Socioemotional Intelligence

Now in the future, one is judged not by their intelligence, but by their ability to control the flow of information entering their mind, to learn and to functionally integrate the knowledge of their ignorance and their ancestors ignorance in order to overcome.

With the superficially imposed intelligence based system we have on the surface now, society conforms to a process that limits itself to the speed of the least capable on the outside, while operating on an inverse spectrum on the inside.

Here, a veneer of kindness and unity through individual collectivism is presented, yet the inner workings are always ruled by passion, power, cunning, knowledge, self-development and free-will.

Is the external implication of education and intelligence perpendicular to the true inner hierarchy of this society which is ruled by might and willingness to impress their vision upon others?

Or is that the true intelligence?

The Media Generated Feedback Loop of Psycho-Social Reality

This is what it is. It’s like adrenal fatigue related cortisol and adrenaline response creates a positive feedback loop which can accelerate out of control. The spongy brain organ is used along with the sensory system and mind to produce a consumerist addictive relationship yet with forms of emotional responses to reality and information itself rather than some material. This mysterious material is information and stimulating sensory input connected to a psycho-social construct which filters and organizes a hierarchy of implanted meaning that guides one’s emotional or belief system.

This is the nature of the situation, you don’t need any more information or experience to see what’s happening. You’ve observed what is happening many times over and it’s happened to you and everyone else by default.

As well, this indicates something about human biology or biological consciousness that is useful to know. Why does the conscious mind seek to constantly distract itself through the processing of information and why does this psycho-social sphere tend to drift towards the seeking gratification overall? What is being limited that the self responds by seeking such relief or distraction?

The modes of consciousness that we are accustomed to using in every day life are not direct or most appropriate. The conspiracy goes deep. Our very way of cognition of conscious reality is fundamentally inappropriate or scrambled. The frequency of mind that is present when one is consciously active in beta level brain frequency is most geared towards scanning fields of information or sensory input and moving through a cascade of information until a new environment is achieved and new information generated. Instead, we have what is most definitively a kind of autonomous, self-programming, quantum supercomputer system doing repetitive tasks, emotionally traumatizing itself and others, and participating in a slow and general mental degradation of information through a manipulative and destructive media system.

Information warfare is a thing. The mind itself is the true theatre of war for that system.

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Networking, Cloud Computing and The Collective Mind

Everyone must start branching out and aligning with like minded individuals. Together we can overcome the deception that plagues humanity. We must be unified in order to effect this situation. People have been tricked into interacting with illusions and false players of the rigged game. They have been tricked into thinking staying segmented and few and far between is safer. For a time, yes, but now is the time to influence this world.
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Society, the Illusion, the True Self and Simulation

This is a causal post (rant) that pretty much just talks about society, the illusion, the true self, and simulation.
Peer pressure, social conformity, relative morality, the desire to be loved, accepted, known, supported.
Attachment to responding to challenges in anger, and to disrespect with self-disrespect, low self-esteem, and general negativity turned inwards which then ferments and requires expression otherwise suffering results for the individual and who ever is around them.
There is a lesson to learn, whether the nature of the whole of the system, in remaining centered in the face of disbelief, disrespect or hatred. All the underlying causes of these issues are sorrow, disconnection from the original, whole personality that is not distorted by illusory perceptions or desires, and a lack of will-power to apply the focused intention required to remember what is happening and how we must remain centered and focused on self-awareness to remain in control. Continue reading “Society, the Illusion, the True Self and Simulation”

The Dialectic Method

The Dialectic Game

The stage is set for the argumentative display of the opposition of two forces of reason and results. Somewhere in the initial presentation of the the argument of ‘truth’ the actual truths are replaced by two seemingly innocuous deceptions that are only partial to the reality of the situation and the true argument.

The Truth Is Accosted

The truth is discreetly exited stage left and the current draped just enough to hide the reason. Backstage crews sweep upon the truth and rapidly duct-tape the mouth and limbs. They pick up the truth and exit the venue through a back-door locking the truth in the back of a truck which quickly drives towards the horizon. Soon the truck is in another state and the argument is ferociously captivating the attention of the people.

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The Control System is Designed to Control Those Who Choose Ignorance over Self-Awareness

See how when parents cannot guide their children into constructive expression of energy they become destructive and there is no comprehension of the organizational structure of the universe and experience. Thus, everything is done for them, and the learning process is neglected. This is abuse.

Later they will be faced with responsibilities in life and without having the proper coping mechanisms for accepting that all of society is not here just for their pleasure, they will react in a destructive manner which will cause the most suffering and pain for themselves and those around them. We are seeing this in the form of adolescent and adult emotional vampires who are willing to provide more effort towards leeching off of or criticizing others than they are in correcting their own behavior or admitting imbalance and accepting self-responsibility. Continue reading “The Control System is Designed to Control Those Who Choose Ignorance over Self-Awareness”

People are Looking For An Easy Fix to Not Having To Think For Themselves, The Is the Mass Mind-Control

The Scapegoats and the Truly Powerful

The people who are in power, are so powerful, who they want us to hate are people who act as a distraction. Either that or good is truly in control. Say one or the other but don’t say you know who’s really doing this because then they’re not all powerful if they can’t hide the simple fact from people on the outside.

If they’re not all powerful then they’re not really holding you back. This is the mass mind-control nonsense that people are caught up. They would rather point fingers at one another than figure out how they are being caught in spiritual Chinese finger trap that is tightening closer and closer the more and more they instigate suffering upon themselves and one another. Continue reading “People are Looking For An Easy Fix to Not Having To Think For Themselves, The Is the Mass Mind-Control”

Studies have shown; Society Will Drown If People Refuse To Assist One Another

Studies (no citation at the moment) have shown that it’s cheaper to give homeless people a place to live (so they can aptly find work) than it costs (from the tax payer) to support them daily through public services.

Imagine that. People who complain that giving people a place to stay would just increase the laziness and lack of motive to work, are actually draining society more than implementing a motion to ensure that homeless people don’t freeze to death or simply that they have a place to wash and stay and thus get a job much more easily.

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