Who am I?

This website contains information that can be shocking or stressing especially to those recovering from traumatic experiences with mind-control experimentation and/or awakening to the true nature of this society. Please take this into account while you read and move at a pace that you are capable of integrating into a beneficial self-awareness in your life.

If viewing on a phone it is easiest to read this site using the mobile version which has a blue menu on the top of the page. There are short excerpts for each post so that one does not have to scroll all the way through each post. The regular version is best for a computer or tablet as there are larger excerpts as post previews yet the excerpts are tedious to scroll past on a phone.

This is a personal testimony of the experiences that go beyond the mundane limitations of mainstream ‘reality’.

A less intensive approach to information that may be beneficial in preparing and protecting one for the truth of this reality, the psychological aspects of the situation, healing and trauma may be found at this blog: http://thesoulunveiling.wordpress.com/

Everything I publish here is based on personal direct experiences in the course of my present life, and I also had experience in the course of many lives – as a result of my participation in the secret projects.

I was shown many things by those who work behind the scenes.

The unveiling is a series of events brought about by the necessity and capacity of the human race and this civilization to come to the awareness of the true nature of the corruption of power as well as the reality of the soul.

The Unveiling Outline

The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space Program First Chapters

Category: The Bigger Picture

Many people are here to help perform this task, they are ex-operatives, researchers, healers, travelers, scientists, and so on.

I am here to assist in informing the public of “The Unveiling”

Earth Changes

Important Aspects of Disclosure

Important Aspects of Disclosure 2

An Important Aspect of Disclosure 3

Team Light and Team Dark

There were meetings held between “Team Light” and “Team Dark”. Humanity is ancient and has been here for many thousands of years, if not millions.

The future is governed by harmony and so these changes are now reaching the forefront of the current situation on Earth.

Previously everyone involved was held to a non-interference agreement with the surface population. We are coming to an age where people are capable of knowing the truth and so the entire plan is shifting into a new format for interaction.

Breakaway Civilization and Rogue Military Factions

I’ve been cloned as part of a secret underground breakaway military operation. This is an entire breakaway civilization that uses very advanced technology to dominate the world. This isn’t to say that there are no groups of military operating in the benefit of humanity.

I believe we have come to this age in civilization because of both an increase of human awareness as well as various factions working in their own ways towards the preservation and protection of the Human race.

I was part of a genetic engineering program that sought to combine various elements of DNA from various sources in order to create a more easily controlled yet powerful and defined person and personality. This involved chemicals, advanced (relatively) scalar wave technology, ritual trauma and programming/mind-control, and many other aspects of conditioning, training, secret operations, physical enhancements, cognitive enhancements, virtual reality, off-world operations, temporal manipulation, spiritual and etheric training or conditioning or programming.

This is just the beginning, these operations span across this civilization and involved advanced technology that goes far beyond what is released publicly.

Underground Bases

The deep underground military bases are utilized across the country and now the world. They are connected by sub to super-sonic magnetic drive “pods” which operate to very efficiently transfer small groups around the country.
Cloning is extremely simple, at first an electric pulse was required and certain hormones to jump start the “unlimited” growth factor of fetal cells. They can recreate all of this with computerized control systems. Replicators are the ultimate form of this where the actual atomic structure of the space inside the chamber can be formed from the quantum level up using frequencies and electromagnetic fields.

Many of the individuals involved are trained and used as a kind of enhanced and specified military force sometimes generally referred to as “MiLabs“. There is more than one faction. I was conditioned to believe I was performing a duty for humanity. Many of the situations may turn out to be a beneficiary protection of humanity’s future. Other operations may turn out to be suppressing by design.

The lines are often blurred because memory suppression, compartmentalization, the need-to-know basis, and various forms of programming can be applied to individuals belonging to a group to ensure their lack of awareness of certain information which would endanger their own personal integrity. This could be used by either side in ways that protect the individual from interference, to condition, enhance, or to suppress and manipulate the consciousness for an ulterior motive.

Sometimes they turned us against each other, but those grudges were never truly of the heart, but the mind. This is a very relevant issue in terms of those empathic individuals who were utilized for their abilities to maintain power. The mind can be conditioned to respond to programming and cues yet the heart being the one that suffers is a clear sign that the heart is the answer for all of this.

The heart is like a bio-emissions generator, along with the brain and then the lower energy center. These bio-emission centers are utilized as generators for a kind of energy which is not only detected and worked with but harvested by certain devices in order to condense this energy into concentrated bio-emission “pockets” in space/time.

A Summary (and then some) of My Perspective

Consciousness is a phase-polarity, people are told that the physical perspective dies with the body. Yes, but life itself is the entire Universe, not just the physical body.

Simply ask yourself two things. What are you, and how did you get here. After you realize there is a lot of information being left out you can get answers to questions that you form.

