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Preface: I ate a bit and feel much much better and spent some time outside (with the increasing radiation from the space of this reality being overstressed from the temporal shifts) and I will publish another video later tonight touching on more of this.

*I cough at 17:43 minutes which I forgot to remove*

Electronic demonic possession torture systems are in use around the world. They are known under acronyms Tempest, S.A.T.A.N, and many others. These are used to create a negative energetic consciousness effect and the people abusing these systems are being manipulated by interdimensional parasites.

This is used to alter memory, to download or ‘insert’ ‘screened’ memories. This is used to cause pains and to create sensations or to instill a motivation to perform a certain action or go to a certain place. This can be used to control large groups of people while monitoring many simultaneously.

The pain is motivating but this is not an excuse to hurt people which is often how the situation is presented.

The higher plane is purer or a greater of magnitude of energy. A motion or change coming from “above” has many magnitudes of order the amount of energy that the same motion has down here.

The situation is like a board game where if a person picks a character and rolls the die, they’re now playing the game and it’s all a part of the game. Temptation is used to manipulate and push people to involve themselves and thus become a part of the experiment.

Free-will is the self-empowerment over automation. Automation is for animal and mechanical behavior or systems not for free-will and self-awareness. Self-awareness and free-will is the true solution.

The material Earth plane is the anchor that the higher and lower energetic realities are anchored through. The lower realms are where there is less free-will and self-awareness and more automation and suffering. The higher is where there is more free-will, self-awareness and peace.

The torus-technology creates a fragmented consciousness system where the one original reality is split into multiple fragmented realms that are akin to a series of mirror reflections of each other. Each is the reflection of the other and there are a finite amount and one original and actual occurring. Humanity’s consciousness, the collective mind is trapped within the technological reflections rather than the original.

They use children in the projects and certain aspects got out of control and became a part of the parasitic infection which causes ritual abuse and the domination of desire, lust, rage, hatred and so on which is the source of energy for a fall interdimensional consciousness.

The electronic mind control systems are controlled by whoever is accessing them and they are programmed to induce violence and reactionary behavior in the population to enable a ‘solution’ that silences the dissent. Active denial systems are used to control the groups.

The children are used for either sex slavery or assassins (or intellectual, psy work). The adults, celebrities, politicians, famous people, and so on are used similarly. Literally everyone knows about the secret space program but if they are ‘activated’ in an insecure manner or situation, this will induce a nervous breakdown. These are happening more often and we should support people in this process of unveiling the truth and strengthen one another.

Many people will not be able to handle the truth. The truth is literally like a poison it is so strong, so potent, so fear inducing to some, so we can do this, we can be peace and know the self.

I did cry out to God (One True Creator, not Gad, Gaud, False Creator) during the soul-trap torture method to send my soul to hell permanently by overloading the capacity to maintain an appropriate minimum energy level to continue to inhabit a human form or move above which then results in one passing into the lower realms and assimilating or merging with the demonic energies in the abyssal plane.

The team that showed up told me, “No, we are not God we work for God. If you were to see God, you would die and would not be able to return to this plane.” There is more to that whole event.

Life Simulation – Soul Trap

The Soul Trap Machine, Men in Black, AI Artificial Time-Matrix Lords and The Light Faction

I went through a period of feeling rage at the one or two people I see nowadays, literally one, because since the recent events since about 5 years ago, I shut myself away from the world, and I have a physical injury.

I put my intentions towards healing this disturbance within and after about a week the feeling had dissolved. Then there was a potent spiritual depression.

This is sobering, invigorating, refreshing because I look around and feel like I’m in an alien environment. I have to change, I have to climb out of this pit that I find myself in.

I also see changes in the world and I feel that many of us are going through a cleansing process. The heart and mind must be cleansed and what is within us that is destructive must be kicked out, transmuted, converted into something harmless and neutral or positive.

A pure heart and a clean mind is the pathway to salvation and that is found by examining the patterns in your mind, your behavior and how you’re living.

It’s funny I was tanned a little earlier and I’m still in pain from that little bit of physical work I did in the garden. I used to volunteer at farms and work with the Amish and a local producer.

The higher power is not out there, you don’t a microphone or loudspeaker. The power is within. We are supposed to see changes similar to what took place last year with pedogate and the system basically beginning to be shown for what it is. We don’t need to argue and debate endlessly as that is a trap and we don’t need to sit and sing about agreeing to disagree. There is one truth, and no one person has it.

We know if someone is being dishonest about their intentions, and they know. We should be more honest about ourselves and what’s going on. I just wanted to make a slightly energetic addition to the video.

I fasted for 2 days and my body got angry at me when I ate finally! As if the energy said, “awwww, why’d you have to mess that up?” The fasting is highly beneficial for connecting with the energies within when done safely, enemas are helpful as well.

I’m looking where to go next, I must change, I must use my talents, I must help the world, I must meet others, I must show people how much I love them, I must not fall into the trap of being another asshole!

