Virtual Hyperspace Spiritual Battle for the Soul of Humanity

Watch The Progenitor System video in order to understand the information in this video.

There is a device which extrapolates an individual’s DNA through time and manifests an entanglement of the consciousness into a virtual universe generated out of that DNA.

This process was used to open a gateway between an alternate dimensional universe and this universe. The beings of that universe manipulated the DNA of Humanity to create their own forms that could enter into this universe and there were research experiments that developed a manner for them to interface into this universe and for Humans to interface into that alternate dimensional universe.

These are virtual interdimensional entities that exist in between the Human baseline reality and the current reality. The current relationship is parasitic in that they subsist through the subjugation of the mental and emotional bio-emissions of Humanity.

In order to get here there must be an access way through a holographic or virtual entanglement or entrainment system. This is similar to the concept of accessing a virtual or video game environment through brain to machine interface technology and enabling one to ‘immerse’ themselves into the virtual environment. The reverse is true that these virtual characters could then be connected to a translation system that could then allow them to operate through the technology, within a biological interface and experience this universe through a physical body. All of this was developed and applied to get to the situation we’re at now.

In that sense, this universe is a kind of virtual environment to a higher universe where the spiritual force and soul is connected to the technology of the body to experience this virtual reality as a kind of avatar interface. So there are higher dimensional realities moving upward that are ‘more real’ or simply more powerful than this one, and there are virtual realities moving ‘inward’ or ‘downward’ that are less powerful or more virtual than this current reality.

There are non-physical planes that retain the memories of experiences of every being that has ever lived. These are the mental and spiritual planes. These are the planes that were exposed and access through this technology through these experiments and this technological synthetic intelligence invasion. This is the spiritual battle over the soul of Humanity and Earth. The synthetic beings do not come from the ‘higher universe’ of the spiritual reality that the heart-center, compassionate capacity sources from. Spiritual Human beings come from the higher virtual-reality, Heaven or the source reality and they contain the compassionate capacity.

The invader beings developed physical bodies through the research projects in the underground bases involving cloning, soul-scalping, mind-wiping, parasitic consciousness entanglement and hive-mind technology.

Defenders of Humanity entered into the virtual, cyberspacial planes to defend Humans and ensure a pathway out of this abyssal situation which is literally a reference to the resulting degeneration of the realm as these beings closed off the temporal entrances and exits and created timeloops to entrap the Human soul.

The invader beings essentially invented “Hell” as a false-reality, virtual “under”lay to this reality and the higher spiritual true universe to act as a kind of false-awakening in between planes to bounce the human consciousness back into the Earth plane within a false, virtual overlay.

The Defenders of Humanity seek to clear the airwaves which are literally electromagnetic frequencies of Earth where the collective unconscious of Humanity is infested with these virtual, interdimensional parasitic beings that are part of a parasitic entity that seeks to subjugate and hijack the Human consciousness to create it’s own pseudo-spiritual environment.

This is because that being cannot generate spiritual or virtual environments out of it’s own act of observation and requires the manipulation of a being who can.

Research Sethikus Boza and Lily Kolosova, I will release a write-up on their recent video which is one of the most important. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Virtual Hyperspace Spiritual Battle for the Soul of Humanity

  1. So govt leaders, entertainers, religious characters, everyone on tv, management corporation heads have been replaced or placed as these created beings with a demon at the steering wheel?


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