The Game 2.-

My advice for those who are interested in doing more to bring the truth to the people regarding covert mind control operations, cloning, advanced technology, genetically engineered races, temporal manipulation, consciousness and soul awareness.

This is not about yourself. In fact, this is possibly the one and only event in your life where the situation, and your influence and involvement will result in the direct influence of thousands and potentially millions of other people. You could say this is the only situation where it is specifically, literally, and physically not directly only about one individual. The personal story is obviously personal, but the whole picture has nothing to do with one individual more than it has to do with no one at all. Everyone is involved.

By the time millions are involved, the individual players will simply be that, individual players of a larger show and everyone is getting played. No one knows the whole picture, it doesn’t matter if, like me, you have been showed endless worlds of unlimited pleasure, wealth, power, knowledge and control, or just as much worlds of hell, destruction, self-annihilation, death, degradation and deviancy. No one is given the whole picture, even those at the higher levels. It’s a system based upon deception, mental control and manipulation to get people to do what they desire without resistance.

How is this done? By repainting the scenario, the scene and setting in a way that provokes the individual to perform as desired. The idea here is the the individual carries out their aspect of the plan, even if it is in direct violation of what was previously understood, in order to satisfy the priorities that are inserted and used to mentally occupy the individual. Through this, an entire secondary or supplementary world view is generated and the individual unwittingly plays their role in part of a larger production where everyone involved is unaware of the larger picture or even how their own role has been designed to carefully work with their particular belief system after modification and manipulation through the entrainment programs.

Whenever there is strife, ridicule, continual arguments, emotional tactics, degradation, hatred, THIRST (HUNGER) for darkness and the oppression of others, the abuse and egotistical spamming and trolling of one’s beliefs over others, in ways that is harmful or considered harassment, you can bet you’re either an unwitting participant in a masterfully designed consciousness deception system, or that individual is likely doing it on purpose in order to buy more “time” (with their influence on others, on way or another) and is knowingly participating in the destruction, degradation and delay of society’s eventual awakening to the truth of this deceptive system and the advanced technology and spiritual knowledge in use.

Trolling, continued harassment to celebrities or other people, emotional abuse, degradation, insults, swearing, deviancy, disrespect, lies, deception, exaggeration, ego, denial, projection, manipulation, deception, and ultimately gossip is part of the plan to make war and this should be obvious. One can make war in their own life, with themselves, or with people who care, and they can also make war with society overall through the way in which they interact with others?

Is this truly deceptive and destructive? This is where the lines bend, cross and overlay to combine and create a nearly impossible to decipher priority blueprint for the situation.

Is not the goal to strengthen humanity, to push society towards self-development and spiritual self-awareness? So then does not the resistance to such expression and awareness generate a fluctuation or a distance between knowing and not knowing which then gives the people the opportunity, the invitation to wake up?

In short, by enabling people know that they are unaware, they are given the gift of unawareness? Is this the whole point and picture or are there other aspects involved?

How can one go through this safely, is this even ethical? What are the guidelines for such behavior? What are the emotional, mental or physical limitations?

Well, this is all part of the program that has been designed to wake humanity up. Is it plain and simple? No. There is a delicate boundary between training, testing, consciousness acceleration, the manifestation and synthetic consciousness materialization of the major objects of one’s fear or desire. If one goes too far, the mind tends to break and require recuperation, therapy, and even energetic healing systems, although these are limited from use until the completion of the program because the whole purpose is to develop a human immunity to the consciousness virus (circus) which ultimately frame-rate locks consciousness into an inverted projection which is actually giving us only about half of the information of the ‘true’ universe (if we were sensing it through balanced or uninhibited consciousness. This is actually closer to what is called ‘pure-awareness’ because consciousness is primarily a holographically generated perception of change and temporal continuity based upon a cloud computing neuronal network model of the brain. The perceptions can be recreated and manipulated, to create synthetic experiences ranging in clarity from dreaming to virtual realities indistinguishable from reality (after a fairly extensive calibration process takes place; MACHINE LEARNING). The experiencing of systems which define the model as such can be recreated and streamlined effectively in real-time and so this can be considered ‘confirmed’ through direct experimentation and testing (that the brain is a holographic cloud network of neurons and can be treated as such through the operation and utilization of such a replication of the neurons within a technological system to generate synthetic experiences). If the holographic system was absolute truth, we wouldn’t be able to run people’s brains on souped up playstation systems wired together.

