The Insane Brane

This is a bit spurious.

Events and awareness is considered subconscious where it is in our awareness but out of our conscious view, often taking place in out of the way times and spaces such as a subconscious “VR” environment in a temporal dilation bubble or a closed timelike curve that can fit with virtually any relative distance.

Thus, one can have an experience within a reality of the mind where something important is done over a very ‘long’ internal period of time and one can wake from the dream and engage with this reality, time and space after a brief period of readjustment.

The human soul is about discerning the light from the dark, the truth from the dream.

An event or awareness is considered unconscious where we are not aware of it and no part of our awareness is involved in the process of bringing about the function related to that system. With that which is subconscious, we must be careful. That which is unconscious is either that which is from ancestry or that which is programmed in using a technique developed for specific use.

The line between unconscious and subconscious, subconscious and conscious is being pushed like every other facet of limitation, anchor or conformity.

The truth is being unveiled.

Someone encoded discarnate consciousness as viral consciousness programs throughout the population. As a result of greed, radiation born accelerated mutation, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, plasma toroidal holography, and other factors, humans were folded back in time and reset on an artificial timeline with a modified synthetic genetic blueprint.

We all have one common ancestry of the spiritual control grid. We have several unique lineages apart from that.

Free will, when spirit (power of choice) overcomes the brain’s automatic emotive chemistry.

Hey this world is an illusion and we have to disengage from everything here or we can never leave.

Is simulation the same thing, thats what I was told!
Aren’t we in 4d looking down at 3d selves as I read?

Seems that way!

Seems or is that way?

It’s a quantum simulation. We get out of the sim by reinventing the pathway into truth, self awareness, free will, compassion, power and knowledge.

It is highly reflective. You are in control because the observer agent is the center of the universe.

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