Technological Relay-Interface for Virtual and Mental Planes

Virtual systems can be created enabling a technological interface that connects directly to the ‘mind’ as a biological organ. The title refers to the original concept which I edited out of this talk. The information is connected because it’s all part of the same larger system utilizing energy and intent to influence the universe or access information.

The “House Party” concept will be defined better in another one which will talk about the methods used to access temporally non-local artificial dimensions for the purpose of diplomatic or research-military exploration. Ultimately, the metaphor is simple but won’t be gone into this one. If you have the capacity to see all of time and go anywhere, how do you determine where and when to go? You build a house in a vacant lot and play music the reflects the dimensions you want to interact with. Then change the house with an artificial dimension created with powerful temporal field distortion generators.

Field distortion generators have been designed to interact directly with the atomic level of access to space-time. The information accessible through this method is related to the fundamental quantum space-time coordinates for a given entanglement that, through this highly developed system, is always managed from multiple angles with multiple operatives and technicians present.

Such a well designed system enables interaction on a sub-material level. Intelligently interacting on this level produces changes on the material level of what we consider ‘reality’. Reality may be closer to a sea of possibilities and dynamic potentials that only ‘blossoms’ into the material plane. Even then, the physical plane is mundane, it’s when the higher mind and the physical mind are met in union that something ‘extra’ happens.

All of this information, whether you consider it factual, abstract, or philosophical was used to gain access to alternate planes and extra-physical states of energy and consciousness. These systems enable, at the highest point, the direct interface of the mind with the sub-atomic information describing the universe.

This is part of how space and time is reorganized or edited using “spiritual technology systems” that enhance the power of the mind to levels beyond recognition. These are “God” systems that result in the power to create or destroy.

A phrase often remembered, “What are you willing to destroy to create what you want?”

Excuse the ‘dynamic’ nature of the information recently, bouncing in many areas, the whole picture is complex and folded inside itself. That concept, that is the nature of reality as an extra-dimensional system and this information, throughout history and modern day is the ‘just before deadline’ rushing of awareness as the people slowly begin to realize just where they are, what is happening, and how powerful the mind really is.

The result of this technology, the spiritual knowledge, and the resulting self-awareness is an individual that must be defined as something other than, or simply more than human. Is this the calm before the storm? I think you could say that about every era.

The rest of the video is spoken information regarding how the nature of consciousness the universe is unveiled through these projects. Time is flexible, we are all within closed timelike curves CTC’s which are like self-contained time-gravity wells that require a lot of energy and a special harmonic equilibrium to equally move away from all divergent space-time trajectories. I tell you time again, it’s like one big science fiction movie back there. I have also said that science fiction was released to the public as an initial project to test the mind’s capacity to know the truth.

The final point in the video should be interesting and there are two other videos related to this talk that go in different directions. Earth may be a project civilization sent by two temporally distant races projecting information as a kind of conscious reality interface overlaying the plan.e-T. Everyone interacts and ‘lives’ through this, yet the source of the information of the civilization is actually two separate civilizations off in time, one possibly more advanced than the other. This could also be just a project that is occurring for a limited number of people.