Your brain operates on electromagnetic frequency that can be measured in hertz. This was all found through secret projects and a large portion of them were utilized with children. Your brain is an interface for the soul, information is experience through the brain, not generated there.

Your emotions are a form of a vibrational emission and the brain and body is actually operated via spirit. There is no “you” that is purely physical. “You” are not the one thinking but the one experiencing those ideas. The brain acts as a supercomputer. You are the essence that is witnessing what is happening within.

We viewed many things in the secret projects. They used children because their minds are more malleable than the adults who mostly instantly destabilized.

If you are removed from this Universe you simply reappear in another similar parallel Universe. There is no real “end”. What’s more-so, is your consciousness is literally just a phase-polarity switching on and off akin to the electromagnetic pulses that emit visible light out of a lightbulb. This is electronic. This is not a constant, it is an on-off, binary. The spirit is not electronic, it is not ‘on-off’. You are truly a spirit playing out in multiple realities at once. The more you localize around the linear processing of the brain the more you see of physical reality. This represents limitation, like a programmed simulation system. The spirit, which is non-linear/non-on/off, continues forever and has access to what is known as “source”. This source must have a way to “step” itself down from “infinity” into a linear format that physical bodies and brains can understand.

We literally found, in the secret projects, that there is no such thing as death. We’re in a huge quantum super-computer that is called the Universe. Death in one layer just means exploration of another layer. Life itself is simply existence. Meaning the entire Universe is alive with the energy of existence.

The brain pulls energy from the elements, the body does. Then when a proper arrangement of geometrically entangled motions is created, consciousness is pulled from the ‘ether’ from sub-quantum space. This is actually what powers consciousness. This sub-quantum actually also powers the very elements of the Universe and space itself. So consciousness is neither before nor after the body. They are created at the same time, and come from the same place, and all energy returns to the same place. The sub-quantum field.

We viewed and passed through the phases of death in the projects, a person will lock their consciousness into the most common reality until they are motivated enough to create their own outcome. That is how it works, the entire Universe is set up this way. This is not theory but discovery and application. The entire Human race is being prepped for full-disclosure now, there are many people participating in this.

Inserted memories are possible through technology as well as well as programming. This has an effect on the brain and psychology regardless as the brain sees all experiences as “valid”, it is the experience that counts.

Is this leading up to some kind of great shift in the way we experience existence? Probably. Was that on the schedule anyway? Most likely. I think we should take the time to know each other and really connect intellectually and emotionally each day. Make up reasons for it, pretend there are excuses, then just live and grow in that way

In the end, I remembered that we are eternal beings, that there is cosmic truth, that our DNA unlocks to receive more of this cosmic information.

And one gains access to a greater sphere of interconnectedness when the full activation of the human potential becomes realized. The body is just a gateway to this experience of that, while the materials and physical changes are just expressions of that continuing truth of an interconnected presence of all things. Death or lack of materials serves to express certain truths of this existence that go beyond the physical and that is what is gained by immaterial productions or spiritual fruits. With that said, the process of death and immateriality for a human is to first become aware of which materials and forms of physicality they embody and better align these as instruments to foster a greater understanding of the immaterial self.

The connections we make are like spiralling branches of electrical and emotive sound interference patterns that move through the population and generate changes and shifts on a larger pattern.

This e-book by Aaron McCollum is the  closest I have found to an operative who has similar level information and has not chosen to cut corners or add their own fluff. There are some others which I may post links to yet there is often an overabundance of information. We only need to know what we can handle now. Then we move to the next level.


Initial Interview’s Ex MiLab Operative, Breakaway Group Operations

Omega Programming, Disclosure and Faction Infighting

Team Light and Team Dark Non-Interference Agreement

Underground Bases, Cloning and Torture

Rumors of Monetary Dissolution

3.5 Dimensional Replicators

Physical and Energetic Bodies

Death is an illusion, life is but a dream.

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The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge

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52 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. made a reply to a comment that didn’t go with the comment – so it is out of context and looks stupid. because of that i’ll post a general comment. born at a military base, frankfurt germany, 1959. had my consciousness taken nightly from infancy to most of adulthood. those in authority always discounted my resultant suffering as — only dreams. it wasn’t until 2015 that i was able to figure out the deal — as i was so mind controlled by the established order. since that time it’s been a rapid unveiling. i thank you, who ever you are, from the bottom of my heart for this site and it’s content.

