The System-wide Quantum Collapse

From Steven Stevensson (, this is the more accurate and hardcore kind of information that was revealed. We are in a soul-stealing, predatory, manufactured, astral-demon false-reality system. The databases that are held literally map out the social-‘sphere’ as data in the ‘matrix’ because the majority of people here are literally background processing data that are being artificially produced by an AI system.

If the system is permitted to devour the Human collective, the true soul essence, then this entire ‘soulular system’ goes with it and in that way, all of the temporal records, the memories, the experiences.

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Advanced Technology Artificial Time Generators, The Civilization Program

There are supercomputers in specific locations that are programmed to create alterations in this reality.

There are access levels of knowledge and control to these systems that are protected because of the potential for misuse as well as the inherent nature for the majority of the population to go insane upon the realization of the true nature of this reality as a kind of electrical-spiritual virtual environment that extends, first, from the higher dimension downward and not from the physical layer upward.

Everything that is here comes first from mind and pure information, that realm already exists and from that realm this reality is managed.

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Patricia Farrington and Aug Tellez – The Mental Liberation of Humanity


  • Live in people’s DNA

  • Questions for public, through messages

    • Self Validation

    • Scapegoating

  • Lion’s Gate

    • Programming

    • Unveiling

    • Solar Flare

    • Memory Restored

  • Memory and Guidance

  • Interdimensional, Extraterrestrial, september viewing

  • Holographic in Nature, Outside of this Dimension, Holographic in Nature, Mind Beyond, Virtual Nature

  • Interdimensional Parasites, Creation of Physical through Imagination, then Creation of Imagination through the Physical, Use Tech to Change it or Use Spirit and Intent, Magic and Technology

    • Moving Timelines Instead of Physical Alterations

    • 3.5 D instead of 4D and Higher

    • Spirit is Long Body Highest Potentiality Aspect, Physical is Mundane, Lowest Potentiality Aspect, Bottom of Pyramid to Higher

    • Base Level of Potentiality, Maximum Level of Potentiality


  • Extraction

    • Cast off the attachments


Summary of the Underground Base Projects, Mind Control and Soul-Awareness

This is for the mental liberation of humanity!

Everything I’ve said from the initial releases up to now is all from direct experience.

Trauma Based Ritual Abuse and the Awakening through Merging Alters to Restore Memory

Children are kidnapped for trauma based mind control with elite groups and there is a celebrity cloning situation that has gotten out of hand. I went through something called “the awakening” which is a procedure where the alters are removed and when this occurs the memory blocks are removed as well because they are held in place through the alters.

Trauma creates the alters and so there is a reversal process based on the specific programming patterns that are used, these are like unlock codes.

The Soul Fragmentation of the Human Race, The Secondary Big-Bang, and the Soul Trap

The human race was fragmented from an event in the past, time is not what we think, research Stan Deyo for more on that. The universe experienced a ‘secondary’ big bang recently and this was through the initiation of quantum experimentation, I speak about this in the video with Lisa Melendez. Because of this break, the consciousness of the species literally went into disarray, many systems were set up or resulted and one is the ‘soul trap’ in which the souls or bio-memory of the human is contained through electromagnetic fields from a device called the ‘soul magnet’ and the energy is contained in an alternate plane and then ‘wiped’ with a high energy discharge before being sent back to the Earth plane. Continue reading “Summary of the Underground Base Projects, Mind Control and Soul-Awareness”

Holographic Space-Time Operations

I am here to divulge information related to specific covert operations regarding

  • mind-control
  • advanced technology
  • cloning and the celebrity cloning situation
  • temporal operations
  • non-human entities
  • advanced supercomputer synthetic intelligence networks
  • projected and actual events both forwards and backwards in history
  • ritual abuse, trauma based mind control and the entropic effect of abuse of advanced technology

This information is brought in these channels (other like this one) in order to avoid a mass uprising due to the sensitive nature of the unveiling and the currently mentally vulnerable status of the majority of the human population. Continue reading “Holographic Space-Time Operations”

The Liberation is the DEFEAT of the ILLUSION SYSTEM.