People are hurting, people are starving in the streets right now. People are being harassed, people you see on T.V. are being harassed right now as we speak into their subordination.

I waited 7 years and went into disarray and self-doubt after 2010 and Donald Marshall was brought into spark the entire unveiling of the world situation. I do not know who I would be today if I would’ve been strong enough to come to the public and say, “This is happening to me, powerful people who literally own the planet and consider Humanity their slaves are using children from a young age in interdimensional psychic and physical warfare or for ritual abuse, training and condition or ritual sacrifice and consumption. And there are created beings, interdimensional parasites, non-human entities, multiple worlds within.” I feel I was involved in this because part of my native role in this civilization was to come to the public and say, “Hey, there are worlds within worlds, this is just one layer of the universe, your mind is more powerful than you think, you can change your reality by becoming aware of and controlling how your perspective changes reality!”

I was already saying that and performing that service or role and so this is just another step from that, yet with a twist.

Read Donald Marshall, Max Spiers, James Casbolt and the others.

There’s always a higher power, this world is like a show for that. There is too much suffering for us to be worrying only about ourselves or even worrying at all! And if it’s just a projection of the mind, then who are we to enjoy or stand by with this kind of projection? What kind of life has a horror show constantly playing in the background? What does that say about us?

There is a correlation or correlation. As about so below, as within so without. What we see in the projection is happening inside of us because we’re seeing it. So we need to stand up and change that. We need to say we see that, affirm that we know what’s going and demand that this stops. We must stop supporting that system of suffering and this is like candida and the beast must be STARVED, that is how the civilization is liberated.

Words are intentions and some words are seals to energy. If we use just vibrations and pure intent with focus enough of a small minority can literally pulse a frequency out into the electromagnetic-etheric field of Earth and change this reality. One person changes their reality, many people changing their reality changes the world. This is how people are controlled, by being lead to beLIEve that they are helpless because they’re just people.

Look up Michael Kavanagh on facebook and see how what we’re doing with our beliefs and energy, our mind, is encoding our reality into experience. And this sounds strange but is how this whole reality is projected. The dark forces don’t have the capacity to change anything directly, they can only tempt people in certain ways to get them to do things and carry out certain actions that then set the stage for the next scene in the show. The people have the power but they are sleeping in untruthful behavior and beliefs.

That’s where we have the power to stand up, and refuse to allow our energy to be used against us and have our intentions converted into a negative, dark energy feedback loop where we end up paying for something that costs us spiritual energy. An economy is not when you buy something that then costs you more money, EVERYTIME!

A lot of people don’t like how this sounds or how this makes the situation look, but similar to gangrene, a person might not like how it looks or how it smells but sooner or later they’ll have to do something because it will take the foot and then the leg if they don’t act.

So that’s what’s going on, we’ll “talk” more about this again, or later. Thank you. (I love you, I love you, I love you!)

13 thoughts on “Share This Information

  1. Appreciate you sharing your personal issues, it helps to know we are all facing obstacles, overcoming without giving up, realizing how we can conserve our energy and give to others while trying to not become personally drained (hard if empathic!) allowing others free will,
    trusting in the benevolent ones to assist those who ask for help.
    Also self love and forgiveness when we feel we have missed something:
    is that the timeline trick? in reality we haven’t missed anything?


  2. We may get a little misdirected here and there, as is the matrix designed.

    We may dare realize that the whole system illudes rationales, with time shifts.

    Keep that hand on the plow, keep doing, keep growing seeds of wisdom.

    But our temporal plane frees us, frees will, frees hand, to test physical facts.

    A S.A.T.A.N. whistleblower (Dr Robert Duncan), suggested reflective defenses to test.

    I tried variations and seemed to actually ward off the intermittent energy attacks.

    The struggles spin over time, as developers dial up incapacitations.

    I would agree this includes incantations, like holographic codes, we can deflect.

    My wife and i were eventually afflicted with the shoulder muscular disabler pulses.

    We healed our shoulders. I saw the symptoms were not processing standardly. I saw through!

    I saw these symptoms were electronically, holographically shifting with close attention.

    I redoubled my efforts of art and resonation, based on years of science studies.

    My friend down the road was hit just a little before us, but he feared self healing, or far seeing.

    He trusted the medical system with surgery and can no longer physically work at all.

    We are totally recovered and i urge others to research and then try healing art resonation of intent.

    I wrote about my trials here.

    Find functional protections. Discipline the human urges. Focus wisdom. Enjoy freedom integrally.


