Technological Cloning Immortality, Quantum Hacking the Universe, Biological Immortality

I’m just putting this out to get something out. That sounds horrible, but I’ve got hours of recording and I feel it’s not necessarily high enough standards of organization and setting.

I was tired, relaxed and exhausted from 2 days of travel without much sleep and the stress of a recent situation. This is a kind of disconnected angle of filming compared to regular recordings.

It turns out I was dehydrated from the altitude and some other aspects. All the signs where there but I overlooked and didn’t treat myself properly. Today is the first day I feel I have energy again and I thought I was slipping back into chronic fatigue.

I’ve spoken almost the entire initial history of the projects and discoveries in the past few days out of a sheer rush of inspiration, reflection and connection so I feel I have to share some of this.

My intentions are to share everything, but they are so unprofessionally done, at least in the sense of presentation and organization, that I feel embarrassed that I did not prepare more consciously.

I’m regaining my equilibrium and will work on the previous recordings just to get the audio out or whatever is required. Thank you.

Cloning is not what people think. Alternate dimensions, temporal dilation, essentially ‘hacking’ the universe is required. Technological immortality is not what people think, there is an explanation that without the soul transfer enabled the ‘clone’ is a ‘replicant’ and is not the individual but a carefully detailed computer generated copy, consciousness and all.