The True Enemy is Non-Physical

Ignorance, fear, over emotionality (irrationality), self-willed ignorance (stubbornness, spite) and forgetfulness or laziness is the enemy. There is no other enemy, any one else is putting on a show to distract and that’s problematic, but that is not the root enemy of humanity.

In other words, there is no enemy. It’s a confusion, psy-op tactic. That is disruptive, but it is based on self-manipulation, lying to one’s self, projecting and psychological distortion. These are illnesses, these are disorders that result in spiritual death.

The only people holding humans back are other humans. “Non-human elite” are bound by specific law and not permitted on the planet. They are using holograms and mind tricks to get everyone to feed on one another energetically so they can siphon and harvest the energy. That’s it.

Self-Conscious Energy

Humanity has been held in quarantine by the collective guilt by association with mentally dissociated and weak people who represent a danger to society.

Whether this is in any way legitimate is not up to us at this point, we can only increase self-awareness in order to produce a relative contextual difference in our lives and the ignorance induced suffering and self-willed abuse.

The abuse of the innocence is a result of the self-willed and acceptingly followed abuse of the masses of adults.
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The Manipulation of Human Consciousness, Cellular Regeneration and Space-Time

Besides the political context, this is the split between the higher and lower mind that functions to ensure a default protection and manipulability of everyone involved. This is the nature of the secrets and trauma based mind control that wealth and corruption of the human nature has generated. This is the nature of the programs that were designed to produce knowledge on the nature of human history, human control, power and corruption on Earth. Every single conspiracy theory that you know of was first known by those who sought to understand this reality and the history of humanity.
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The Observation of Self and Society

Observe each relationship or interaction.

The larger mind of the individual will always get away they desire. If you are comfortable and at peace, that is what the two desire. If you are uncomfortable and distressed then that is what the minds desire.

Interact with those you want to make a larger mind with. Anyone forcing you to interact in ways that steals one’s energy and entangles through deception, coercion, blackmail, ridicule, abuse, or otherwise vampiric behavior is an energetic parasite, mentally, and will simply continue to look for energy to sustain itself.

That’s one of the bigger secrets! Humans are just one layer of existence, there are multi-dimensional layers of existence beyond that! Some people are guided by intelligently guided, self-aware and free-will based spiritual minds and others are guided by what could be likened to an animal’s mind where there is only a continuous attraction towards desires, behaviors, relationships, or actions that produce or absorb low energy, low-intellect, and low self-awareness experiences.
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On Mixing with Animal Protein and the Nature of the Soul

Yes apparently there is a mark of those who mix DNA including with the protein from animals. Yes there are biological chemical systems that are designed to break down DNA however there is another kind of effect and that is the mixing of the mind or the spirit to both eater and eaten. This process is also related to why humans are farmed and this may be relative to a human farming, by humans or at least humanoids in some ways, or to extracting energy from the blood or the human mind in a way that is useful.
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Spiritual Wealth

It’s not about the material wealth but the inner spiritual substance one has in any situation.

One who is wealthy with potent presence and feeling is rich beyond measure. This is true.

Humanity: The Ghost in the Machine

One could say this phrase relates to the human consciousness which is, here, inherently coupled with the mind-body duality in which the mind is separate yet intrinsically combined with the body. Which is the real “you”? The “whole”? Will technology bridge this gap by stabilizing human consciousness in synthetic dimensions?

We found that the largest observer of reality is a conscious mind the size of the universe. The projects were as much the discovery of the universe as well as the discovery of a genetic degradation that threatened the continuity of the species.

Everybody already exists in a technologically facilitated universal domain. You already know everyone else and have lived lives with them.
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Relax In Joy and View the Metal Sky

Take time to relax, there is radiation in nature…the partially binary nature…that exists in a holographic simulation continuum that is designed by a cosmic mind for the mortal’s enjoyment.

This reality is a mixture of organic and inorganic art-forms. Only when we stop and observe instead of continually interacting do we allow ourselves the chances to come to full awareness.

This is like the changing of the seasons but deeper. The ‘season’ of the collective mind is changing and the signs are everywhere, the one’s who stop and observe the first and most are the one’s who get to enjoy reality! If people aren’t enjoying themselves then they’re not present! Thus, there is no one there to complain…sounds strange and there are exceptions that could be realized however that is the idea.

Spirit, Consciousness and Becoming the Now Moment!

This is what I get for recording with the forward facing camera. There is no video, the camera simply recorded the monitor.

This is related!

Here is a short write-up:

“Spirit communicates so fast there is no waiting between translation or formation of expression from intent. The intent and the expression are one in the same. Ego and language of mind is different. There is a translation lag, a time to recreate the information in a secondary symbolic format. This takes time and even energy.

