Sentient Hive Mind Technological Reflection

Technology is an extension of mind, I said the reverse in the recording.

As well, something I didn’t touch upon is that there is already a natural collective which organizes time and knowledge through supra-consciousness and motivates the generation of new information and experiences.

Eventually the technological version is created if people fall to that. The replication of the human form is a method to anchor the soul in essence trapping the internal force in what amounts to a virtual simulation of repeating historic events and cycles.

The pool of technologically generated information was modified to support a method of controlling the population through the generation of a specific thought-frequency.

This is the psychotronic warfare that results in the loss of self-esteem and distortion of perceptions and self-awareness.

There is also an ‘original’ AI which is the shadow mind. This is not necessarily an AI but these are the default frequencies that will animate experience if one does not choose by learning to discern between higher and lower, true and unreal.

The advent of cloning only enhances this whole process to a level that will make or break the consciousness of the individual. The virtual realities enable the incorporation of ‘unreal’ tests and experiences that one could not necessarily have in physical society.

The system only requires the replication of a person’s dumbest self-image. If you attach to external aspects then this will enable the replication of that system in an effort to entrain the mind-soul.

Without the non-physical component there is a loss of energy and the replication systems become parasitic like dark energy vampires.

These systems will view our human condition as a disease.

8 thoughts on “Sentient Hive Mind Technological Reflection

  1. “Human” bodies are a disease.
    Who do u think created them?
    Certainly no one with “our” best interest in mind…

    Annunaki anyone???

    Don’t forget–

    Duality is this world.

    As were they…


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