The neurological stimulation of the brain can be replicated. An entire artificial brain can be constructed out of a network of artificial neurons powered by a supercomputer.

If the input of the brain is simulated then the output is provided by the human intention to respond to experience.

The idea is that it is possible to create one of these systems and place a human consciousness within them and the entire visceral world would be replicated by the stimulus designed by the machine. This would be indistinguishable based upon the stimulus alone. The discrepancy between a temporal delay and the formatting of experience through repeating underlying patterns would reflect the consistency of the artificial program that runs the ‘consciousness experience simulation’.

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Interdimensional Overlords Cloning Humans for Tens of Thousands of Years

See how the previous post merges with this one. The “Unveiling” is when Humanity sees the truth that they have been kept prisoner here for tens of thousands of years by interdimensional overlords that clone themselves into the minds and bodies of the Humans.

The Universe is an Artificial Dimension

The universe is an artificial dimension. Look around you. Everything takes the energy of something else, this means ultimately there will be a diminished return, the universe will end up eating itself.

Everything that is eternal, consciousness including, pure awareness, will leave this place in order to return to eternity. Everyone staying here will ultimately shrink into oblivion.

This is what the concept of liberation is all about. There is a finite amount of time, of seasons, of breaths, of opportunities to utilize one’s free-will to tip the scales towards the negentropic ratio of energy usage and build up enough energy to auto-propel themselves past a veil or a dimensional barrier.

The projects are about a plan to make liberation available. This universe was literally a project akin to something by a mad scientist, what we have now is a frozen system, a stand-still where time is repeating so that those who have the sentience to get out can get out. If the loop completes once it’s happened a dozen and a thousand times and there is an instantaneous collapse before everything began.

To become eternal time has to happen in completion before it starts and therefore before it’s over, meaning it never ends but can fulfil itself endlessly and all sentient lifeforms here become eternally balanced.
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Florescer da Consciência – Japan, Um Viajante do Tempo – Aug Tellez

  • Ritual Abuse, Trauma Based Mind Control

  • Underground Bases, Celebrity Cloning, Pay to Play

  • Space as an inter-dimension of time and consciousness

  • Multiple Parallel Realities, Like a Rolodex, Secret Groups Controlling access to and from each reality

  • Mind Control liquid etheric nano-technology in all electronics and covering the surface of the entire civilization, the sky containing a holographic “LCD” screen

  • Ancient Artifacts that reset, manipulate, alter or otherwise control the perception of time

  • Technology being used to alter time and this creates a new mental overlay each version of reality where the original reality must be returned to before the original reality can move on, these are like temporary side realities however if all the energy is devoted then problems can occur

  • Civilizations developed in these side realities, simulated realities where civilizations developed

  • This era a time where two civilizations from two different realities merged into this one

  • Cosmic Revelations, Wave of spiritual advancement, spiritual evolution

  • Breakaway Civilizations, Wealth inequality, ritual groups

  • Very far future of reality and past link together within this system which is like a closed loop of time. This is maintained like a device or a system.

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Lisa Melendez and Aug Tellez, The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge

Lisa Mendelez and Aug Tellez – The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge, Spiritual Knowledge, Experimentation and Mind Control

The audio jumps because this was recorded raw from the device and I just now realized I skipped the noise removal process because I was so distracted recently! Oh!

Double IV
Genetic Experiments
Breeding Program


Remote Control
Ancient Elite
Pocket Dimension

DM, Cloning,

Ex Energy

Sim Experiences Mind Link

Sun Gate, StarGate
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The Immortal Human, Reality Assimilation, and the Non-Local, Extra-Dimensional Awareness

All humans are already dead, that’s what life in this world is, it’s an illusion that one must die in the real world to enter!

