SSP Phase 2

I served on a defense force that fought for the protection of Human life in the universe for well over 20 years. This is documented, every day of my life was recorded with electrogravitic drone cameras that fly around everywhere and are semi intelligent (almost like an attitude).
I’m not interested in fighting, arguing, playing games, hurting anyone in any way. I don’t want that anymore, I never did. But once I was tricked into believing you defend against that by emotionally knuckling up and giving and taking. That is a delusion. Fighting creates more.
More pain. When we fought, there were battles, many were lost. When we fought, we went through conditioning and training to allow us to understand that contrast between fighting for what you love to protect and stopping the fight to feel the love.
If one goes too far into the abyss, the mind cracks and they can’t see the light when they come out. You want to know the real issue? That was the war, the war itself was managed. The real issue was the effect of the interactions on the human minds. Our minds are different.
These were animal hybrids we were fighting. Literal “aliens” if you ever saw the kind of thing. Movie stuff. Yet it screamed and picked people up in their mouths, in one location, one set of ‘obstacles’. Running sims? Ok, then the sims are called “planets” that are in space.
I only say this because we are a team. We were assisted in this process. We were assisted in getting here.
From my perspective, time was altered, those who were not given a chance to live (died as children) were brought back to this world. I love you, this is what I saw, this is what we went through and that is how it was explained.
This was explained this way by the way we were brought back. We were brought back under conditions that we would bring this information to the public because the one who meets us at the final day, and from who’s life and mind we come, brought us to this point.
We were brought back, specifically, to warn you, to set things in motion, to give you the opportunity to resist this system by speaking the truth and showing what you consent to.
Everything that is happening now is because of this disclosure. Read the timeline! You will see how I wanted to tell you about these things and how I couldn’t get it all across at once! It has to do with time, life, genetics, consciousness, reality, death, mind control, much more
I haven’t been able to talk about a lot because there was so much loss of life. I miss everyone so much, I know they are there somewhere, but I miss their faces and their emotions. Their looks and their reactions, the way we would shove off the stress like we were superheros.
Please do not stress me or try to make fun of me or send me crazy harassing messages. Each one hurts me because it reminds me that what we fought for, what we died for, doesn’t matter to some. That they will do anything to stop us. I have no idea why anyone would do that.
Most people are very challenged by this. Yet the people who were directly involved were challenged the most. If you were not there, you’re going to be very challenged by this information. Please be respectful and courteous, please do not fight or come to assumption to lash out.
They sold us out as children to forces that made use of us in ways that were to sabotage this entire civilization.

Please read and share. All of this was written a couple, no three years ago. All of this is going mainstream, bit by bit. Thank you all so much. Everyone. It’s true, this is not about revenge, everyone makes it.

Please read and listen to the others, they were there, we were there. They used us because the younger mind is more capable of reshaping. I would not want anything to do with this. I accept that some will come to truth, compassion, and free will in the understanding here.
This is ‘DARK TECH’. It makes use of HUMAN SOUL ENERGY. It takes the SOULS and REWIRES them to work for VARIABLE OPERATION. They literally break the edges so the souls can be used like addon chips or modules.
This was the first interview.

Everything comes from there. The very first time I spoke to you. I told you the beginning seed of everything that I am saying today.

22 thoughts on “SSP Phase 2

  1. Hi Aug!
    Much love and prayers to you my friend! Thank you and to all the others that have fought in this “hidden war” I for one am so very grateful to you and the teams that survived to tell us all what has really been going on behind the camera so to speak. I know you have so much more to tell and I now understand why certain issues cannot be brought up for security reasons.
    So much of what you’ve been telling us hits home, helping me in particular in understanding what I’ve been going through, and I can’t really tell anyone.
    I know all this coming out is going to perhaps infuriate and shock a lot of people and I can’t wait for it to blow open.
    I really just wanna thank you for your courage I realize that it couldn’t have been easy at times but when your faced with only two options, to do it or not the right choice is always the hardest to make.
    Thank you!

    Much Love

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  2. For every one individual who does not understand your intent, Aug, there are multitudes of us all over the world who do.

    You have been a source of education, inspiration, and hope to so many who have had nowhere to turn and no one else who understood them. An Oasis in the Desert.

    You will always be loved and treasured by those of us who see the real You.

    Tweety Pie

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  3. Svarer @cronsell

    patreronism/patreon. Why don’t you buy one of those stupid fish hats? You know, like that pope dude is wearing for instance. You’re already wearing it. One of them so called “invisible” hats. Marked like this “…” because its completely obvious of course. Christopher Cronsell @
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  4. Thank you Aug, for each and every post, and this one that goes directly yet gently straight to the heart. May you receive tenfold all the compassion you’ve shown. Much gratitude for your perseverance and the difficult information. You are an inspiration, and you are loved.


  5. Did you see Cindy’s post

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  6. Thank you Aug for coming back to help humanity restore our spiritual sovereignty. Your immense contribution cannot be overstated. You are a true warrior. Stay strong

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      1. “a scared mind- controlled “rabbit”? Interesting critique. Perhaps it is U who is the scared mind controlled rabbit. Truth hurts sometimes


        1. No, that is incorrect. A true warrior critiques that which needs to be critiqued/addressed/pointed at directly (and there is plenty to point at, isn’t that right?). Scarred blocks all critique, don’t engage in dialogue form (I to U, U to I) with anyone. Just to mention a few OBVIOUS features between brave/nothing to hide and its antithesis. And truth never hurts. You would know that IF YOU stood in and for TRUTH yourself. *+1331+*


          1. scared/coward i mean… ‘Scarred’ doesn’t make scared necessarily – often quite the contrary. Sign or markings OF a warrior those scars.


          2. Sorry Charlie, but U are incorrect. A True warrior observes that which has been incorrectly critiqued by a low vibrational collective and transmutes that distorted info so that it is realigned in Truth.
            I don’t stand in truth, I am Truth incarnate.

            Agree to disagree? If U don’t like what Aug has to say, then start your own blog. I promise I won’t critique you🙂 We love U.


            1. Yes, please don’t confront, cause that will make it oh so obvious. Don’t engage. Don’t make it into a thing about sending out and receiving. Lets NOT go into that ping-ping “thing”. Instead make your own (owned) speakers corner, and start competing with all the others already shouting out THEIR version of truth. All speaking to no one and with no one. To an imagined audience. Nobody home. They are either to ‘busy’ doing the exact same OR have stopped listening/jumped the loop looooong ago. They called it (NB past tense) the truther movement. Now that it has turned COMPLETELY commercial, its called ‘exposure’. Sounds so ‘wild’. A bit of gass… Those of us who can feel energy, clearly sense where there IS none. Dead space. The sound of silence is worth nothing. I don’t ‘lobe’ U dove…dough…not :-) I really don’t respect deceivers/ liars/gamers. No one does. There is nothing TO respect. Low consciousness forms are low consciousness forms until it/they win-s or gain-s itz own selfrespect.

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      2. Y R U so Nasty? You know, I thought you maybe the one causing the stink up in the house but I wasn’t quite sure, benefit of the doubt, since most of the time what you say, would make sense to Aug only. Why come here? To this blog, if you seem to come with such negative nasty?


        1. “such negative nasty”… :-) Maybe because I can smell those old… I clearly recall that OUR (:referring to those who were sent back) mission was to expose ‘m to some VERY sharp blitz-like light. Bright light has this morphing ability. I don’t know if you’re aware of that Angie. Its like some kind of magic…


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