The Time Machine

There are literally no words. I would need to combine together multiple movies to make sense of this in a visual sense.

The machine 4 dimensionally (and higher) prints time and space together like a sewing machine by creating the atomic lattice of physical, elemental reality and space and then interweaving through the lattice the etheric substance of the awareness of the soul to activate the consciousness of the Human mind!


TIME is INVERTED, it is like a cone that is pulsing waves outward backwards into this reality and we experience this as the FORWARD motion of time. What we experience is actually happening in the REVERSE of our perception. The physical perception experiences time AFTER it is generated meaning what we experience FIRST is what is printed LAST. This is the meaning of the FIRST IS THE LAST which is mentioned by the adepts of the ‘ancient time’ which is actually the beginning and the end of civilization!

The end is the beginning as that is the point of liberation through which we encounter our TRUE SELF on the OTHER SIDE of the VORTEX of the MACHINE. The VORTEX is the PORT HOLE OF THE MACHINE.

This machine filters reality into this realm and our true spiritual self stays on the other side waiting for us to return, to return we must focus ALL INTENTION into the liberation process. The machine is fed by intention and desires so if we are wayward in any desire or intent then that will produce a parallel reality in what we call the universe and humanity has been ‘splintering’ for ‘thousands’ of years!

This is a difficult one, one of the most difficult videos simply because of the complex nature of what I am conveying!

Thank you, there is no death, there is no physical reality outside of the space-time ripples or undulations that this ‘reality-generation-wave’ machine is pulsing out to create this universe!

38 thoughts on “The Time Machine

  1. Aug, is this device the same as the Ark of the Covenant?
    Can the device be approached from within a human somehow?
    Do you still work for the people at the Underground Bases?
    Can you please tell them to send an extraction team for me now. They won’t have any trouble locating me.
    I am serious!!


    1. Immediately after I posted this comment I went for a walk. An owl swooped down directly in front of my path (I had to stop walking or I would have crashed into him, he flew very low to the ground and he landed on a low branch less than 3feet away. He looked directly into my eyes. I stopped and we stared at each other. I then began to walk away and when I had traveled a short distance he crossed my path again in the same way and we had another staring contest. The owl, I know, is death transformation. But I have never seen one this close, directly in front of my face……And the EYES. Wow.
      Was that you guys, the architect, or the creator true God?
      I’m not sure……


      1. An owl flew into my front door, decades ago, while in my teens. It was a major city, far from the country, where owls just don’t exist. From that day forward, strange things occurred (matrix/truman show).


        1. It definitely seemed surreal. Owls usually don’t fly so low to the ground. It even landed directly on the ground the second time. It was weird!! But I am having so many inexplicable things happen to me especially since 2010. Just the other day I saw a group of monks from a parallel dimension walking down the street. They literally couldn’t see me but I could see them. The dimensions are bleeding through each other.


  2. Sorry I’m posting so many comments but the release of this epic video seems to be having a profound effect on my own person sphere of reality. As usual, Aug, if you think this comment will only confuse people or give them the wrong impression, no need to approve it. I just wanted you to see it, at least.

    So once again, I’m seeing what appear to be responses to Aug’s disclosure in the form of symbolic news stories. These two stories were both released on July 20, the same day as Aug’s post and the day after his epic “Time Machine” video. I believe they may be echoing Aug’s analogy of a fish suddenly discovering it’s in water and a lake being drained where you either go down the drain with the water or find a rock to perch yourself on for extraction.

    Here’s the first story:

    I can’t say for sure whether this story is real or fake but it looks pretty phony to me. The drowning victim was named Jamel Dunn, as in this realm/reality is DONE and maybe a reference to the machine/god EL that put us in this JAM. The “heartless youths” filming him can be heard saying “Get outta the water, you gonna die! We’re not gonna help your ass!” The possible message: we’ve gotta get out of the water before it goes down the drain and this is something we need to do OURSELVES. Anyway, the symbolic parallels with Aug’s analogy seem pretty clear to me throughout the video. There’s also something interesting in this article on the event:

    “Police said Dunn, who was heavily tattooed, was last seen wearing a black shirt emblazoned with the phrase ‘I’m Blessed,’ and a red hat that read “Only God can judge me,” drowned.”

    Apparently, Dunn drowned on July 9th but there were only two stories I could find on Google News from July 17 and 18 about his body being found and identified. The story about him being filmed and mocked on video did not come out until July 20. Is it possible this story was “stitched into reality” by the Time Machine retroactively with the video part later added in response to Aug’s disclosure? I dunno, just putting it out there.

    Here’s the other story that came out on July 20:

    This one seems ridiculously fake to me. The girl sounds like a well-rehearsed actress straight from central casting. And since when does someone getting bit by a fish become a news story? This one also symbolically plays into Aug’s drained lake/fish analogy.

