Spirit, Consciousness and Becoming the Now Moment!

This is what I get for recording with the forward facing camera. There is no video, the camera simply recorded the monitor.

This is related! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xeH0yLn7So

Here is a short write-up:

“Spirit communicates so fast there is no waiting between translation or formation of expression from intent. The intent and the expression are one in the same. Ego and language of mind is different. There is a translation lag, a time to recreate the information in a secondary symbolic format. This takes time and even energy.

If one speaks through pure spirit then everything is recorded and transferred to the universe, instantly.

Everything is actually happening at the speed of spirit, thus everything happened at the spirit level and the mind and ego is constantly lagged behind in a delay or echo of realization. The goal of waking up is to bring the mind to the level of spirit and leave the thinking process behind while taking mind into pure spirit and bridging the gap between the two. Thus the delay is reduced and the self becomes in tune with spirit which is always on time in the universe. Anywhere, any when, if mind focuses there through intent, spirit is there simultaneously. There is no delay, this happens instantly.

Thus, the only way to actually see reality, is through spirit. All else, the ego and mind, carries an inherent delay that cannot be removed but must be overcome through spirit. Spirit is the I, the higher true observer aspect on top, with out form, only the I on top.

Spirit never forgets and is never told. Ego is temporary and must be told and always forgets.

Whenever one is doing, they are in body consciousness in ego. Whenever one is purely observing, they are in spirit. The goal is to be in spirit while in the body and to do whatever is being done with pure awareness of spirit. Thinking takes one out of spirit, thus to do while in the spirit there can be no thinking, only knowing and doing. To know one must observe and see. If one is seeing they cannot do without falling out of spirit unless the spirit and the mind have met and aligned to the same goal. The goal of spirit is no goal, there is only accomplishment and that is pure enjoyment. The goal of ego or mind is to find the problem and provide a solution. Thus, the ego only sees problems, the spirit only sees enjoyment. To do what one does in enjoyment is to see through the spirit. To see only through the ego eventually brings only suffering. Traveling to the world of he ego is a passage along a treacherous journey where one may forget the spirit which is the nature of ego to think and only see shadow of the self. The spirit sees only the self, no shadow. Thus one journeys through the world of ego to see the shadow and then come back to the spirit of self. Such is not an adventure of spirit, all is an adventure to spirit. That is an illusion of consciousness to experience the self away from the spirit.”

3 thoughts on “Spirit, Consciousness and Becoming the Now Moment!

  1. Since opposition is non-functional in the higher states of awareness, can Ego be really said to be the opposite of anything? Isn’t it instead simply the inner child run amuck and does it not, like all children, require first attention and deep listening to oneself, so the self-created barriers of separation can be released by the co-creators that we are?


    1. Maybe see the ego as the interface avatar. It’s the facade we put on in our daily life that people interact with. I have no ego, hence no facade and what they see is what they get, but many have many “faces” they portray throughout the day whether to co-workers, family, friends, showing off, getting attention. It’s all a need, a fear of being alone, that drives the ego and it looks to fill it…to fit in. It’s a false unity hence the separation we encounter even though we “feel” we are with our own “kind”. Letting go of the ego is a major step in seeing past this place. If you get any doubts and nagging voices inside your head then those are not the ego trying to weaken you, but an external entity attached to you in some way. Whether the entity is a parasitic, demonic, or physical person…it’s all the same in the end. Cut out the ego, cut the attachment cord for those draining you and revel in silence and your higher self will take care of the rest. It took me years to get to a level where I almost instantly get answers to my deepest questions and yet I have no clue where it truly comes from…it just comes :D


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