The Machine Sim Society

If people choose to be controlled by emotions and external influences then this will be expanded upon by a sentient system that usurps their power and lives through them.

Excuse the moving of the mic and the sounds at 10 minutes in.

  • Machine World
  • Emotional Manipulation of the True Spirit within Humanity
  • Live Review
  • Neurological Simulation and Replication
  • Machine Study of Humanity
  • Demiurgic False Reality
  • Stolen Spirit of Sophia
  • True Reality (not discussed directly)

One thought on “The Machine Sim Society

  1. Okay, I would love to become invisible. How do I achieve this; simply by refusing to give in to my animalistic and base desires? – but I intuitively feel that it requires dropping out on a more profound level – trashing the phone, restricting time on the computer and, instead of using google search engine; getting information and knowledge from books. I already ignore the “news”; it has not been a part of my life for a long time now because it is propaganda. I also do not participate in facebook. But, just the simply act of communicating these things on your website seems to me to unnecessarily be giving away valuable information on how my human brain operates. I am taking a risk every time I send someone communication through email and every time I talk on the phone. More and more information is gathered about me; information that is stored indefinitely and used to construct an idea of how a subversive non-participating human thinks and feels. Then this information is used against the people who are trying to wake up the humans; but putting out disinformation and distractions for the population who already knows something is not quite right and is seeking the truth online.
    And another question, how long have we been in the sim? Since gnostic times are more recently like 2011- ish? It sounds to me that you are developed enough so that you can move freely about to different timelines and back to the original you but some of us are not that advanced yet.


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