    A few things I noticed in the video. We see her waterskiiing and jumping or getting pulled into the water to her left. I’ve seen a number of these “left pull” stories including the one about the girl who got yanked off a dock by a sea lion. This could be a reference to YRFT’s “The Pull” and the “left-hand path.” She says she “could feel the whooshing…” I can’t remember specifically but didn’t Aug use the word “whooshing” when describing the Time Machine or maybe something else in a recent video? The reporter then says “She needed stitches on 9 separate wounds” as we see a photo of her foot with a pair of gashes that look like an 11. The counter on the video is also exactly at 1:19 when she says “9 separate wounds.” You can often find 9/11 references like this in phony news stories.

    Finally, at the end of the interview, the girl says (in a painfully rehearsed manner) “I’m gonna give it a few months before they fish out all those huge ones… and then I’ll be still careful.” And the reporter tells us the whole family will be taking a break from swimming for a while, which is understandable. “A few months,” eh? Hasn’t Aug been talking about something possibly happening in a few months? Something related to “the extraction” in which maybe some “huge ones” (high energy beings) will be the first to be “fished out” of the draining lake? And it is certainly understandable that most of us will not want to go “swimming” again (immerse ourselves in illusion) after all this is over with!


    1. Oh, also forgot to mention that the girl in the fish story’s name is Maren Kesselhon. Kesselhon sounds like “Kessel Run” which you may remember from Star Wars:

      The Kessel Run is a hyperspace route that “involves several extreme changes in velocity in order to jump to, and drop out of, light speed with the minimum time spent out of hyperspace while making drops, pick ups or tight turns.”

      Seems similar to what is required to exit the matrix via the Time Machine!


  3. Do those who voluntarily entered the simulation, after exiting it, regret having gone in? Is being extracted from the simulation a different kind of experience from exiting in some other way?

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    1. Most were lied to and enticed to enter, if they weren’t already here to begin with when the simulation overtook this sector. As well. some were kidnapped from surrounding space. The enticement was from physical pleasure and promise of faster spiritual growth…both real of course, but then what did you trade to come to this “hell”.

      Entering is the easy part, leaving will be the hard part. How can you function outside of this place well enough when you have forgotten what the outside is like? This is the danger of pulling the plug too fast…are your minds ready for it. The mind can fracture on the other levels just as easily as here when they used to do the mk-ultra/monarch and other type of lsd based trauma splitting of personalities. This is probably why meditation is most important…it’s not even to destress, but to awaken to other levels of reality and accept them. This is also why they outlawed any psychedelics.

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  4. Just reposting my comment from your video:

    Hearing this was pretty mind-blowing as the experience you describe with the machine was basically the same thing I experienced taking Salvia Divinorum. My consciousness traveled through some kind of portal/vortex and “popped out/woke up” in another realm that I instantly remembered as the real/original one. I remember feeling very relieved to know that all the pain and suffering I’d gone through in my Earthly life was only an illusion. At the same time, it was heart-crushing to realize that all my experiences with loved ones in the Earth realm were also part of that illusion.

    I remember communicating with some person/being on the other side who explained to me about all the multiple potential realities and how the particular reality I had experienced in life was based on which choices I made and paths I took. That each and every decision you make from moment to moment is involved in this. I don’t remember a lot because there was some kind of memory wipe when I was sent back to this realm. But I did make an audio recording of my trip and can hear bits and pieces of my side of the “telepathic conversation.” I do remember the process of being reinserted into this matrix as being VERY rough and unpleasant! Lots of red, rubbery swishing with a feeling like I was a giant blob that was being pushed and squeezed into a box that was too small for it.

    I’m just wondering now, since I already found my way to “the other side” in that experience, am I more or less guaranteed to find my way back again? I remember last time feeling very sad about leaving everyone else in this reality behind. I can see how that feeling could pull me off course next time. But basically everyone will be going when this realm closes out? What will happen to those who “go down the drain?” How is this different from those who make it to the original realm but don’t have their memories in tact and have to be “born again?” Using the roller coaster analogy, is it possible that if I have a strong enough bond with a person here that I can help pull them through to the other side so they don’t go down the drain?


    1. I also wanted to add that there were some key words and phrases in this video (which I won’t mention specifically) that were real triggers for me. I’m thinking others might have experienced this as well. Interesting times!


  5. Wow, lots of stuff coming together with this video. A couple questions:

    1) Did you yourself have the experience of entering the core of the machine and popping out the other side into the original realm? And if you did, how did you get back?

    2) You said the machine was found in an underground base. Since the base would already have to exist for the machine to be in it, then who created the base? How is this base different from the other ones you’ve been talking about? Or did they find the machine and then built a base around it or something?


