Relax In Joy and View the Metal Sky

Take time to relax, there is radiation in nature…the partially binary nature…that exists in a holographic simulation continuum that is designed by a cosmic mind for the mortal’s enjoyment.

This reality is a mixture of organic and inorganic art-forms. Only when we stop and observe instead of continually interacting do we allow ourselves the chances to come to full awareness.

This is like the changing of the seasons but deeper. The ‘season’ of the collective mind is changing and the signs are everywhere, the one’s who stop and observe the first and most are the one’s who get to enjoy reality! If people aren’t enjoying themselves then they’re not present! Thus, there is no one there to complain…sounds strange and there are exceptions that could be realized however that is the idea.

2 thoughts on “Relax In Joy and View the Metal Sky

  1. So simple yet so profound; thank you! Just enjoyed a wonderful day at home sharing the simple joy of a meal and good conversations with a friend. With the added wonders of picking fresh fruit from a tree. <3


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