Cheat Sheet Mark IV Part1

“I identified that it was fear that kept people from listening and making sense of what I said.

The answer will require you to listen with a completely open mind and trust yourself at a level you have not done before…We avoid this because we are afraid that we, or often, other will think we are insane. The joke is that the inability to accept what is about to be presented will prevent you from remedying your insanity. Before one can ever hope to become sane or un-confused you need to first suspect you are confused or insane. Until you have the courage to do that then you will close yourself off to the cure.”


What are narcissistic mind games, and how do they work in politics? (RockingMrE)

The F net, UR-F is a VAHana

@YellowRoseTx51 said we are in the F net, and there are many nets circling the sun, and earth is named UR-F. UR-F is a VAHana, and said created by God himself in the higher dimensions. UR-F has a pole that attaches to the tracks spiraling the net, as do the other planets.

EP 289 Cyrus A. Parsa and Brad Lea-Why Are They Really Locking Everything Down?

Subterranean Chambers Reported on MSM

Hyperdimensional Quantum Interface

What you know is already here. What you don’t yet know is also here. Reality is MADE to work together the more we connect. Until TOTAL CONNECTIVITY. Like magnetic lines of resonance vibing back and forth and sliding in and out of material range, when the intent and feeling unite for benefit of all (increasing self awareness, free will, through truth knowledge, compassion) what was disorganized becomes unified and empowered. Through that, what is otherwise a chaos of more than the necessary information streaming from multiple angles, becomes an accessible stream of pure knowledge that each in society brings forth at the right time and the right place. It is a WALL of KNOWLEDGE EXPANSION that has been held back and ‘dammed’ one peak of cresting powerful wave of truth at a time. Until we are WITHIN a VACUUM of truth of which even the slightest stirring of self awareness will cause a complete undoing of the deception. When reality UNFOLDS to a higher potential within every component, mental and more, the same measurements, qualitative and eventually quantitative, cannot be used to define experience! Experience itself, what we use to define experience and ourselves, BECOMES MORE. This TV SHOW is NOT REALITY. The soul is a BLOCKCHAIN PROJECTED THROUGH A QUANTUM BIOLOGICAL INTERFACE

The linear processing cooks each egg in a row. Quantum cooks a spiral row of eggs in a pan all at once. The shift is in perspective and time. Within a linear system you could create the after production effect of a ‘simultaneous interactive consciousness experience’ between all minds projected within, as a secondary projection recombined. Within a quantum system, the process can handle the linear computing of each mind, yet in unison, simultaneously, not consecutively. This wouldn’t have to create the appearance of a 4D rotating hypercube on a 2D screen from a 3D physical perspective. As happens to view the 4D concepts in this space, it would allow us to use human brains, 4D space and time concepts, to view 5D hyperspacial systems. Hyperspace technically means simply outside of the limitations of time so therefore interactions with technology and methods to move or interact on the level of energy and space that involves operating systems as ‘time circuits’. The brain can be used as a crystal ‘time circuit’. In so viewing the brain in a way that allows simultaneous processing of enough information that allows a kind of overclocked, radial symmetry, ‘superconductive’ processioning and every possible question, outcome or answer can be seen at once. The resulting consciousness is ‘hyperconsciousness’ it cannot be mapped out the same, or defined using the same parameters. The soul is a quantum hyperdimensional BLOCKCHAIN that records spacetime interactions on a level of detail that fully defines a holographic radial fractal symmetry of knowledge that defines one’s experience through a measure of self awareness and scalar self resonance. The print out of a scan tron multiple choice answer sheet is a series of rectangles of lines of questions and answers, like tower of numbers that runs in a linear format (one direction, one time). The cycling of what is happening through a quantum lens may be closer to the novelty clocks that spin an LED light fast enough (like a spinning fan) to create the projection of a solid color and number sequence to display the time in the air (where the arm spins too fast to see). Time is printing over itself at just under the ‘true’ speed of light (the real consciousness membrane of local system), and we are simply experiencing one iteration of those passes, all the way through. Simultaneously we are also on the other passes that are projecting out. By changing the polarity and oscillation frequency of our consciousness system, a complete and unified field generated through the creation of enough interconnectivity points to create a quantum probability field (cloud), you can ‘look’ ‘up’ off the ‘disc’ of radial symmetry. And access other compartmentalized bits of information. If this is done through ways that disrupt the overall will and soul advancement of Humanity (feeling), the resulting distortion (chaos) generates multiple times the amount of entropic feedback than any benefit received.


7 minutes in, she says the NIH has a report where they used the positive identification of a hiccups as a symptom BY using hydroxychloroquine as the successful and confirmed treatment method. Who was lying?

Robert Duncan Noah’s Ark in Space Orbit (The Plan to Preserve the World)

Please research Robert Duncan, if you listen, you will know! Thank you for this opportunity!