Winter Healing, Industry Corruption, Abuse and Mind Control of Artists

We must come together through the darkness or our suffering will be in vain. We uplift one another’s Spirit and feel like a diverse family. Even if we protect our uniqueness and identity, those who choose to stand by and do nothing will face the possibility of diminishing.

Please research the corruption in the industries. Research the celebrity cloning information, underground military bases, mind control operations, black operations, genetic engineering, breakaway civilization, secret space program, milabs,

6 thoughts on “Winter Healing, Industry Corruption, Abuse and Mind Control of Artists

  1. In terms of the world heating up. I posted on GLP when I turned 30 two years ago that my counterbalancing energy has been withdrawn and full darkness will unveil itself. Lo and behold, the world has gone topsy turvy. Each new day gets weirder and weirder and more like out of an episode of the twilight zone. As long as darkness was in check by an opposing light force it couldn’t fully manifest here, only play from behind the scenes. The thing is, because too many have cried out for help things have been sped up on the energetic level to end the suffering. Of course, Trump and others bringing the hidden things to light may yet be a ruse for something much bigger in their planning. Only look up and out of this well that you’ve fallen into and grab onto the light. As Amitakh said, “water, water, everywhere yet the world will finish in flames.”


  2. How sure are you about the intel you get? The intuition downloads I’ve been getting for years now have mostly all come true and when I was told when. It doesn’t help knowing what’s coming when we all will suffer here before the end of all this darkness. In some ways I’m happy, in some not so much.


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