Roald Boom – Aug Tellez & The Sense-Machine

This video was inspired by a few videos I watched by Aug Tellez and how he describes the formal world and time.

I’ve explained it from my perspective and added some of the gnostic knowledge of Barry Long from his book “The Origins of the Universe”

Oooohhhh! An honor, people know so much! The Sense Machine! Thank you Roald!

Not a machine, a convergence point of projected possibilities rendered into existence! All now! Beyond the singularity of material existence and eternity! Beyond time, beyond the delay (the next video I made today talks just about this, it’s like it’s all aligned!) The spirit is eternal! It’s instantaneous! Eternity requires an ‘agent’ to make itself available from a mortal perspective! Everything here is taking place in the brain! The distortions are what create the character of each individual reality!

4 thoughts on “Roald Boom – Aug Tellez & The Sense-Machine

  1. I bought Barry Long’s book back in the 80s when it was first published and despite the many moves I’ve made since then, I not only still have it but I have returned to it and re-read it a few times already. Curiously, I’ve never come across anyone else who had read it or was even remotely interested in reading it, that is, until now. :-) In my opinion, this is a book worth making the time for.


  2. So refreshing also to hear another voice explaining the same things! I wish more people would take this selfless task explaining (without and Cosmic Ego etc….) its really like a splash of fresh water! THX!!!! AUG!

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    1. We do explain things, but in our own unique perspective. I am in no way an orator and am 100% a warrior type so my way of thinking and describing is slightly different than found here. Whereas I can understand everything he says, I don’t have the technicality to reproduce it at the same depth. For some of us we have a background mission that doesn’t involve public life. I’m a dominant leader warrior fire Leo type, but I’m in no way comfortable opening up like he does. Instead, some of us work with energy and directly confronting the darkness itself. Recently, in one of my factory jobs, a guy revealed he was not only a freemason and gun nut, but he also belongs to a red cell group. Once the govt fails and goes down…he’s the muscle for the shadow govt. These kind of beings open up to me due to my playing their game earlier on as well as them checking me out as a threat. Of course I won’t seem like a threat as I won’t break any “laws” instead it’s all occult energy work.


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