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  2. Hi! Is there any way for my friend to protect herself (and millions of others) from the scalar/microwave targeting? She has been fried for over 5 years now.
    Thanks in Advance!
    RJ <3

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    1. The microwaves are everywhere, it’s part of the technology of this society that everything is pollutive. As for actual directed targeting then one can look for signs in their life where they are allowing this kind of interaction to occur. If we are clean, healthy and do not intend to produce harm or confusion in others, then we are free of the attraction of energies which result in these types of targeting. Usually there is a level of awareness to reach where we get the bigger picture. It’s not random and not just to induce pain, although there is some autonomy that we see now as systems become automated. This article from a helpful blog may give you some more answers. http://www.truewhitehat.com/practical-tips-to-thwart-gangstalkers/

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  3. I believe this happened to my husband and I. We lived above and underground bunker for a while be we thought we were going crazy. We would see military men disappear under ground our trailer would viciously shake (just the ground under us) we were poisoned for two and a half months with carbon monoxide while I was pregnant. So much happened they turned my husband against me but our connection and love and children over powered that. People think we are crazy but we (mainly myself) couldn’t be killed even after numerous attempts. We have side effects from prolonged poisonings including my dog

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  4. Just found your info through stillness in the storm on fb. Very interesting. It’s an amazing thing to have people coming forward more and more to help bring light in. Thank you for your part in this!


  5. Hi Aug, I’m Canei. Just discovered you and your information a few days ago. I am working on a project and based on the information you have and are sharing, is very much in sync with my project. Would you consider chatting with me via email so that we can start in a more private stream of exchange as it relates to my project? Thank you in advance for your consideration. I really would like to hear from you.

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  6. Hi there, I find your information fascinating. I have been discovering and uncovering various bundles of information for a number of years. I like to know if you will send me a private email, I have something to share with you as it relates to the subject of “unveiling”.


  7. I have to believe you are a complete fraud and satanistic SOB! When you talk about soul transfer my blood is boiling over! You are asserting by making that statement that God, Prime Creator, Source or whatever the hell you want to call this thing is a fucking fake. Soul is the only thing that separates true humanity from the science-fiction garbage otherwise nuke the planet and kill all living things. This statement has totally pissed me off!!!


    1. Soul transfer is when the consciousness of an individual is translocated from one living body to another. Do you have a problem with using your mind to comprehend this? Would you want your children to be subjugated in this same way? That is exactly what this Earth situation is about, generational subjugation.

      Yes, there is a creative source of all. This is simply an expansion of perspectives and the comprehension capabilities of the Human race. A return of values if you will.

      Prime creator is one term for source or creative source.

      It is your choice whether you respect free-will and the soul energy of others, or attempt to sustain yourself off of a parasitic energy process.

      Soul is the ‘compressed/condensed’ energy of the incarnative being’s journey through the 3.5 dimensional existence. Every experience that you have is encoded in the energy signature of your physical body.

      Where does the information or knowledge transfer from and to when a person received knowledge from beyond the physical body of this Universe? It is transferred through soul.

      Similarly, where does the knowledge or memories of clone-activation come from when the information is contained in the physical brain of another cloned body? How does the clone body brain transfer the information and memories to the original body? Does the supercomputer download the information? What if a person attains that information on their own? That would be the soul that explains the way that this information transfer occurs.

      No, you will not “nuke” Humanity or all living things however the time-matrix is collapsing and so false-perceptions and personas will collapse with it. If your lack of awareness about certain issues causes anger within you then simply learn more until you learn enough to realize that your anger makes no difference. You also might want to define why others must be wrong, destroyed, or evil, for your perspective to be “correct”. That could indicate more of a problem with your own perspective than others. Thanks for the comment.

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      1. Listen to Simon Parkes on Soul Transfer, he mentioned this in his past lectures/interview. Alfred L Webre has also had guest on his show talking about this. Hard to believe but they just stuff our souls into these meat sticks. SOURCE, imho, has nothing to do with this or this planET but we are winning this Spiritual War and maybe one day we can get BACK to Source. Yellow Rose for Texas once mentioned that the technology around our planET is blocking SOURCE from even getting in here; it makes sense to me bc if I were Source…..none of this crap would have been allowed. Just need to get rid of Enlil and his buddies imho. <3

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        1. How is it that the human body could be called a “meat stick”? Even in the crudest archetypes of physical/spiritual master/slave body/mind relationships are the making of one’s own WILL whether they are in fascination of an “epic story” or a personal idea of mundane trivial labor. Those things do not have any existence in reality yet the human is forming ALL CREATIVE potential to itself by analogous relationship that is necessitated by divine humility in a kind of service to life. I don’t mean the kind of humility of the mind but the actual life realized in it’s own humility having found their own way to SELF LOVE is the gift of Human physicality and is sacred and beautiful.

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    2. the fact you have a strong visceral reaction confirms you are is desperate to keep the truth from you. i had this done to me since infancy throughout most of adulthood. you can not speak for source and for the ways and means it uses to bring us back home.


  8. I would like to know a little more about temporals?..it that a way of time travel without your body not being there?

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  9. Hey Aug, It’s Amanda (from FB)…wanted to let you know i deactivated my acct. Glad to know i can follow your progress here! Be well, and know you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

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