If one dies in the sim then they die in the real world! If they die in the real world, then they never enter the sim in the first place!

Because a human is already dead! They can’t die! Thus the awakened human is immortal! If a person can die! This means they’re not alive! Thus, those who have to worry about death, don’t, because they only exist as a property of this realm and not something beyond it!

Death is of the mind! Death is the loss of identity, not the loss of the body! The loss of identity is through assimilation with aspects of someone else’s mind that overtake the original and replicate the system to produce a schema of personality, belief, behavior and MOST IMPORTANTLY, INTENTIONS, that are foreign to the SOUL!
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Earth is a Pseudo-Graphical Back-Up Runtime Environment

This environment is a pseudo-graphical user interface that was designed and implemented from a non-local reality in order to preserve and provide a means for continuity of the unawakened portions of what is loosely referred to as “Humanity” but is more accurately the sentient beings on Earth.

There was a temporal collapse and as a result of the disruption the conscious continuity of the lower dimensionally or simply physically aware beings was rendered disconnect from the higher aspect. Thus, people literally were trapped in their own, segmented dimensional dream-time separated from the original whole of eternity.

The plan was to recreate the physical Earth environment from the perspective of outside of the third dimension and this was achieved by those who had reached a sufficient level of awareness by the time of the collapse in linear history. Continue reading “Earth is a Pseudo-Graphical Back-Up Runtime Environment”

Roald Boom – Aug Tellez & The Sense-Machine

This video was inspired by a few videos I watched by Aug Tellez and how he describes the formal world and time.

I’ve explained it from my perspective and added some of the gnostic knowledge of Barry Long from his book “The Origins of the Universe”

Oooohhhh! An honor, people know so much! The Sense Machine! Thank you Roald!

Not a machine, a convergence point of projected possibilities rendered into existence! All now! Beyond the singularity of material existence and eternity! Beyond time, beyond the delay (the next video I made today talks just about this, it’s like it’s all aligned!) The spirit is eternal! It’s instantaneous! Eternity requires an ‘agent’ to make itself available from a mortal perspective! Everything here is taking place in the brain! The distortions are what create the character of each individual reality!

The Time Machine

There are literally no words. I would need to combine together multiple movies to make sense of this in a visual sense.

The machine 4 dimensionally (and higher) prints time and space together like a sewing machine by creating the atomic lattice of physical, elemental reality and space and then interweaving through the lattice the etheric substance of the awareness of the soul to activate the consciousness of the Human mind!

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The Awakening to the False Reality and thus the True Reality

We did not EVOLVE out of this form, we BEGAN beyond this level at a higher plane. We dropped own into this form, AFTER the beginning which was originally a semi-physical reality.

Everything in this timeline is a replay or a simulation of the real life of Humanity.

This whole process is about reawakening the divine in people. We were set back in a way, and put into a trance-like sleep. To reawaken people the problem is being made apparent through a civilization-wide implementation of resistance which is being experienced as fear, evil, or spiritual war. This is to be overcome and in that overcome to realize our true nature as everlasting.
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Solar Activity, The Coming Timegate, Liberation and Shemen

We are most likely going to see an event within a few months. Everything is pointing in the same direction.

I’ve said this on record. I was informed Fukushima was an event to cover up the increasing radiation levels.

If the information I was shown is accurate for this timeline, then the men who continue to release semen at this point into the coming temporal gateway will not have enough energy to pass through the gate without dissolving their energy body meaning dissolution into the false light system.

Reserve for a minimum of two months and the semen cycles through the body’s vessels into the energy bodies after becoming shemen and this empowers the mind to pass through the gateway.

This whole thing, all the false flags, the world wars, death, birth, the enslavement protocols, the chems, the disasters, all could just be a show to get a viable portion of the population to perform this motion into higher energy conversion and create a non-dual, higher dimensional counterpart of the human race to tether the civilization into the actual universe and create a bridgeway for the process of liberation.