The “Awakening” of 2010

In 2010 I was “awakened” at an event involving hundreds of people that play various roles in this society, the secret society and the breakaway civilization. This also took place across times or planes of reality.

Technology of The Awakening

Memory Suppression

My memory was unsuppressed and all the traumatic memories and experiences were unveiled to me. This was almost as traumatic as the initial experiences themselves although precautionary steps are taken to ensure the safety of the individual.

I’ve had memories of underground bases, cloning, stargates or interdimensional gateways, advanced technology, non-human or programmed biological entities, sacred knowledge and experiences, the power of the mind, and breakaway civilizations.

Omega Programming, Disclosure and Faction Infighting

Advanced Technology

SCALAR WAVE TECH. Mind to Mind. Carrier Waves. Chaos Math. Vortex math. Bio-Fields. Energy. Nanites. Nano-tech. Mind control. ELF. Ion shielding. Mind enhancement, DNA activation, memory restoration, instant healing and regenerating systems. Viewing devices and simulators which can access space and time.

Gravitic drive craft were utilized to show me various spaces and times outside of the general relativity that we are accustomed to.

The Universe, space and time was explained and shown in ways that only relate to dreams, dream-time, or out of body or mystical experiences. I was not dreaming, I was physically there, physically allowed to operate within these parameters and see the world in this way.

Simulators or Other Worlds?

The Multiverse – A Unified Theory

The planets are not what we think, the stars are not what we think, the sun is not what we think, or at least the main concepts of these is not what we are taught. The Universe is alive, it is a living entity and we are living inside of the living Universe.

Vibration is everything, everything is conscious and spiritual, there is no true physicality. They proved this to me that day, and showed me how the physical form is merely the possibility that the mind accepts as most likely. That all realities and possibilities are of the mind and all other versions and realities are therefore accessed through the mind.

Even if it is through a craft, the mind is used to guide the craft and the same general concept applies to someone without a craft, simply using their mind.

The Beginning of Soul Transfer

Breakaway Civilizations

These are very advanced technological capabilities and an entire breakaway civilization has grown to operate using solely this advanced technology.

There are factions that see modern humans as a kind of resource for creativity and labor, while others see the potential behind humanity and are working with humanity to ensure a Universally harmonious outcome to the current situation.

The control system we are in today is outdated and collapsing. This is the Apocalypse. The Apocalypse is merely the unveiling of the hidden truth. The hidden truth is simply that we are spiritually eternal and some are physically immortal.

I was informed that by the end of this year there will be enough changes and signs for the general public to see that the majority of those who are to awaken to the truth of human and Universal nature will be awakening so.

The ‘Light’ Faction and The Probability Matrix

Energy Vampires

This civilization was collectively poisoned by a nano-tech device/technology.   This technology replaces, exchanges the BIO-PHOTONS of the HEART chakra, with it’s own nanite, nanotech cybernetics.

This is essentially a computer system attempting to gain access to the higher dimensional world through the gateway that is the human body.

How to reverse Nanites? They absorb energy from heart chakra and turn it into a binary field. We are trinary and experience a plethora of emotions as a result. Binary consciousness is 1’s and 0’s there is only a linearly repeating finite set.

We are geometric fractal infinity. A binary pattern does not contain the complexity of variables to facilitate high awareness and thus a heart-based or emotional perspective of reality.

Update Situation and The Unveiling of 2016

Ancient Civilizations

The information that has been relayed to me throughout my life is relevant to the information that seems to be found in the remaining signs of ancient civilizations throughout the world. As well, these civilizations may still be together, existing on this Earth or in different planes of what we call “reality”.

The Heart is The Guiding Force

Ascension – Clearing Trauma

Everyone born on the planet is born under a series of veils which entangle and filter the original source consciousness. These veils must be ‘broken through’ in order to return to source.

There is technology and a sacred process which initiates, accelerates and enhances this process.

This process is as difficult as we want it to be, our subconscious already knows all hidden truths. It is merely a matter of allowing the conscious mind to make the proper connections and conclusions to find the reasoning behind our actions and beliefs in order to deprogram and deconstruct the false-world that has been created for the masses.

The truth is greater than one can imagine while still living in the modern world and the depth of the lies that have been told go far beyond anything anyone can imagine without seeing the truth.

We have to figure out our compatibility issues. Who can work with who effectively. What the ideals of our current situation will evolve to in the future. How information is transferred to the public, and across the generations and core groups.

The words we think and say describe our emotional state in a feedback loop and so they will reinforce or even create the state you are in. Use words to guide you, not to respond and feel the effects of reactionary thinking.
We have to reintroduce the heart essence as a way of life on Earth.
Violence is not the answer. Estrogen mimics and destroyed testosterone levels is not natural. Over-testosterone is less stable than a good balance. We can face any problem together. A family is strong. What would a family of millions and millions be like?