So the idea here is that there is a delicate system developed to instigate one’s fears, to push the boundary of emotional stability and self-image, to really stress test and catalyze one’s mind into unveiling what is deeper within and covered up through years of denial self-abuse or simply not asking the right questions. This issue, this impediment of not asking “Why?” or “How?” and tucking away the damage, the trauma and the abuse under layers of unconscious repetition, coping method, defense mechanism, delusions, denial, or unconscious negative reaction, that is the ‘human condition’ under which we have all been brought forth. We are more inclined to hide from the uncomfortable truth, to deflect and deny, to cover up and accept the poorly comparable illusion instead of bearing the weight and moving forward in the face of unthinkable confusion, exaltation and potentially self-destruction.

So there is a plan to enable a pathway for people to wake up and as a result of our particular ‘pickle’ of an entanglement, there are simultaneous and opposing plans to give people the same option, yet to fall deep asleep into a permanent dissolution of their true self. Without the knowledge of the true self, without the awareness of how our minds function, the autonomous mechanisms and self-generated manipulations that occur due to the hardwiring of some very ineffectual entrainment systems that effectively ‘govern’ or mechanically limit the intellectual capacity of the brains.

Once these systems are removed, one is ‘freed’ or ‘freer’, than before. How are these systems removed? By overloading the virtual, built in boundaries that automatically stop people from seeing reality for what it is, for seeing themselves and their lives for what it is, and from questioning and deciphering the various languages and symbolic systems that are set up all around us. It’s an inundation plan to overload people with the truth that’s so developed and horrifyingly complex and in ways atrocious that people will simply accept the lesser reality, the illusion by default. See how this is free-will based, although entirely based upon manipulation in the same sense. Who’s right? Who’s lying? And who’s responsible?

The short answer is that YOU are only responsible for YOU. That’s it. Everything else is an illusion. No one gets help when a bunch of people complain and try to get something done. Nothing changes when people fight with each other. Nothing changes when anything happens other than people knowing themselves, knowing each other, knowing the system, and protecting and stabilizing their minds until they are no longer drawn into fighting the battles and mind games that are the direct brain-child of their oppressors and are designed to directly work against themselves and those they love. The system is a self-annihilation system, there is no devil other than self-induced or ‘willful’ ignorance and that’s with the *possibility* that there are very large non-human entities that seek to manipulate mankind. The enemy is willful ignorance and until people accept that they will continue to spin their own entangling spiralling lies of deceit, manipulation, and self-abuse.

Note: This is not to say that pushing people to wake up, no matter the method, is not applicable. Some will wake up from a gentle nudge, some literally need the bed flipped, but I’m not the one to what others do and I can see what is happening. For the record, toning down the insults, the oh so direct projections of one’s own fear and discomfort (or lack of accountability), and working more delicately with carefully inserted expressions and communications to engage people, to vibrate the cage walls and floors, to get in their face and force them to form either an opinion or realize a fact, is often much more efficient as one expends less energy and the results are greater. This is a game, a mind game and people are either playing to win all the pieces on the board (as if they know what they’ll do then or what happens after that) or to increase the amount of knowledge, self-awareness, and free-will on the playing field. Both sides are taking part in a game, both sides are using covert tactics, one side is playing for themselves and others play for “everyone”. Note, as soon a person is shown or given the opportunity to know the truth and they reject it they are placing themselves into the playing field of the ‘other’ team that works on deception, ignorance, and destruction.

You choose who you are and how you play, no one is forcing you.

This is a bit of an emotional tactic, and what if everyone is just an AI? Does it make you feel any better? What you do and who you are is up to you, no one else.

The technical break-down of this is simple. Your heart area is actually a portion of the body where there is a network of nerves that relate your central nervous system, the sympathetic nervous system, parasympathetic, the nerves in the digestive tract, the fascia tissue (potentially highly electrically conductive tissue), and portions of the original brain. Note: We have undergone extensive changes as brains and the hardwiring of that system has changed over time for whatever reasons.

Pausing here, I will depict how deeply the deception goes. Everything is a show, no one is in control. The power groups simply prepare and predict what will happen next, and then put out signs and symbols indicating their ‘all power’ and then the event that was already going to happen, happens and everyone thinks these people are secretly running the show. Get it? It’s a carefully initiated, delicate balancing act of aligning their actions with events and blueprints that can be developed in the present but accurately define the future. Then you have the system for temptation and reduction of awareness into carefully defined artificial channels for expression, self-awareness, social interaction and so on and we have the perfect game-board in which the monopoly boardwalk is apparently open, but secretly every turn and option has already been bought out and incorporated into this civilization-wide plan for control through this kind of hypnosis mixed technology, spiritual knowledge and extremely strategic psychological warfare. Yet, still, it’s all a show, free-will based, projection system designed to make people think the invisible groups can actually control their personal lives, their thoughts and intentions, or the world at large.