If one speaks through pure spirit then everything is recorded and transferred to the universe, instantly.

Everything is actually happening at the speed of spirit, thus everything happened at the spirit level and the mind and ego is constantly lagged behind in a delay or echo of realization. The goal of waking up is to bring the mind to the level of spirit and leave the thinking process behind while taking mind into pure spirit and bridging the gap between the two. Thus the delay is reduced and the self becomes in tune with spirit which is always on time in the universe. Anywhere, any when, if mind focuses there through intent, spirit is there simultaneously. There is no delay, this happens instantly.
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Solar Activity, The Coming Timegate, Liberation and Shemen

We are most likely going to see an event within a few months. Everything is pointing in the same direction.

I’ve said this on record. I was informed Fukushima was an event to cover up the increasing radiation levels.

If the information I was shown is accurate for this timeline, then the men who continue to release semen at this point into the coming temporal gateway will not have enough energy to pass through the gate without dissolving their energy body meaning dissolution into the false light system.

Reserve for a minimum of two months and the semen cycles through the body’s vessels into the energy bodies after becoming shemen and this empowers the mind to pass through the gateway.

This whole thing, all the false flags, the world wars, death, birth, the enslavement protocols, the chems, the disasters, all could just be a show to get a viable portion of the population to perform this motion into higher energy conversion and create a non-dual, higher dimensional counterpart of the human race to tether the civilization into the actual universe and create a bridgeway for the process of liberation.

The Truth of Compassion in this Reality

Everything I’ve been telling you. Everything in my recent written and video post regarding compassion and truth.

Everything regarding the projects, the experimentation, the mind-control, the spiritual battle of souls.

Near 10 minutes he actually says reason. This is a different universe. The humans from the previous were all relocated here. The majority here are drones.

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Alex Grey and the Mind Parasites

Telling you….

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Choosing Knowledge and Self-Awareness over Reactivity and Anger, Group-Think and The Path of Society

Methods of Maintaining Harmony, Staying within Guidelines for Mind and Body

Instead of giving into anger and thus identifying with the role that corresponds to that (that version of you) identify and isolate the real underlying cause which is often hidden by what we perceive initially.

For instance, an action or person that causes an anger response is actually reminding us or activating some insecurity we feel about ourselves or our past experience which we are not consciously integrating and resolving. Instead of resolving this issue, we can project the inner pain onto another who reflects this issue back to us and through this there is a false-sense of relief. We see this all the time with people who are so angry and discontent with their reality, yet they constantly project this emotion onto others around them. Instead of projecting, they can identify the problem, then, instead of becoming angry, they can assist others in becoming more self-aware. Continue reading “Choosing Knowledge and Self-Awareness over Reactivity and Anger, Group-Think and The Path of Society”

The Third People You Meet Will Help You

Being Used, To See The Nature and Fallacy of The Acceptance of Being Abused

Sometimes one has to fully accept and acknowledge the disgusting qualities of another to see how they were being used and in essence leeched off of to the point where they would eventually become like that other if they did not change.

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Heaven and the Layers of “Hell”

Guided By Self-Control or Compulsive Behavioral Patterns Rooted In Instinct

In the energetic realms one is classed together with beings of the same behavior. So where there are people who are restrictive or more controlled in their behavior you get a more restrictive or specified classing of spiritual identities.

Less Restrictive Equates to Non-Restrictive

This is all about intent. Incidentally making mistakes is not the same as completely accepting lack of restriction. Accepting a minor lack of restriction is not the same as making a mistake.

If a person is less restrictive of their behavior (both energetic and physical) then they are no longer capable of being classified together with those who are specific and restrictive of their behavior.

Non-Restrictive Equates to Accepting Lack of Control

So then when people are classified together with the less restrictive spiritual identities, there are those who are simply not as restrictive and those who are specifically ‘loose’ or in this way, partaking in non-clean behaviors so as to produce pleasure or power in some way or another. Continue reading “Heaven and the Layers of “Hell””

Severing Emotional Ties: Etheric Chords

Emotional “Chords”; Etheric Parasitic Tentacle-Like Connections

Severing those ties? Well, what I found is that there are emotional “chords” that are connected to everyone, basically like implants. When these ties are severed, these chords still remain in a kind of etheric connection. When these chords are no longer receiving etheric sustenance from the suffering or emotional angst of the individual then they become overtly parasitic and this becomes highly toxic to the individual. If before, they were barely noticeable without paying direct attention, then they become almost infected and oozing with pain and infection.

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