Spiritual Involution and the Achievement of Spiritual Liberation

Let me know if the sound is too low, thank you.

Technology advances, death will be overcome through that.

Spirituality and the inherent truth of the spiritual force is already eternal and provides for everlasting life.

These are two routes that are present.

The far future contains the capacity for both to exist beyond the boundaries of physical constraint.

We have to reach a level of self-awareness and motivation where we contribute and grow due to our own desire to do so. If we reach such a state of power without first achieving a high level of self-awareness then people will rely on a system to motivate them to grow and learn and that will result in abuse or social degeneration.

A complete return to ‘source’ is seen as ‘death of the individual’. If everyone returned to source immediately it would look like an abrupt end to this civilization and the entire physical universe and all individual identities would dissolve back into one. The entire point of the journey here is to live in the knowledge of the truth while remaining an individual. A collective individualism is required. Anything less will result in a collective hive-mind where there is no true individuality. We are currently in a hyper-individuality where there is only selfish thought and group-think that is highly manipulable.

Instead of returning to source or returning the plane with the knowledge of our past we’ve been bouncing back and forth with a memory wiping system in place. That is used by interdimensional parasites to absorb the energy of the struggle that generates bio-etheric emissions.

Apocalyptic inserted mass memories are used at junction points to reinstigate the programming for the pseudo-ages of civilization each cycle of history. This creates a mental plane environment where the interdimensional parasites have a ‘character role’ in that show. Without that, they literally have no locality or environment to exist within, in relation to the human.

This becomes a parasitic relationship where they feed on the human imagination in order to sustain themselves. People must be at a low level of emotional resonance in order to create the appropriate environment and therefore this becomes an emotional, psycho-spiritual war over the mind of humanity.

Then there are bloodlines who have been selected to assist in the feeding and subjugation process and they become involved in the battle over who will gain the highest power or who will control who.

There are multiple timelines, the primary constant based on what is occurring now is that there are no remaining timelines where Humanity falls for the same manipulations and tricks that are utilized by these interdimensional parasitic entities. To attain this, Humanity must be shown the truth.

One thought on “Spiritual Involution and the Achievement of Spiritual Liberation

  1. Aug, thank you for driving this info deeper into our brains with each post or video,, Even my sweet husband is starting to ‘get it’ although it doesn’t stick with him, week to week. Hearing that organized religion could actually be $atan worship made him quite defensive. Not sure how to explain this aspect to anyone at this point, especially my many ‘savior mentality’ friends!
    Personally, I revoke all contracts daily, withdrawing my consent for any and all oaths I may have made, either knowingly or unknowingly. Lauda Leon has a great consent withdrawal page on her website, which I have recited out loud more than once.
    Btw, thanks for the update on your injury, Aug,, it’s such a relief to know it’s doing better. Lots of us have been extremely concerned, but didn’t want to bug you for updates, especially if you weren’t feeling well enough to post.
    Please take care of yourself, the world needs you!

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