The Awakening to the False Reality and thus the True Reality

We did not EVOLVE out of this form, we BEGAN beyond this level at a higher plane. We dropped own into this form, AFTER the beginning which was originally a semi-physical reality.

Everything in this timeline is a replay or a simulation of the real life of Humanity.

This whole process is about reawakening the divine in people. We were set back in a way, and put into a trance-like sleep. To reawaken people the problem is being made apparent through a civilization-wide implementation of resistance which is being experienced as fear, evil, or spiritual war. This is to be overcome and in that overcome to realize our true nature as everlasting.

Everything on this level is akin to a script that is designed to remind us of the true reality. One could also say the script does this by describing what is NOT the true reality and creating the illusion through contrast and contrast through illusion. That is the paradox of consciousness in this place, everything is wrapped in body-mind duality.

The artificial intelligence or the foreign intelligence created the brain-body manipulation and the fallen aspects of this society that are oppressing Humanity. This is a mental, interdimensional parasite that feeds on the subjugation and manipulation of the divine or higher mind. The mundane mind functions through perceptual illusions.

The body consciousness level of awareness is robotic akin to an organic robotoid. This is literally a biological mechanical beast not an animal nor a man-woman. That is the unawakened human and the soul level is not activated and thus there is nothing to liberate and no true free-will only a chemical based cause and effect linear series of reactions similar to a computer system or a binary program.

The awakening of Humanity is about the unveiling, the salvation and thus the liberation of the human soul. Technology was used to look in between the layers of time and space and thus interdimensional synthetic intelligence lifeforms were discovered that manage this realm from outside the limitations of the human perceptual system. This technology has been used to peer in between the layers of the pages of the book of reality, however we found autonomous lifeforms that manipulate and guide the events of history and one’s personal life and one’s desires and consciousness to suit their needs. The energy of people, the desires, the tendencies, these are harvested by these interdimensional insectoid beings.

Fear is the enemy! Insanity and fearlessness are viewed as the same by the unawakened! We are the ones who check ourselves by assisting one another’s liberation and through divine love and self-awareness!

This realm and these manipulators are fallen forms! This is an imitation of the actual. We’re within a fallen system, a fallen entity! This organism is using our awareness energy to sustain itself.

There is no organic original birth! That’s an illusion. That path of reproduction eventually requires some kind of divine act! One can view two paths here! One is a technological system that is implemented to put the consciousness of the spiritual humanity into bodies! We viewed this! Another is the falling down of consciousness from a higher level of self-awareness into this projected, filtered form.


Humanity is in a trance! A stasis, a dream-state! The true reality is hidden, we are in a false reality, as if we’re in a virtual environment plugged into a device and we only see the projected form! The true reality looks nothing like this. This reality is based on fear, illusion, forgetfulness, and ego.

The solution is learning to CAUSE self-awareness, to INDUCE LUCIDITY, to CHOOSE Higher Awareness!

6 thoughts on “The Awakening to the False Reality and thus the True Reality

  1. So this morning I was reading one of the ancient gnostic books “On the Origin of the World”, right after I closed the book I saw this new post by Aug and listened. He described exactly what I was just reading in the book, in detail. The Secret book of John (one of the books banned from the bible) tells the same story. There are other texts also, thousands of year old recounting this story of the hijack.
    His video is clearly informing us what we are to do in order to get out of this imprisonment. Wise instruction helping us greatly at this critical time.
    Thanks Aug

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  2. Great video. Your coherence seems to be getting better as the days go by and your information flows much better now. You condense into a few dozen videos what took me almost all my life to learn.

    Pay attention to this guy here, he is quite aware of what’s going on and will lead you down a path of awakening you never thought possible. It ignites sparks within you that help you put 2 and 2 together much easier.

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