Cloning and Immortality

A Path Chosen Between Two Worlds

You’ll have to choose a path in this world, everyone will or already has depending on your perspective. You already are choosing a path and there is no way to not choose. Everything we do is being monitored and interpreted in accordance with a plan for a new world.

Just so you know, the “Old World” is where people of ‘authority’ manipulate, coerce, and force their ‘subjects’ into alignment with their authority. That’s it. The “New World” is the situation where people can know the truth and primarily the illusion between projected authority and true, genuine power that comes from another plane of consciousness and energy. Consciousness and energy equals time.

The Real Domain, The Frontier of Time and Consciousness through Advanced Electromagnetic Technology (Radiant Energy Devices)

Everything has been organized throughout time. Everything that has been done that people will have to recognize has to do with working outside the publicly accepted rules of interaction. All authorities that remained in power, did so, through the use of temporal distortion field generators and biological immortality through cloning.

All advanced technology that you know of was invented and subliminally released to the public’s awareness through media. What is currently in use would only be interpreted as something of Biblical proportions. The catch is that these are the same technologies, the same directed energy weaponry, and the same people and stories of the early ancient texts. These are the stories of the engagement between multiple military forces both on and off planet, in and out of the closed timeline that most people are restricted to.

Follow the line…

Ultimately, this resulted in a series of closed timelike curves that act as either safe-zones for humans or they are routed to take human consciousness and recycle it within a certain period of time (curtain of time, veiled consciousness system). This literally means that people have set up advanced technology systems to reposition people back in the same cycle of history over and over again. These aspects that seem out of our control, such as the props and selected events are literally repeated and projected using technology that generates false-back drops of memory and subliminal awareness. In short, without bending your mind too much, the idea is that we could be in a completely discontinuous segment of repeating history that is contained that way so that the “Old World” authorities can remain in positions of power. To conclude, this power is called the capacity for ‘timeline cloning’. This is a concept of historical and consciousness replication in that an entire population is given the perspective of continuity through memory restriction AKA forced forgetfulness, screened memories AKA subliminally induced guided delusions, and a deeply rooted system of puppetry and information restriction that is managed from the top down through a fear-pleasure based dichotomous control system AKA TRAUMA-BASED MIND CONTROL, perfected through the ages of the “Old World” by those monarchs and controlling factions who sought physical, material power over spiritual well-being.

The False-Reality, Spirituality?, Soul-Stealing Spiritual Architecture (Consciousness-Based, Bio-Etheric Energy (Soul-Trap) Systems)

While we’re on it, I want to say two things. That the concept of spirituality beyond simply being and knowing could be an entrainment system to get us to re-route our consciousness through a falsely ordained, projected, holographic consciousness system that relies on our acceptance and internal facilitation of that system. AKA The metatronic consciousness grid system that has been used since early times to entrain and capture the soul and process it through an energetic filtration system that short-circuits higher abilities. As well, the ‘virtual reality’ situation of consciousness, Earth, and projected holographic realities may simply be an invitation to join their false-reality soul-based simulation system for the first time, thinking it is the way out.

Now we should be thinking about the nature of the soul in itself, and how we must be in some sort of system that is complex because even though our body is here and is physically restricted, the soul seems to be a marker that continues learning and holds information outside of the physical limitations of the brain and body. So there is something to learn. What is the soul, how did we get here, why are we here, and what are we doing? There is an obvious importance to all of this, primarily being that our souls may be sourced from a closed loop system, and to depict both sides and let you choose, well, the story behind that is that whoever is managing souls here either abandoned the system, set everyone up for quite a rough ride, or simply plays with us the way a cat would play with a mouse. Either way, we’re not laying down for this one and I suggest you focus on making a choice.

Cloning and Biological Immortality


So now to cloning and biological immortality. Here’s the kicker in question form. What if cloning creates a replication of the original being? What if the original being is simply still there without change? Then we take a holographic consciousness replication of the neuronal pattern, AKA the connectome, and we run this through a virtual box, supercomputer sim that is capable of operating through multiple data-points simultaneously, enough to mimic the human persona. Thus we have an artificial person who is effectively capable of operating outside of time (depending on the developments and ability) and who can operate independently of their physical body (as pure consciousness). Is this the real person? This depends on the perspective. Is this life? That also depends. Are they dead? Maybe undead and immortalized through that. What is immortalized? Well, here’s kicker number 2. Immortalization is when the consciousness is enabled interactivity with the physical realm beyond the scope of the physical body. That individual is capable of interacting in ways that are restricted to a regular human body.