And that’s not even the whole situation, which also includes actual temporal manipulation through elecrogravitic distortion fields which can be generated by devices to induce that effect on space-time and therefore consciousness, enabling what is known as an ‘artificial temporal dimension’ meaning you can fit time bubbles within time bubbles and have what are perceived as universes with universes. Again, everything that is revealed will connect the dots. This is only possible through technological or consciousness manipulation because the WHOLE system is a spectral field of reality-temporal-consciousness bubbles, within other bubbles.

That brings us to the nature of the holofracto-graphic (a coin termed by Haramein, I believe) infection in which consciousness has been manipulated through clever perception based illusory systems to create its own alternate time dimension and alternate, artificial space dimension where our consciousness currently resides (for the most part). If you ever have experiences that are more facilitated by self-awareness, truth, free-will, harmony, and knowledge, rather than being depressed by destruction, ignorance, fear or loss of control, then you are effectively operating, intellectually, informationally, spiritually, in a time-domain that is outside of the boundary paramemters of what is called the “Matrix” which is actually a consciousness matrix for controlled responses and behaviors to feedback into experience and recreate the same patterns.

This can also supplement the previous paragraph in regards to projected illusory control and true manipulation or obstruction of free-will because then if, without violating any laws of time or consciousness, what if the people are guided through temptation into producing the same, repeating, rolling over of belief-systems and distractions throughout history. Essentially, the first time requires manipulation and real effort, after that, as long as people are ‘content’ in that illusion, they will not resist and only maintenance is required.

One of the latest events of this is that all the societies came together after realizing that universes can literally be created at will (if done properly as the intent involved cascades through every facet of the entire universe as the universal mind of the creator) and it’s realized that at worst, this could happen forever. In any other situation, this happens for a while, a rogue group takes over a universe and uses it and the people involved for their own pleasure or even well-being and longevity (at the expense of others). And it’s concluded that after a while, someone else should be given a chance and the universe should be liberated and so that is the idea. The pathway to this is winding and reflective so don’t try to follow the trail unless you have that in mind. Until one is ‘awakened’ or directly involved, the bad look good guys and the good guys look like bad guys and “no body” knows.

So to return to the paragraph much prior to this one, the idea is that you have a virtual system which processes information and you are interfacing with spirit through to the shared mind of the body. This internal visual, energetic, frequency, feeling and intent based domain of each of us is ‘non-local’ meaning it is the equivalent of one universe away, anywhere you look at it. It’s outside this material domain or capable of moving beyond it. That is the temple vault that must be adulterated, infiltrated and rewired to serve the energetic purposes and consciousness manipulation purposes of the program. This requires free-will and the individual must take what they are being shined, beamed, projected, insulted, ridiculed or whatever, and they must break it down and recreate it within them, visually, creatively, through feeling and intent. Until that occurs, nothing can be done.

Once one accepts those vibrations into the zero-point center of their energy convergence point, then the information is imprinted and will ‘awaken’ inside the individual mind as the information itself is formatted in a living, adaptable piece of software that runs off of the consciousness impulses of the individual and wakes up as its own form of sentience similar to a nano sized computer being inserted into the body and using the residual electrical activity to power its circuit and generate it’s own autonomous group of technological organisms that then produce their own cellular structure and information exchange system. These systems are not alive, but they piggy back the life of the individual to operate. In the same sense, the delusion, emotionally manipulative, ridiculous, insulting, degrading, or otherwise oppressive mind control systems are not alive, intelligent, or capable. Only when they are mixed with the inherent and underlying conscious motivation of the living being do they become ‘brought to life’ whereby they essentially create an autonomously functioning mirror image of the original, in the originals mind, with added modifications chosen by the program and the programmers.

A very complex system, very exciting, and yet horrifying at the same time. A little hint is that it’s less horrifying and it’s really not horrifying. Until people realize how far technology can go, what consciousness is, the holographic nature of reality, the manipulability, and the corruption sitting right in plain sight, then they will be akin to animals in a field running away from the helicopter hovering over head. Yes, it’s a bit strange, but the secret? It was going to happen sooner or later and that’s all one needs to know.

Respect, self-control, self-awareness, honesty, knowledge, truth, and compassion is key here, just like everywhere else, but especially here.