Children Used to Map Multiverse with Quantum Computer

Volunteer children used to map multiverse with ‘soul’ powered quantum computer technology used to access parallel worldlines. The other method was to restart time using the DNA of the child as an anchor for the computer to reset the local environment to. Essentially, a frame rate is taken through measuring devices in the physical world and this is cross referenced against someone’s DNA. Within a local area, and apparently the entire civilization, a temporal distortion ‘net’ can be initiated and then released which will ‘snap’ the consciousness of those in the field back to the moment of initiation of the net (right before). I mentioned two different technologies, however it is important to know both as there are many methods and technologies we aren’t even ready to accept the possibility of, let alone their dominating influence in the universe.

One thought on “Children Used to Map Multiverse with Quantum Computer

  1. that gifted children were used in the alien wars goes back to at least the late 1950’s in various locations in eastern Europe, by the different factions in the wars, with full backing from the political powers at the time in those geographic locations….. confirmed


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