The Previous Timeline and the True Universe

No one knows. The previous timeline collapsed. Everyone was cast into the abyss in a state of permanent suffering. They didn’t know where they were or what had happened. Listening outside the barrier one could hear only weeping and moaning, in the millions. The operatives, one by one, located the souls of every missing individual and transported them to an alternate Earth dimension. Now this timeline is used as a transitory connection into the civilization we should be in if nothing was disturbed and Humanity was allowed to progress.

This is literally what is described in the ancient texts.

In the actual universe, time flows differently. We’re in a containment field as a result of the time war. In the true universe, a day could consist of a child going to play with a toy airplane.

They don’t need a video game or a motorized version. They’re in a place where the air is visible. it glows, it is light yet electric, just like a dream. As they begin to play with the toy, within a moment they are pulled into a dream which is experienced like a vivid memory, they experience flying their plane. They land in the ocean somewhere next to an island and have an adventure. Then they return to land and meet with some people.

After about a full day of exploring, they return back to where they started and come back to the room they were first in, sitting on the floor holding a toy airplane. The whole event seemed to take many hours yet only a few seconds had passed in the original room. Then, they get up and go to a new location which may instantly transform into a school where other children are learning how to control their mind. Each class is a few days to weeks where the students all live and learn together. Then the ‘sonic reverberation’ is heard and they all move to the next class. An entire ‘day’ of school, lasts an entire ‘lifetime’ subjectively. They know all they need to about the subjects chosen. Then, they head to lunch.

Get it? We’re in a temporal well, everything is gravitationally locked in with a very low minimum of variation. The natural order is much more varied and therefore entire lifetimes of experience can fit into mere hours or days of what we seemingly experience here.

That’s where the original souls come from. There is a controversy whether souls can awake or there are specific number.

8 thoughts on “The Previous Timeline and the True Universe

  1. This is amazing! I remember something like this from my trip to the “original realm” as well. The whole experience wasn’t really linear but trying to piece things back together in this realm, this seemed to come just before I returned back here. I was sitting on the floor somewhere with a being that was a “girl.” I think I was a kid, too. We were playing with stuff similar to how you describe. One of the things we were playing was “The Game of Life” with its multi-colored spinning wheel:

    Then at some point, the girl was playing with a Superman doll. I somehow became the doll and was experiencing things from its perspective. And then I returned to this reality, a process that was very rough and unpleasant. Almost like a birthing experience with all this red, rubbery squishing and stretching.

    So now I have to wonder if my existence here is somehow a result or playing these games in the original realm where I’m actually a kid. I had another experience where I saw this reality as an amusement park Ferris wheel where I was also a kid and there were these “parental” beings that swooped in when I became conscious on the ride and made sure I stayed on it. Very interesting! Where did you get this information, Aug? Is this something you experienced yourself? It sounds almost like being a kid in the “secret projects” you speak of.


  2. I think one reason there is distortion in the fields for so many is that they have the feeling they havent lived their life purpose out yet and so hold onto the desire to experience more now in this reality and that is whats so damn confusing! Does this make sense? Because if one had done and lived to the max then it would be easier to let go and one could eagerly jump the realms.


  3. Thought is Everything, I Think We are like magnets or at one time or point One magnet if you cut a magnet in half you get two and so on till the smallest piece and do you know what it is still a magnet.
    Does a magnet know good or evil does it understand it attracts and repels, does it need to know ? and does it know how important it is and wonderful it is.
    Peace aug


  4. (739) 100 New The Mandela Effect Examples (MIND BLOWING & BOGGLING) ( Creepiest Phenomenon ) 2016 – 2017 – YouTube
    Please Aug, check out this video on the Mandela examples…..time is indeed manipulated as you say…but proof is always fun


  5. We experience the time shifts/mind wipes/resets. It feels like a curse or spell that has been cast, yet is slowly being unwoven by an intent to reach the original timeline. The everlasting determination of continuing to move past these infinite loops has presented a doorway. Toward a love that is required to weather the storm and gather all life that is connected to that love, from the greatest to the most miNUTE.

    You have heard this information given by Aug many different times in many different ways. I am just stating that it has been envisioned and recognized by myself. And if I’ve learned anything it’s that getting one thing out in the open from the heart can only increase the possibility of releasing yet another.


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