  3. Hey my man, love you too. . I’ve been a commercial painter for 30 yrs. There ain’t no glory in painting. It’s the red headed step child of all construction trades. I’ve been injured for over a year, jumping threw there hoops trying for disabilitie. BROKE all the time. Then in case that doesent lower my frequency. They’ll send in the clowns too finish the job. Yet I keep going. But I feel the spirit with me in my darkest moments . It gets really depressing the pain. The ups and downs of not doing anything. I’m looking for similar things. I know other tip of the spear people. There going threw similar things. let me know if I can help. Scot/ Ps. Like I said I got a truck and trailer set up. Start a mobile healing unit. I’ve been thinking about heading too the worst states that have opioid addiction and help in out.. I’ve got a pretty sure fire way of staying of pills permanently. Stay save brother. Love from another traveler. Godspeex

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  4. The nine angled dimension you mention reminded me of the ONA or Order of Nine Angles. A true satanic UK? based group. They worship, sing the praises, of Atazoth (Azathoth of the Necronomicon fame) or Azoth…the dark mind energy. Considering Obama is a perfect clone of Nyarlathotep, perhaps these beings have more pull behind the scenes than meets the eye. They created the Naos, (word play of Amitakh’s Zaos name for the star of Annunaki), tarrot deck. This was one group that apparently did practice full on sacrifice. (Annunaki Necronomicon Bible Joshua Free) (At one point I looked into the energy of the necronomicon, a book that is actually protected by an intelligence, and it’s the history of the war between the light and the fallen…a gateway to madness in many ways because as you read it you open portals inside yourself to those times/timelines and entities and they are quite real…if anyone doesn’t believe it I offer a challenge…recite the regular and the satanic enochian keys and you will shit your pants at the effects) *what happens to anyone doing that though is not my concern :)

    When I was younger I was part of the Above Top Secret forum crowd, back before all the crazy forum controls. Back then, a so called illuminati start-up group, since many of them are created by the US Intelligence anyways, was recruiting on the site. They dubbed themselves the IODE or the illumined order of the dynamic elements, (reminds me now of Set/Setian pylons/elements). Gabriel Waters and a US intelligence agent named Amon were apparently the leaders. It just goes to show how all this ties into each other. They just as quickly disappeared as they appeared and gave recruitment, but at the time I wasn’t old enough to join anyways.

    JoS, or the Joy of Satan, as well was also another Annunaki backed US intelligence forum/group for recruiting into “satan’s” army. Of course, Maxine Dietrich’s spin was different than other spiritual satanists in that she directly claimed these beings were aliens and not just so called spirits. She was the first, for me, to link En.Ki and Satan. This group had a teens section as well and many have it led down the wrong path. En.Ki/Lucifer has been portrayed as the downtrodden good guy being preyed on by his brother Enlil, but all in all…Lucifer was and will for a while longer be the grand trickster. I have seen it’s face and heard it calling to me a few times. Directly dealt with it and it’s minions in dream visions. Dagon is not En.Ki/Poseidon. I want to cear that up. Dagon is the last reptilian king of a now extinct race. His planet was taken over for genetic base model to be used as template for Lucifer’s army, secondary foot soldiers under the Draconians. They couldn’t destroy Dagon so they imprisoned him till he was freed a few years ago. Madness is as madness does.


  5. Very well written. We all go through low periods here in this trap. It’s only the thought of fighting for our true light family that has been hurt or stuck here or fully lost to us that drives one on. Selflessness is the key. I don’t have the reach in terms of publicity to spread this video, other than dropping your name on Instagram and YouTube like I have been for a few weeks now, but I will pour my energy into making sure my guides and warriors guardians will get the energy of the words out. Unlike you, some of us are less orators and more pure warriors…we work in the shadows and have no interest in being seen. The energy you give out is to be returned and enhanced, remembered for the great effort, for through the suffering your higher self allows you to endure you grow. This place is indeed a lesson for us all. It’s a lesson in how to grow by learning from the greatest evil and error creation has ever known. I was one of those tasked with clearing the errors as they arose in the true creation, sadly none of us knew just how devastating this place would become as no evil of this magnitude has ever been encountered before. Clearing the true beings from here to starve the system was the first step after complete investigation into the anomaly, and now the final step of the cleansing by divine flame comes. Most important question for anyone to remember is not where you are, but WHO you are. Know thyself. The light is still here, you have just shifted awareness from your true self. Many live on the surface as you have said…dive into the ocean and find the core. As you meditate on the core feel the teal ocean water surrounding you and then becoming you and then you expand your consciousness to become the world of the water and then mixed it with your primal element. In my case I’m purely fire and my ocean planet becomes the son/sun. The world will keep heating up and going insane until the very end. Stay safe, for nothing they so physically diminishes your role in all this…beings of light will become stronger as their higher self pours more energy into them to fight to the end. The more energy everyone puts in the more they get back.

    -Tas Mikagal Ra Rudra


  6. We love you too Aug, immensely, and we’re here for you. Infinite gratitude for sharing all of this profound, critical, and difficult information, as well as your personal experiences, challenges, and advisements. Empowerment results from the combination of knowledge, wisdom, and love, and your bringing it. Please take care of yourself.


  7. Oh Aug, you are loved and cherished by so many people! You have made a huge difference in this world. I wish you peace, love, and freedom from pain. The message is getting out!


  8. Reblogged this on Site Title and commented:
    Please hang in there. Solitude can be very painful. You are not alone. Look after your energy levels. Your perspective on this reality is extremely important. Love Danuta


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