Advanced Technology

Unveiling Topics and Advanced Technology



Cloning is utilized by Solar Warden to preserve their genetics while providing various forms of support, defense, and investigative operations.

The underground bases involve the cloning of various individuals, namely celebrities, for the personal use of wealthy individuals or groups. These events are mixed in with scientific research and genetic engineering projects which involve many hybridized forms as well as entirely genetically engineered beings.

Technology and Power


Brain to Machine Interface Holographic  Consciousness System (brainchip  interface, virtual reality simulator)

Some of the training is done by entering into a visual-audio dream-world. Some “programs” will consist of repeating a certain task over and over again until it becomes muscle memory in the brain. Others are designed to probe or test the mind until a certain response is received.

Compressed Time Within The Simulator

Spacial Temporal Distortion:

Particle Accelerator Temporal Manipulation

Using particle accelerators a “fold” in space/time can be made so that when the accelerator is turned off or tuned back into a certain frequency (not sure) everyone within the field will “snap” back in time to the specific moment when the fold was first created.

I have seen this done on small scale, and a rather larger scale, but I cannot be sure if it was only me. I believe I have seen it done on a town-sized scale during the 2010 Awakening where some of the events reached a scale of nearly cosmic proportion and the entire sky and horizon was lit up with technology and entities, as well as Solar Warden, the NAZI faction, secret society groups, and breakaway civilizations or complete other civilizations, some of which were non-human.

Advanced Healing Technology

Time Tunnels, Hyperspacial Vortexes or “Portholes”

Using Tesla generators technology was created to alter space and time by creating undulations or waves the same way a boat creates waves on the surface of a lake. By creating a vortex a singularity could be generated which can act as an access point through hyperspace into another area of space and time.

Zero-point and Scalar-Field Technology

Zero-point energy is energy that comes from the sub-quantum interconnected layer of all space/time.

Within the atoms and within the subatomic particles, within the quantum particles and possibly within an arrangement within that there are teleporting particles that are operating in an instantaneous and simultaneous fashion. They say it is like “one” particle, teleporting in and out to create all of space time. The power behind this layer is so powerful that one device can power a city for many years.

These devices are used to power the craft and in the same way are used to power and convert the energy into ‘mind machines’ which can influence human consciousness.

A scalar grid can be created using these generates and the influence and effects are cognitive and emotional, even spiritual. When a grid is created the entire grid can be influenced through a single point of contact on that grid. The grid becomes a carrier wave and the specific brainwave frequencies added to the grid are the modulator. The two combined generate a modulated wave through the entire grid which is specifically tuned to influence specific individuals anywhere within the reach of the grid.

For example a person can become ‘vibrated’ by the device and at this point their head will be ringing like a tuning fork. What this means is that there are wave-forms extending off that persons head and into the space around. This is then intersected with a modulating wave which will then send a similar interaction back into the standing waves coming off the person and this is like making waves in a wave pool. The brain and nervous system of the person will then be affected by those modulating waves and their consciousness will either be detectable or manipulable through this interaction.

Batteries And Storage Capacity

The hand-held devices  that are in use do not require charging or even disposal. The storage capacity of the batteries is so efficient that they last for a lifetime of use. Some devices use a energy generator within the device itself. These “batteries” which are not batteries but little, powerful generators, can explode like a bomb if they are mishandled.

Psychological Testing

Advanced Spiritual Technology

DNA Acceleration Device

There are spiritual technology devices that are capable of accelerating the function of the brain, energy system, and ultimately the activation of DNA.

These devices generate energy waves which target an area and unify the physical and spiritual bodies. The conscious and subconscious mind.

Programming comes to the surface and all people have to remove the programming and actively, consciously heal ourselves and regain our free-will power.

Use your free-will to state your lack of consent to harm and DEMAND that we are responsible for and in control of our own self.

The Unveiling, Ancient Hidden Technology

Physical and Energetic Bodies

The temporal, mental, and physical body can be tampered with through technology and psychological manipulation. Then the soul will remember this. When the trauma or resentment is brought to the surface through life experiences, one has the opportunity to forgive and continue forward and release the imprints and emotional blocks which keep the trauma as part of the self.

When released, the spirit is free-er to experience life from a clear perspective rather than one that is tarnished with the damage taken from previous times.

The physical body itself can heal much more than people are aware but all bodies are connected as one and so the healing must take place throughout all forms of existence rather than just one or two.

It is also interesting as to the true nature of the Human being and the total forms or energetic spectrums that the Human exists as. There is the physical body. There are mental and emotional bodies. There is the temporal body and there is the spiritual body. There are most likely more than this as I have been shown and others around are also informing us of.

The Unveiling, Ancient Hidden Technology

Trauma-Clearing, DNA Unlocking Technology

There is technology that exists that allows the conscious mind to see into the subconscious. This heals trauma and distortion/programming. In the same sense, it momentarily makes all trauma and distortion seemingly tangible to the conscious mind. It is similar to a near death experience where one has to face their fears and let go. This happens in cycles and Earth is currently moving through various states of it. The plan is to allow Humanity to wake up and utilize our concentration and power to maintain a steady flow of awareness.

DNA Activation

This is to happen before the machines are turned on full power, which will be as much a natural phenomena as it will be a result of technology.

We have to cleanse the parasitic responses, addictions, habits, materials, states of mind, traumatic memories, and actual food born parasites and nanites out of the physical, mental, temporal, emotional, and spiritual body.

Just like a physical detox, this is a trying experience and will bring such traumas and parasitic responses to the surface. Ignoring any issues allows them to grow stronger. All is a process, all is a cycle and Humanity has reached the age of history where mass change is not only plausible but very likely.

3 Phases of the Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge

Unveiling Topics and Advanced Technology

All is vibration, what we consider matter here and now is simply that which comes from and moves back into a state of vibration. This is experienced directly through the merging of the conscious and the subconscious mind, as if the dream and reality intersect through a coming together of impossibilities and readily accepted occurrences.

When a civilization moves through these stages it is considered a shift of the ages. Everyone’s perspective shifts and as a result of perspective being the source of the details of reality, the entire reality shifts.

It can be seen today that what we call reality is literally waves of cosmic energy vibrating on a scale and condensing down into a probability matrix that we call existence. When passing memes control the perspective, because the perspective is focused and concentrating on that, then there is a scattered organizational pattern.

When the perspective is centered within the self, the spirit, the source of all existence, then the outward reality shifts from a scattered organization into a sacred pattern that integrates with the larger picture and allows for seamless integration of the micro-biological perspective and the macro-biological perspective.

People are moving out of the scattered signal. Yet those moving into harmony can look and see those around them that are not in harmony and receive scattered information about their inner micro-biological existence as well as their spiritual macro-biological essences and how it all relates to the middle realm of the “Human”.

Help those people by offering harmonizing assistance, rather than increasing the disharmony. As their surroundings become more harmonized, their resistance will increase their own disharmony by virtue of the contrast of their perspective. Offer insight that they can change their perspective and change the boundaries of what they feel is their karma and unlock from themselves a greater view of the whole.

This will be happening through technology, spiritual cosmic awakening, purification and healing of the physical and non-physical bodies and mind, through Earth changes, and through a continued unveiling taking place on many planes and levels of existence until harmony is restored.

Dreams, Technology and Inner-Space Travels

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