Transcription: Wernicke’s Commands, and the Spiritual Development of Humanity

Original Post: Wernicke’s Commands, and the Spiritual Development of the Humanity

Wernicke’s Commands, and the Spiritual Development of Humanity

Hello. I often have deeper thoughts that I almost can’t get on camera unless I have a camera running with myself or with people as I converse with them. I’ll be at all times… I don’t know how to describe it. It’s really weird how the brain works.

When I talk about something as far as what’s happening with the population in society and how all that works… (homemade beard wax, bees wax, shea butter, essential oils) Everything we buy, we can make, and it can have ancient healing properties.

Everybody in society, we’re all in a big kind of mind game. That’s what’s taking place here. That’s what’s happening. That’s why everything is the way it is. It’s happening this way because one of the best ways to enable a person to overcome both self-doubt and self-sabotage, which is kind of like an extension of learned helplessness, once people are convinced they’re helpless, if someone gives them a pathway, to step on it and be like “I was going to fail anyway. No one can help me”, it’s a bit like a hyper pessimism. It’s because of the unique nature of how consciousness works through a kind of reflection system. People have to overcome these tendencies to enable or even inhibit, and accept an inhibition of critical thinking and free will, and enable or accept external control, because that’s what’s happening in a way, the reflective aspect. That in order to disable that, we have to basically go into a situation with an exaggerated innocence, even artificial format. A scenario of that where that’s basically exemplified to an exaggerated degree and in the sense we can observe, become aware of those aspects, and then initiate change on behalf of our actual self.
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Bibi’s Automatic Transcription Tutorial

  • First download and install Soundflower (free, mac or PC) 
  • Configure your sound settings to use 2 channel Soundflower
  • Using Google Chrome, open a tab with the YouTube video to be transcribed. 
  • Open another tab and go to Google Docs. Start a new document.
  • Click ‘Tools’, then click ‘voice typing’
  • Go back to YouTube and play the video
  • Return to the other tab and click ‘Start speaking’. Stay in that tab and watch the video audio being converted to text. If you move out of the tab, the voice typing stops. Just click it to start again.
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Transcription: Sum Simulator Sun Simulator, The Sky is a LIQUID CRYSTAL MATRIX, False-Reality Exposed, Aug Tellez

Those who translate the posts into another language can now translate and read the video transcripts, thank you!

This is going to be an interesting five second video. It’s to direct you to some other

videos and to introduce some information which is something I’ve proposed or

presented before, starting with the first releases. It’s what this is all about. It’s what

people have theorized for years… it’s what the ancient discoveries and knowledge

is about, and if you look deep enough into the function of reality and

consciousness you’ll see that our consciousness has to be within a projection.
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