution System

Extra Telestials, Celebrity Cloning, Immortality, Suffering, Mind Control, Enlightenment

The Corporatacracy, Spirituality, Self-Responsibility and Materialism

The Electrogravitic Soul

Wholeness of Being, Returning to Center

The Growth of the Tree

Heaven or Hell, The Battle For The Soul of Humanity

How To Make Love To Fruit

Sun Seed

We Were There

What’s Going On, Spiritual Warfare, Psychotronic Weaponry and Terraforming Earth

Virtual Reality Alternate

What’s Going On: Advanced Plasma Consciousness Systems, Abductions, Social Change

Remember To Care, Care is the Focus of Meaning

Self-Awareness and Harmony, Infighting and Distraction, Mind-Control Agendas

The Original Caretakers of Earth and the Vampire AI Invasion

The AI Vampire, Chipped, Droned, Sub-Humans

Holographic Cyberspace Virtual System for Hyperspatial Spiritual Interaction

The Process, The Non-Duality Solution, Patience, Immortality and the Temporal Loop

Serious Topic – The Desire to Know the Truth is a Requirement – Time is the Mind-Virus

Energy Parasitism in the Internet (video)

The Original Son and the Maya Matrix Perceptual Mind Maze


The Machine Sim Society

Everlasting Being of Extra-Dimensional Simultaneity

Update Situation, Parasitic Interdimensional Infection

Update Realm Simulation Liberation

Virtual Reality Dream Simulation, Neurological Cloning and Time Compression`

Soft-Disclosure: Brainstorm (video post)

Inner Space Creator

Free Energy Soul of Eternally Transcendent Radiant Self-Awareness

The Unveiling, The Game, The Inside Man

Earth Unveiling Disclosure Situation, The Time Matrix Avatar System, Soul Farm and

Questions of Humanity, Origins of the Universe, The Nature of Consciousness and the Cosmic Mind

DNA Quantum (Hyperspace) Soul Internet

Time and Space as Shifting Higher-Dimensional Perspective of Peripheral and Central Awareness

Disclosure, Civilization Contracts, The Warning and Afterlife Systems of a Cosmic School or Prison Plane-ET

Cloning, Depravity, Timeline Distortion and Liberation

The 5 D Reality Bridge (video)

The Civilization Test

Biological Consciousness and Soul Awareness, Technological Immortality, The Illusion of the Self

The Downward Spiral of Social Decay, Free-Will, Psychological Manipulation, the Victim Role and Choosing Healing Rather than Revenge

The Progenitor System

The Expansion Cycle of the Self and Non-Self, The Holographic Universe (Fractal Infection) Exit Plan and Extra-Dimensional Map of Reality

The Center of Self

Liberation of the Mind

Cloning Stations, Uploaded Simulated Memories, Antarctica and Guiding The Earthship

We Must Heal Together to Solve the Parasitic Infection

Free-Will Volition and Cosmic Harmony; The Extra-Dimensional Creator Experience

The Next Phase of Existence; Energy Healing, The Mind, Body and Universe

The Soul Trap Machine, Men in Black, AI Artificial Time-Matrix Lords and The Light Faction

Original Morality, The Time-Matrix and the Holographic Universal Simulator

Everything Will Be Public, Including Experiences

The Global Mind, The Hive and The Mind-Virus, Time Alteration, Consciousness and Changes of Society

Neutralizing Polarized Sexual Charge and Integrating Whole Body – Mind Generation Force (video)

Child Sexual Abuse by Politicians, Spiritual Slavery, Advanced Technology and Simulated Realities (video)

Color Coded Human Bio-Etheric Emissions Within An Artificial Construct

Mater Woman Dream Mind Map Projection, NWO, Cabal, Psychological Manipulation, Self-Empowerment