Paranoid Times Disclosure – Flesh Interface

This is all real research the secret projects and the secret space program. There is an infiltration of interdimensional parasites in this civilization. Their goal is to use your consciousness as a vehicle for their own reproduction.

Disclosure comes from many avenues on the Internet.

For some reason I cannot find the original video. If I do find that video I will update this post.

This first link is the update to the story and the other videos are background information.

One thought on “Paranoid Times Disclosure – Flesh Interface

  1. Here is years of in-depth and ongoing investigation into the ‘simulation project’ we find ourselves in that was discovered and revealed while in search of healing. Profound implications here as to the location and current status of our original bodies and selves with exploratory exercises and continued revelations regarding the situation. It’s not pretty.

    Immense gratitude and love to you Aug, for your unique energy, your tireless efforts, and exceptional articulation. Your consideration, compassion, and patience in the delivery makes all the difference when trying to digest such intense and epic information. Thank you thank you.

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