  6. So therefore reality, or more plainly this reality is simply a holographic projection of the time machine having waves that move backwards, these waves are the multi-time experiences we have as we exist moving backwards towards the machine perceiving our motion as a ‘forward’ motion which already has been printed by the machine making the past the first step and the future the programmed motion? But wouldn’t that make the understanding of “free-will” non-existant? And thus life having only purpose, that is to move/live with ‘complete intention’ towards knowing SELF, or is the machine something that we can literally find in this via this avatar our consciousness inhabits and thus getting out of the machine and realising we were never there?


  7. What you are saying makes perfect sense to me. Is there a method of determining whether or not a person is a human or a sim/robotoid? Is it intuition or some other type of sign that can be used as a marker to differentiate the two…. At times it is difficult to know with whom I am interacting.


    1. There isn’t a surefire way to tell who is whom. This was the plan all along. Your best bet is just to get to know them over time and if they’re totally materialistic or have a toxic attitude then let them go and find your passions. If you’re here then you’re searching for the truth. Let it find you and you’ll be happier, but the world will seem colder. The world doesn’t offer a blanket to those not willing to play the game. Drugs, alcohol, drama, money, relationships, power, control, death…all illusions that you won’t take with you once dead. Soul container, consciousness in spirit container are all you’ll have. Then it boils down to who are you. What did you do to better yourself. We’re you naturally a good person or were you afraid of a demi-god Annunaki parasite posing as god from a silly book and because of that you pretended to be good. There is no heaven or hell only what your mind projects after you leave the shell. I prefer to see the truth, but then the truth will be just as shocking.

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      1. Btw something ive noticed, even amongst the fair few alt media places ive commented been a part of since 2013, ive still felt are true and worthy upto today, even with them, ive found myself on the fringe, not accepted, welcomed, and in some cases in 2016 and 17 blocked banned. Which at the time was upsetting as all I was doing was expressing from my heart higher self. Paul LaViolette hasn’t banned me, but a few of my comments which were interesting I sent him in last 4 weeks hes just ignored not moderated them. I therefore think what ive just posted now might not see the light of day, but lets wait and see.

        Thankyou Aug, for showing me respect, understanding and not banning me, my enthusiasm. It gets very tiresome and debilitating to go from place to place and get rejected although Molly at Atarship Earth has been brilliant,


        1. Could’ve been worse. You could’ve disagreed with Aug’s writings like I eventually started pointing stuff out to Wes Penre and then turning the whole forum upside down and then getting banned lmao. Wes is a controller of information so I couldn’t help it ;)


    2. P. — If you are high enough frequency, you can look into someone’s left eye and see. Also if you are high enough frequency, i.e., don’t eat animal meat flesh blood or anything with a heart…you can program a pendulum and ask who is a Source Player and who is not. See Quartz Crystal YouTube channel on “programming your pendulum” and much more. Pretty much what Judy is saying tracks with what Aug is laying down.

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      1. Thank you! My experience is kind of wild in the sense that I appear to flip flop between two worlds that are inverse of each other. Some of the same people appear in both of the worlds but they act differently depending on which one we are in at the time. It is very tricky to navigate!
        Thanks for your input!


  8. The key to personality survival is connection to source….source is within. CHOICE is consciousness at work…stay in love…Christ taught us how. No matter what false deceptions the master deceivers create….it has NO power over LOVE.. they know this and can’t compete

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  9. (the holographic interference pattern the matrix)

    The Grand Designer: Discovering the Quantum Mind Matrix of the Universe
    By graham smetham

    (everything is within us, it’s our brains and third eye that create this illusory system. if you can rewire the brain and train the third eye to look out instead of allowing others to look in then you can see past your limitations and past the gates that control your consciousness.)

    Reminds me of this next piece by Amitakh:

    Are Humans Merely Sophisticated Programmed Robots?

    Amitakh Stanford

    (republished from the Nara site)

    2nd April 2005

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  10. It’s kind of what we should have expected but it’s freaking shocking. What do you mean originals are not in there if this whole reality is in there? So your in it but not in it?

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  11. What do you know of The Glowing Blackness? (My term) You have to travel through veils to reach it. It’s outside this realm. And consists of pure potential. Is there any correlation to what you say here, do you think?


  12. The Fountain 2006 (Quite a visual display of an interesting “time machine” that helps him interact with his past lives to affect the future)

    The Last Avatar Movie Trailer


    1. Consistent, steadfast, same energy, same being, hammering away since July 2017 and of course before too. A definite mission, theres synergy between you and Aug and his site and Amitakh Stanford. And here we are in late 2018 looking at 2019.


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