Let’s Talk Parasite Cleanses (video)

Let’s Talk About Parasite Cleanses

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Parasite Cleanses (video)

  1. 1. ph 7.4 (ph happy caps -suedehills.com
    /spring water 2. solay 84 minerals 3. enema/colon hydro therapy
    aquanet machines /woods methods 4. essential oils #1 class therapeutic
    orally/topical/caps 5. radionics rife scalar waves DIY genius/scio device 6. yoni/lingham V/A 7
    chakra steams ! incredible 7. cacao yleo oils suppositorys 8. solarian
    to fruitarian 8.chelations.. :) 9. grounding.. earthing mats amethyst FIR——- km ;karen qns rn cht rdt carearoma casha hon dip.*** let us do a demo 10 min :) gifting of course ** it voice 5d activated and sound tone acoustic high frequency.. interim lingham steams 15 min bowls.. raindrop massage w/ hot wet towels !!


  2. More stuff to enjoy since starting to pay attention to your material: I had just received the package I’d ordered containing Dr. Hulda Clark’s parasite cleanse, when I clicked on your site to find this post. :)


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