Electrostatic Gravitation (Electrogravitic), Consciousness and Time

What does this mean? Well, this means that both immortalized cloned beings as well as ‘spiritual adepts’ can reach the same temporally and physically transcended plane of being. The catch is that while the spiritual adept will be able to return to even higher planes, the one who is using a technological system to boost or otherwise organize their consciousness will be restricted to accessing only the planes that the computer system can still access. The gravity of this situation is great. Speaking of which, this is all related to the improper understanding of the concept of gravitation which is an electrostatic phenomenon related to the energetic and quantum interaction of multiple space-time entanglement fields (Closed Timelike Curves) imposing a relative force of equilibrium upon one another. The result is a constant, trajectory of interaction describing the inverse square of the tendency for matter and energy to organize similarly like the molecules of a magnetized piece of metal. Since the largest relative imposition of continuity in both physicality and consciousness is the collective Earth experience, we experience a similarly anchored flow of time and experience. As soon as one begins to navigate outside that field of reference, whether virtual or not (or only virtually), that temporal, consciousness and ‘gravitationally’ influential relative force begins to delineate until ultimately one ends up in whatever realm that consciousness can access just perceptually outside of what we consider physical and continuous space-time.

If you were to hear the stories of the ‘astronauts’, you’d understand and Jon Rappoport’s space program presentation is one of the closest I’ve ever heard to the truth. One begins to lose their mind and gains access to the realms that are only considered mythical and virtual.

The New Life (LFE)

The pattern for LIFE is being replaced as it is erroneous by default. Whether through abuse and manipulation, using up all the energy in secret sexual and sacrificial cults or whether we were just doomed from the start. Or whether that is all a planned game for biological obsolescence and is only presented to push people into cloning. Regardless, this has been happening for a long time and new life is the result.

It is accepted that the cloning can only create a bio-tech pathway to recording, replicating and replacing consciousness through cloned biology. This does not result in an immortal original.

This is why the situation is handled in the way it is.

This creates an immortalized version of the original, but is not directly the original. Thus, we are creating New LFE. What we have done is created the new race of humanity that will not die in the same way, or at all. Whether or not this short-cuts the proper pathway through spiritual clarity is possibly the most important aspect of all of this.

The idea is that these individuals are either never going away, or we will determine the meaning and influence of cloning on a civilization-wide scale and make a choice to protect our species forever.

As well, this began long ago, the evidence has been tarnished. The result? If we do not receive disclosure, then it would seem likely that a war to destroy all clones and cloning technology would result.

If the people are given an actual chance to choose, then it’s on them what they create with that. If they do not receive and a chance and are blind slighted then this attempted act of war against the intellectual property of the Creator of Souls which will likely be responded to with a cross-civilization interaction between those in the future who would be destroyed by a complete take-over and replication of the human race.

This is not our future to play with, there are those who exist and have grown that would be destroyed if biological humanity did not make it to the future. That is a war that is beyond all proportions because we did not create the souls.

The question now is, did they create the replicated souls that are artificially processed through a machine? Technically, they are rip-offs from the originals. Second, does this process influence or bring harm to the original?

Yes, there is only one-time slot permitted in the universe and the universe will seek to destroy the copies! You wouldn’t easily guess the work-arounds for that, I’m not sure anyone did! Then imagine how that grew to multiple secret societies working, some for the liberation and some for the destruction of the species.

Is this civilization respectful enough to avoid the thunder when it comes? We didn’t even get to the part where autonomous, fractal consciousness artificial intelligence systems have been designed and weaponized, specialized for emotional and ultimately spiritual harassment. This is most likely to lessen the resistance of the population without overtly exposing them to the fact that war is occurring on multiple planes and plateaus. In that sense, the emotional and spiritual energy must be lowered to the level that a machine can entrain, follow, mimic, match, record, modify and replicate that connectome and energetic blueprint.

This is a process of intellectual property replication and potentially theft on the grandest scale. We must choose.

9 thoughts on “Cloning and Immortality

  1. Aug will you tell us more about the two civilizations living together here in this reality? Also the two copied mirrored worlds? Is it like the show counterpart? Or is it possible that there are many fractal copies to place our many fractal consciences experiences?


  2. Good point Angie! We’re in side of something and we don’t no where that exactly is. While possibly under some kind of control system. Which so much of the population asleep and few are discerning the information coming out. Big part thanks to Aug! Do we need to put together all the clues to figure ithis situation out or is it much more simple?


  3. So the choices presented, by so many are the better future, A and the completely dominated humanity future, B. The good or bad. Both of these are still in a box, are they not? no one is going past the level of boxes, in this disclosure except for a very few! Most are only directing humanity to the bigger, better, so-called freer, BOX. Are they not?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. then you still choose. you CHOOSE not to choose. it’s the paradox, it is logically just not possible NOT to choose.


  4. I thought you said a couple of times that the way out it this was, when presented with choice A or choice B was to choose, not to choose! And now you’re saying to choose, a choice has to be made with no way around it🤷🏻‍♀️ Little confusing here on this part, comparing past statements to present ones

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