Healing Foods

Ensure you are not lacking nutrition. For some this may include eggs or meat. Dairy is toxic to most however some can benefit. These are sub-par spontaneous presentation but give an idea of food made from food (for the most part).

If you don’t treat yourself properly how can you expect others to? This is universal law. Remember, the body is not the complete self.

Invigorating Tea:

Ginger, Turmeric, Cayenne, Black Pepper, Cherry and Orange with Almond Milk and Water

Nutritious Meals:

Note: Carrots and many other modern vegetables are genetic hybrids and are not originally present in the environment. I focus on original foods lately and as well always remember there is a yin yang balance to all energy and substances. The body requires a balance of the energies in order to maintain mass. Too much yin and the body is soft and unable to hold nutrients. Too much yang and the  body is too hard and retains too much and must be detoxed.

Kale and veggie stir-fry

Lentils and Mushrooms with Pasta

Kale Onion Tomato Avocado Wrap

Lentil Dhal With Vegetables Kale and Rice

Rice, Spices and Kale

Kale Salad with Vegetables and Light Dressing

Spring Mix Salad Vegetables and Light Dressing

Lentil Soup with Kale and Vegetables

A Lentil Soup with

Spicy Vegetable Soup with tomato sauce. Jalapeños, sautéed onions, three beans or canellini beans (soft bean flavor and texture), sauteed or steamed (softened) kale or chard, optionally with a yellow or red bell peppers for a citrus taste to complement the jalapeno.

Spicy Hummus with Vegetables:

  • Ancho chilly
  • Sea salt
  • White pepper
  • Curry powder
  • Garlic powder
  • Cumin
  • Cardamom pinch
  • Tahini
  • Lemon juice
  • Garbanzo Beans with water


Lemon Juice, Cayenne, Ginger and Water

Cayenne and Water

13 thoughts on “Healing Foods

  1. Hi Aug, You sound like a mix between Dr Sebi & Dr Gabriel Cousins, I Add Wigmore, Laura Gersion, Mercola, Blayylock, Dr James Bowen, Hippocrates ETC…. Trying without meat & Mlk, but worry, can I grow organic land race wheat berries to grow wheat grass for B12 the natural Bacteria In Soil Mixed with Fermnted food To breack down, AKA our Pro Botics, DHA & D 3, K 2, Megnesum, HMMMM


  2. Aug, I’d be most grateful to be friends. Pls call 949.878.7100 to explore such. I need someone to speak to who has more brain power than I and u obviously do. Most think I’m a know-it-all (although I see I know very little) when I simply keep my boundaries clear that don’t allow others to throw their anger or resentment of their own inabilities onto me as their scapegoat. It’s been impossible to find anyone with whom intelligent conversation is possible.

    In hopes of speaking soon, a hopeful friend,



  3. I recently an article by you and am most impressed. Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to pass on this information. I’m pleased that you gave your website so I can research more. Gratefully, Roxi


    1. This is how I eat now. New recipes! THANK YOU. Its ike a personal arsenal of keeping up the body with nutrients when you’ve had the parasitic invasions and the break down of immunity they cause. I incorporate chlorella and spirulina, with the wormwood/black walnut/clove tincture, diametaceous earth daily in drink, high PH H20, NO REFINED SUGAR, processed food, no meat and get protein from lots of raw nuts, beans, and plant based options.

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  4. I am curious as to why no mention of fruit? The incorporation of large quantities of fruit and removing of all animal products, while severely limiting my cooked food intake has saved my life. I have found fruit and herbs to have unequaled healing capabilities. (but by no means have claimed to exhausted my search of healing modalities.)

    The widespread myth of protein requirements is finally starting to come to light. Look at gorillas, horses, elephants, etc. They are mono-meal eaters, and no one can claim that they are weak, or under-noursihed requiring more protein. I doubt a rhino is concerned with their daily grams of protein ingestion : D

    We require carbon/sugar as our main fuel source.

    Fruit/Fructose is superior to Vegetable/Glucose in that it is easier to digest and absorb for the human body. Fruit is brain and nerve food while vegetables are muscle and skeletal foods.

    The 4 stages of physical (perhaps energetic as well) Digestion:

    1. Digestion- (stomach, liver, gallbladder, etc.)
    2. Absorption- (small and large intestines)
    3. Utilization- (glandular)
    4. Elimination- (colon, kidneys, skin, lungs)

    Most people will have issues in at least one of these areas. A large problem with focusing on nutritional needs is the lack of awareness of something called mucoid plaque. Mucoid plaque is a thick rubber like substance that forms along the intestines. It is created mainly from dairy products as well as gluten, processed foods, meat, etc.

    Today’s health practitioners are solely focused on nutrition and completely disregard elimination.
    The body contains two main fluid systems. The vascular/blood/nutrion/kitchen side and the mostly unkown lymphatic/elimination/bathroom.

    Check out Dr. Robert Morse on Youtube as well as the writings Arnorld Ehret for further information.

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  5. Thank you for this. I asked once about this type of information and somehow didn’t even notice it in the header. As a vegan, I’ve had a lot of trouble adjusting. Taking a b12 supplement with daily vitamins, pea protein, and cold pressed hemp oil has been extremely helpful with making the transition and keeping all the aches away and the energy up. We are eternally grateful for what you are doing.


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