The Corporatacracy, Spirituality, Self-Responsibility and Materialism

  • Corporations control the system
  • There are those who are technologically and intellectually advanced and those who are physically and spiritually advanced
  • Enjoyment comes from inner harmony, materials are just props
  • This world contains inherent duality, the ‘higher plane’ is non-dual
  • Accepting self-responsibility is required for true spiritual and mental liberation
  • The legal system is a disguise for what is actually a spiritual enslavement system based on manufactured consent and lack of self-awareness and self-responsibility
  • Universal Law is the truth of self-responsibility and consent and must be respected on all levels
  • The systems are all about energy and attention
  • The Mind defines reality, so controlling the mind controls the definition and creation of reality
  • People, person, black, white, identity, and others are legal terms
  • The system is centered on consent and self-responsibility
  • What happens here determines what happens in the next reality or the higher plane
  • Language and action determines intent and awareness of consent
  • The control system is designed through the use of Deceptive language
  • The system is for the acquisition of genetics, genetic material, labor and intellectual property
  • This world is an experiment based on the playing out of polarity consciousness
  • The experience may be a kind of generated ‘dream’, however this is a reality to those in the experience
  • Essences that are conceptually foreign to life are introduced into this reality through experimentation and dark forces
  • These forces are anti-life, anti-truth, and anti-Human
  • There is actually only life, the anti-life essences are an illusion and are autonomous
  • Refusing polarity consciousness in terms of fear and bias withdraws one’s energy from the false-reality construct
  • Pure-awareness is beyond physical construction
  • You are the shepherd of your thoughts
  • Emotional reaction instead of genuine, centered response is entanglement with the illusory construct which feeds on such engagements
  • Someone acting entirely through such autonomous reactions are akin to a biological robotoid without self-awareness
  • Moving beyond the entanglement of polarity is liberation, falling into darkness is lack of self-control
  • Sheep kept in the pen all day repeat the same experiences, sheep-thoughts, neglected without structure do not develop the necessary aspects of self-control and self-awareness through creativity
  • Expression and exploration is required for liberation if a being finds themselves within the reality prison

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