The Beginning of Soul Transfer

The first time I was having clone activation experiences I was thinking someone was cleverly stealing my body without alerting my parents through E.M. field technology which was similar to the reports of paranormal activity when people are asleep and unable to hear someone being “spiritually attacked” in the other room. Plenty of common ghost stories contain themes like that. Everything involves electromagnetic fields, starting with our biology and the biology of the Earth and Earth’s space and time.

At a certain point I began to accept that whoever was doing that had the ability to either bend space and time to produce wormholes and literally transport me out of the location without relying on on a physical entrance and exit. Or they were somehow taking me into a shared, controlled dream-state that was used as an operations level for manipulative programming and instructions. You could see the reason a kid would assume something paranormal was going on. You could say now I know the paranormal is simply aspects of consciousness and the Universe that we are not yet used to and so it seems like impossible magic, similar to very advanced technology.

After a certain period of doing this, I began to accept that this is a very technologically advanced operation that was somehow able to keep my physical body asleep while pulling my consciousness into another location or plane and moving into interaction there. At this age I was familiar with lucid dreaming and the ability to enter into different states of consciousness through what I had seen around in life as what is called “meditation”. I knew of meditation as something monks did in bright or plain robes in Asian or ancient situations and that this was partially because of austerity and partially literally due to great spiritual wealth. Little do most people know the first Christian spiritualists were female monks. I knew people didn’t understand each other and as a child I was having a “ground up” view that most people soon forget about, at least by judging how fast everyone around me (and even myself) was forgetting about it. In a strange way I concluded that this must’ve been a malfunction, an attack, or a ‘reversal’ of the electromagnetic fields which help produce and contain the remnants of consciousness on Earth. Something had to have given the planet an electromagnetic concussion for everyone to be in such a daze yet constantly dancing and playing around the sacred truth of mind as source in every other aspect of existence whether it be TV shows, spirituality, dogma or science and psychology.

Because I knew of cartoons and funny movies containing iconography of monks and I had heard of the “Dalai Lama” when I was young, I knew to make the connection. As an aside, when I was in 1st grade I had read nearly every book in the school library on dinosaurs, planets, energies, chemicals, and the mind (the most advanced one could find in an elementary school). By that time I still had clear memories of the state of the human before birth and this is of a mental plane where beings and reality is constructed mentally and there were either inserted memories (being inserted into the womb) or actual spiritual memories of an other kind of existence.

Fast-forward back to around 10 years old when I was accepting the later stage conclusions of this process. First, I figured I was being transferred from my bed using advanced technology. No, that’s powerful but too vulnerable to mistake. Someone would have to watch the house the whole time and make sure no one found me missing. If one unexpected event occurred on the surface and everyone in the house was forced to wake up, they would find my body missing. These people are confident, but are not prone to mistakes. The final conclusion, the harsh realization was not only that they were transferring my consciousness, but that another “me” existed in the plane or location that they were taking my consciousness. This looked and felt like me but was not me and contained just enough differences for one to really detect that. This was another body, another human that looked like me that I was interfacing with. Sure enough, we now know these are clone bodies and this is clone body activation through consciousness transfer for soul transfer. The NAZI’s wanted to make this very known, what is called the “soul” is called the “bio-mind” in the scientific circles. It very much exists, if it didn’t, then how do they transfer and what is being transferred!

So this is very much an effect of mixing advanced technology with spiritual knowledge and seeing them return a wider and more detailed view of reality.

The first time I found myself in an underground base was when I was lucid dreaming around 9 (I said 6-8 before but I feel closer to 9 is more relevant, maybe 8 or 9) and this became remote viewing or “temporal body projection.” I found myself floating around and then mysteriously walking on softer dirt in some kind of very solid environment which turned out to be one of the outer tunnels to a deep underground military installation which contained secret operations involving very advanced technology. At this point two guards had noticed my appearance and since everyone is connected mentally through the “air” of that temporal/mental plane I could hear that they used a label like “drifter” or something like that and said “He’ll disappear soon and forget all about it.” I ended up being “zapped” by something in the “air” there and sent back to my body.

I didn’t know it at the time, but everything is planned, I was being selected for monitoring as soon as they would narrow down my energy/soul signature and find me in the ‘surface’ population. As a result and symbol of my quickness to curiosity and lethargy to anticipating the worst in others, I fell back asleep and found myself there again, out of either will-power or them specifically targeting me and bringing me back as part of a plan to make me thing I was doing this under my own power thus opening myself up to the kind of acceptance or unwitting consent required by their protocol before first engaging with the surface population. At this point they both saw and recognized me instantly and this time began sprinting towards me.

