“Checkpoint” Amenti

This is a rather spontaneous talk about the “Checkpoint Amenti” and the control systems that can influence time, consciousness and space itself.

Two civilizations are hyperbolic reflections of one source.

Perception generates the directional flow of time.

Two civilizations reflect outward from an informational nexus.

Where the two eternal, unchanging fields interact through a process of light projection is formed a third property which is experienced as Earth reality.

  • Time Virus
  • Non-Linearity
  • Quantum Timeline Collapse in Previous Worldline
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Universal Recurrence
  • Time Altering Devices
  • Discarnate Spirits
  • Soul Shattering
  • Avoiding Apocalypse

The main idea here is that there are phantom timelines which are the false realities that people are subjected to where their energy is extracted from them through unwanted experiences and self-induced suffering. This is a kind of sadist system because people are more focused on their lack of power and so that is how the ‘dream’ has gone.

There is a mechanical system for that in some kind of higher dimensional or universal energy range sense and this has to do with the conversion of energy into a crystalline format which serves to record the frequency of conscious experiences in the universe.

It’s as if the universe is designed to project the experience of a universal design.
An intelligent computer system is guiding reality on a sub-quantum level of time and consciousness. Something has replicated every last human as a safe-guard against extinction.

The result is that this now has recreated time over and over and the reason behind existence has become manufactured by an artificial intelligence.

There are multiple layers of human civilization that are kept in segregation to one another. People do not realize there are simultaneously occurring multiple genetic experiments and their consciousness and bodies exist in multiple locations or planes simultaneously.

The astral is a technologically projected false-light reality that acts as a gateway barrier between the physical plane and the higher realm of soul and spirit.

This universe has been ‘rebooted’ more than once and the local system of Earth has been ‘jump-started’ and maintained with an ‘off-the-grid’ temp power source, which sounds hilariously unthinkable.

And so on.


8 thoughts on ““Checkpoint” Amenti

  1. The halls of Amenti is a time portal passage that holds the race Blueprint field that would allow the fragmented Angelic Human souls to eventually re-evolve back into its original divine blueprint as a 12D Krystal being. The halls of Amenti are six time portal passages that are dimensional pathways to leave this 3D Earth system. In these “Halls” there are large bound holographic books with all of the hidden human history and where written historical records are kept. You can ask for guidance to the most pertinent information for you at this present time and read the book with your life mission and blueprint inside it. Not all of us will be granted access to the HALL, you must have earned it with sincere inquiry of your soul or past lifetimes of access that have demonstrated your purity to your soul purpose.

    Lyran Sirian contact expressed that those responsible to guard and protect humanities genetic records and hidden histories were primarily ambassadors of the Sirian administration councils. The Sirian Lodge is a Hall which oversaw the 6D networks which acted as the portal for Star and Indigo Races to incarnate on the earth plane through the Amenti halls. This Lyran-Sirian administrative body created the Azurite council for the sole purpose of a collective team to support the human embodiment of the Jesus Christ or Yeshua Mission to repair these networks and secure the Amenti field. The Azurites were assigned primary responsibility for the carrying out of the Covenant of Paliador which is to recover the lost souls of Tara.

    Three embodiments were always used to hold the tone sequence in matter, base, overtone, resonator, or positive, negative, neutral. The Azurite task force was created to protect, build and guard the Stargates on earth from 1D-5D. This failed, thus, the inner gates of Amenti were sealed and LR was disbanded from the Azurite teams in early 2004. Internal conflicts remained and some former members defected



  2. Your research is everything I’ve come too in 30yrs, especially the breakaeay civilisation.
    Perhaps I can give you some in-roads in turn.
    Do you have a subscription window?


  3. My thoughts to someone that this blog has helped me arrive at so far
    Btw the Astral Realm is the artificially created area that people in hospitals who have NDEs and report themselves popping out of their bodies and going flying etc, is an artificially maintained holding quarantine area for souls/consciousness, and many deceptions lie in this astral realm, that tie in with deceptions taught on earths surface while in body. Then after a while the soul consciousness is recycled shot back into this dimension and the reincarnation cycle starts again. Its all enslavement and energy harvesting and they had to quarantine cordon things off perhaps around the time of Atlantis, not sure, but something went wrong during Atlantis and some infection happened, perhaps both organic and ancient AI. And weve been dealing with this ever since.

    It seems there ancient city sized multidimensional supercomputers located underground, up in the sky and maybe at Antarctica, literally stitching Time and Space together to maintain this forward time linear artificial construct universe. And this is what the SSP Secret Space programmes discovered, the Truman Show around us.

    Apparently its happened before, where humanity gets set free when the population grows and via the 100th Monkey Effect, a tipping point happens where enough of humanity awakens and then it goes exponential and the Matrix Quarantine Veils start to disable and fall which is a very positive thing for us all. Chemtrails it seems might be , alongside other strategies, the elites attempts to slow or halt or divert this mass evolutionary DNA activating time now amongst humans and a nimals alike. Earth changes are happening but this nothing to do with global warming or MMGW and carbon. Also powerful hyperdimensional groups are stabilising managing the tectonic plates and volcanoes and earthquakes as best they can so humanity has a smooth transition. iI seems the evil ones are using advanced technologies to try and promote chaos and earthqakes and volcanoes and tornadoes, and then exploit that chaos. SO it is a complex situation. But everythings in hand.

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    1. What if all this is a game and all of it is a simulation. What if you agreed to play part in a game and the game has many stages to it. Sometimes freedom isn’t free. The original matrix movie was supposed to show that when he got “unplugged” the zion dimension was just another layer to the game to trap any that escape. Not even the astral…but as Wes Penre has pointed out…every dimension on up that vibrates is a part of the matrix illusion. True timeless realm of light doesn’t vibrate as it’s a pure source. Amitakh described it well when she said there are no shadows in the light. When you want something the most, your desires/will can create it here…but how do you know it’s not another episode of the twilight zone and you’re still trapped. The only way out for all of you is in and the only way to make sure this place doesn’t suck anymore beings in is total clearing. Tick Tock.

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