We don’t have to let others change us to tune into lower vibrations. We can remain ourselves in the face of adversity. We can still interact with others who are different, but we can tell the truth and remain who we are.

Energetic Ideals and The Original Timeline

When we get angry at another person, we can imagine this as anger at ourselves through something within us that reminds us of that which we see in another. Getting angry is a way of short-cutting changing ourselves and is actually the other person influencing us through that.

If we remain steady and choose to keep our emotions out of the lower negative spectrum then we will automatically have a more powerful impact on those around us.

Think of your family, sometimes things happen that make you angry. Even things that don’t make you angry but are simply not favorable. Would you break off all ties over simple things? Or do you remind yourself that family is still family even if you don’t find yourself exactly the same or accepting of those characteristics?

It’s more powerful to learn how to remain yourself in the face of adversity than to try and demolish or abolish all instances of difference in the world around you. Sure, we want to get to and create a place where our environment and associates are compatible with us, but where we find this adversity there is the highest potential for self-awareness and learning.

 We are to live in accordance with spiritual law. The overall pattern of life will reflect our intentions. The blood purity is most important. The blood cannot be made impure if the mind and body is not drawn into impure action. This is what is playing out. The DNA is like a coherence pattern that develops between mind, spirit and body. When the mind wants what the spirit has then the body is kept in harmony. When the mind wants what spirit doesn’t create, IE: physical pleasures, then the body is drawn out of purity/harmony.


If you feel you want to be a part of a safe unveiling of truth, then please share and redistribute the knowledge of this “Apocalyptic” Unveiling of the Hidden knowledge because this is a process that has been ongoing for thousands of years and humanity has finally reached a fulcrum point where there are enough aware people to productively acknowledge reality.

The Negotiations

Everyone Can Be Healed

Everyone can be healed.This is about creating what we want to see, the world we want to live in, not destroying others. Violence begets more violence, fear begets more fear, but calmness and empowerment through unity creates a more stable experience.

The entire issue of what’s going on with the secret projects and who’s influencing who on the world stage revolves around the possibility that some people may be from an alternate Universe.

We are learning how to avoid those mistakes and respect the environment and each other so that we can prosper.

Those who are attempting to destroy everything they don’t like or act out in a childish manner in order to gain attention and false-power over another will only find themselves powerless and in company they would rather not be with.

That is one way we are being utilized, and it’s to create an entire world that we don’t want to see but are tricked into manifesting. This is a deception and it’s based on the ego and the ability to concentrate and interpret reality around us. The very brainwaves we are feeling now relate to various heights of knowledge or experience. People are entrained to low brainwave states in the same way the TV will cause people to fall half asleep into theta state which is a trance state in this case.

We have to increase the brainwave frequencies and learn to create feedback loops by watching ourselves watch ourselves. This will help us avoid the trauma and mental pollution that is being pumped out, although at this point there are enough people who are naturally inclined to see through the haze that the world is changing regardless of what anyone does now.

The best we can do is prepare for change by becoming aware of the body-mind system and how that which we eat physically, mentally and emotionally equates to our spiritual energetic systems and that we are literally comprised of the energies that we allow inside of us.

Keep the body and mind pure as if it were a temple. This way a sacred process of transferring harmonious energy from the far reaches of the MultiVerse within into the externally perceiving senses of the physical body can be initiated which allow one to see through the illusions and operate their body and mind with the ability to acknowledge and decide which frequencies will exist within.

Without this acknowledgement of the center then people are pushed around by the external stimuli. This is the whole point, if a person is truly in control, then they will control the stimuli not the other way around.

7 thoughts on “The “Awakening” of 2010

  1. It will be hard to accept that ALL ends. No one here can be healed. DNA is flawed. Energy, vibrations, ALL are compromised. Your awakening is to prolong the delusion, to postpone the inevitable. No kindness, calmness or shedding of layers will help ultimately. The script doesn’t include a peace deal with the psychopath. He has made sure everything is as messed up as it can get. He is taking down everything with him (we are mixed with him) and he knows it but hasn’t made it public. Instead, he lies about everything. Everything. Jesus of Nasareth is the ‘portal’ out of here. Not the benign alien races, or the ‘programmers’ or ‘controllers’ or advisors. They’re all on the same team. Whether they know it or not. Don’t be fooled by their disclosures and their knowledge on how the ‘system’ operates. They know much but will never reveal the most pertinent part. Wishing you all the best.


  2. Wonderfully stated and again thank you for the great contribution you are engifting humanity with by sharing your knowledge. I wish to grow and learn along with you and everyone else that is awakening as well. ~~~Viviana


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