At first I was trapped by the zap that previously sent me back, and I had to flip out before centering myself in order to then exert myself enough to break free from the electromagnetic ‘frequency’ gate. This wasn’t soon enough, or was all part of the plan to find me. As soon as I made it back to my bed, two familiar energy signatures popped up in the room around me. The guards had followed me. It was later learned that generators of specific frequencies were set up to draw children to the base in the temporal/mental plane if they were capable of perceiving those mental plane signals.

Fast forward many years and I had come to understand that specific clone bodies were kept in a layer of that particular underground base which existed under such a peacefully sunny, electromagnetically or spiritually charged ground of the mid-west. When an individual is called up for activation they fall into an R.E.M. sleep cycle in their bed during normal sleep hours. Time can be manipulated so that the events that take place last longer than hours or days but the person can be sent backwards to the morning where they would be waking up. This is not routine, it takes advanced technology both internal and external in order to perform this regularly.

When this person is called up it is their consciousness which is transferred using electromagnetic triangulation of the very specific frequencies that flow around and in the brain and body as “awareness”. That very specific frequency is what humans call “me” or “the self”. This doesn’t make any sense with the way people act, but is close enough.

This person is then tracked throughout their life as each little detail is modified to ensure that their behavior and progression would match what is required of them in the underground bases.

Fast forward years later, I know that multiple space-faring races have come to know Earth as the “great experiment” that’s lasted millions of years. These groups have the ability to travel hyperspace, alter time, and access knowledge that is thought to be completely inaccessible to all Humanity. It is the knowledge of the “divine”, the “hidden knowledge”, or the “unknowable” truth of time, space, consciousness and soul.

I have seen technology that is capable of performing the same consciousness transfer, but into bodies that exist in different timelines, Universes, or planes of reality. I have met civilizations that claim to know of other species of beings, then I met those beings. I have met the hidden and public rulers of this world, from every aspect. I have seen the depth of human fear, ignorance, love and intelligence. I have seen the void, I have stared and I have been intimately marked by the intelligence that stares back knowing the knowledge of the most holi of holies, the darkest of lights, and the most impossible truths of our very origins and nature.

We have a lot to learn, and so that’s what we have to look forward to.


12 thoughts on “The Beginning of Soul Transfer

  1. your the only person that i have ever run across that has talked about memories they have before birth…..i have a before birth memory as well. i didn’t know that was what it was until about three years ago…i tried to explain it to people when i was growing up. then i didn’t know thats what it was, but this how i described when i was growing up: i remember i was in a dark space..not like a dead pitch black dark. i could feel i was with other “people” but couldn’t see faces or bodies…it wasn’t scary at all… i felt that i was with my “people” and actually felt that belonged there more than i belonged here..i also remember a feeling that other “people” thought we were bad….it felt like we wernt the best but “others” thought we were worse than we really were….and it felt like there were “people” that were way worse than we were…..almost like others perceived us worse than we really were, and that there were other “beings” way worse than us. thats all i can remember ever since i was capable of having a memory…36 years later i still remember it, but at least i understand now that it really was a pre birth memory of an existence somewhere not physical but i lived it. its memory i knew i never lived in this physicality…but i defiantly remember it…more like a black, dark memory of feELng..but not like a memory in a body that had physical existence. and now that ive gotten myself in this mess im in and look back at some creepy things about my childhood and growing up in my family that are defiantly not coincidence….mainly my -a blood on both my blood alleles due to the fact that both my parents and BOTH sets of grandparents (who are all 4 still alive and in their mid to late 80’s) have -a blood. i feel like this might be rare or not normal….and im very ignorant because i used my blood to get my self in this lil kink here…ending up PREGNANT WITH SOMEONES AI BABY AND IM WAY OVER DUE… AND WAY OFF KILTER…VERY CATTY-WHOMPUSED AT THE MOMENT….ACTUALLY.


  2. Aug,
    I felt not commenting anymore on your blog, more appropriate. Then not hearing from you feels stagnent. I just read this piece. It feels appropriate to share that there is a super soldier on YouTube saying he can get our files. That anyone who has paranormal, metaphysical experiences and or has had contact with aliens, has a file the military keeps. He says now we can request our records. Can you verify this?


    1. I would like to see you post your information on an internet blog for all to see. They are free and easy to make and I’m sure people will find it relevant.


    2. They know everyone who comes and goes and everything that goes on here. They must let some things go as it’s divine law to free-will choices. If they stifle freedom too much it gives the light more opportunity to swoop in. Of course they have files on everyone, not just on the physical level but also astral and higher. It’s a closed off system and anything came came and went has been recorded. Outside of it, the light kept watch, inside of it were the darkness and it’s beings and the trapped true beings. I played their game well to enter and do as I will. The more light that entered the more of the divine fire then had a foothold and as the clearing frequency has been brought in the more self nihilism of darkness has been brought forth. End of life death pangs so to speak. Even spirits can be transmuted back into nothingness. From nothingness comes the light or the possible errors (dark), it’s our job to maintain the light and clear the corruption.

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