Knowledge, Myth and Magic, Consciousness and Virtual Reality

The knowing of things has been corrupted and inverted. The more one sees the more there is to see because reality is extra-dimensional and expands with observation. I have learned things from my experiences and from the awakening that are applied everyday. In that sense, we all learn from these experiences and the intended goal is to enable one to better navigate reality.

This information is the hidden cause and mechanism that enables conscious experience. There is an occult or invisible layer of information and there is a visible layer. This is easily comparable to a computer system and the graphical user interface and the hard drive with the hidden, ‘pure’ informational aspect.

We are interacting on the graphical user interface aspect of a virtual environment. The soul or bio-mind is the aspect of the self of pure information. “Where” the information actually exists is an abstraction like asking where the mind actually exists.

This all happened because of people going to a metaphysically ‘central’ area and an informationally dense area and instigating changes that malformed reality from then on. This is temporal and spatio distortion technology that altered history and consciousness.

This is an experiment to push the membrane of awareness all the way towards the ignorance side so that the majority of important information is all invisible to from the perspective of the conscious mind. This is as if the folders are made hidden. The only result is that eventually when awareness is restored there is the deepest form of understanding yet.

MK 4 Cloning Trials have begun.