Spiritual Wealth

It’s not about the material wealth but the inner spiritual substance one has in any situation.

One who is wealthy with potent presence and feeling is rich beyond measure. This is true.

Thank Balance

I appreciate the continued encouragement. I am no where where I want to be in terms of being able to explain and record the multi-layered experience of interacting with the lucid virtual consciousness technology. They’re computers that record experience and can simulate the experience of the entire and expand one’s mind to the size of the visible universe.-

When fully activated, one’s mind is as complex as the entire universe. This may not be the best thin to have going on. With great power we have to guide the immense energy into a balanced flow that sustains by carrying a balanced current of the elements.

Universal Form

Every day you are in a relationship with your self and the universe. How are you communicating? Are you communicating? Do you give thanks? Do you adjust your thoughts and behavior? Do you see other’s relationships and understand how they came to be? Do you feel heard?

The Most Powerful Force

The most powerful response one can give, the most in depth level of change, the truest and most reality altering choice one can make, is to carry compassion and truth in a world of darkness. To love in a world of hate…

Is the goal to love the world even though the return is hate? I would say the goal is to love, however that this world may be corrupt to the core at the current time. Notice how that paragraph is put together.

The Heart-Mind Link

I want to record every conversation that is relative to the information but it’s difficult and it is windy with either a slight breeze or a gust literally every second. There have been many meetings and alignments that prove this is an intelligently guided journey, guided beyond mental capabilities. The heart is the center. Humans are inherently ‘evil’, ‘corrupt’ or simply just ignorant of the truth of one another.

We cannot know one another’s mind! The mind is akin to a dial in the dash-board of the car. They simply point in directions or report on values and differences. The mind itself is an analyzing system but cannot actually make any choices.

The living man, woman and child is life comprised of multiple components that are interdependent as if they are weaved together. There are a series of energetic perspectives and the physical body. If one system either energy or physical is disrupted then this will result in eventual disruption of the whole system.
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The Free-Will of Making a Choice Requires Emotional Sense

One cannot make a choice if they do not feel emotion.That was one of the findings of a series of experiments. If the brain is traumatized or chemically depressed of the neurochemicals responsible for emotion, then the process of making a choice is impossible. Actions can be taken but no new behaviors can be learned.

The mind shuts off the capacity for emotional sensitivity that alters each moment by specific details that are unique in time and space. One interpretation could be that the unique details of the moment create a kind of higher sense of proprioception that organizes each ‘new’ moment as both a memory and an experience simultaneously. Continue reading “The Free-Will of Making a Choice Requires Emotional Sense”

How to Help Others

How will we spend our time together? It’s not about you, even though it always is.

When someone throws hate, it’s not you that caused it, it’s something in their own life, you just became the trigger, the catalyst, the channel for releasing it.

Know this and know how to better handle situations. Yes, we are to handle these situations, not let them run away with unchecked emotion or destructive tendencies. Each catalyst can be used for growth and strength, knowledge and self-awareness.

The free-will you express and experience is within. It’s not about the outward occurrences, it’s about what you allow yourself to feel within and what these feelings then lead to in the physical reality. If the feelings are always from a whole standpoint, then partial or disruptive vibes will not be able to disrupt you, and you will be able to counter these by providing a whole and nourishing perspective.
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Suffering, The Choice, Free-Will, Strength and Self-Awareness, The Illusory Battle

Please excuse the rough sound, I will have a wind filter next time.


You are STRONGER than the illusion!

The illusion is NEVER stronger than you! YOU are STRONGER than the illusion! When you base your experience in truth, compassion, harmony, self-awareness, and free-will through creativity!

Everything true is about a harmony of centeredness, of ‘trueness’ literally in mechanical terms!

You Are The One Who Chooses

Align with those who are truthful, you will tell the truth to yourself. If you align with those who are lying, you will lie to yourself.

Imagine that, how is it possible to lie to yourself? Do you have more than one mind or has one mind been split into two?

Reconnect with yourself and paradoxically find yourself for the first time, once again and become who you’ve always been. That is the eternal game, nothing can ever truly change or die but we can become more or less aware of the whole by reflecting in ourselves either wholeness or partiality.

Each action, every choice is formed out of intentions and awareness. Those choices born out of intentions to project partiality, to feed the false self of imbalanced emotions or projected lack are within the realm of the of sensory based pleasure instead of self-awareness through knowledge of the energetic realm. That sensory realm is only possible through partiality where some portion of your eternal memory and self is separated and out of that separation a false self or ego is generated.

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Enjoyment of Life, Youth, Appearance, Personal Work and Social Expectations

Backlogged May. The appearance of youth and the social stigma of enjoying one’s life according to their enjoyment of youth.

The illusion of enjoyment from pseudo-personal schema instead of finding your unique talent and gift to bring to society and assist in the co-creative process. People equate youth with appearance and social activities such as going to a party or club or concert and fitting in and enjoying themselves in a whirlwind of high activity and unpredictability.

If we base our enjoyment off of what we bring to others then we are more secure in our identity and enjoyment.

If we base our happiness in our youth then we will eventually run out of time in chasing that illusion.
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Wholeness of Being, Returning to Center

There is a way to calm the mind and clear the continuous cyclone of energy that surrounds and often distracts and even torments people.

When this calm is generated there is an inner radiance which is then allowed to be present. This radiance, when emitted around, harmonizes what is within with what is occurring around you. That connection between the inner and outer is what carries one intent and creativity into the moment.
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The Growth of the Tree

Grow strong roots, balance your height with your firm grounding, plan your ascent in a spiral pattern with a circular, 360 degree radiant expression of divinity.

Those who place their growth all in one direction, concept or person will be imbalanced and fallen over when the winds or rains come. The elements are coming.

Balance your height with your firmly planted roots so that you may grow tall enough to bear fruit that is at a distance from the ground and presented for life.

You live by your fruit of truth, wholeness, harmony, compassion, creativity, free-will, self-awareness and knowledge.

Remember To Care, Care is the Focus of Meaning

Remember To Care, Care is the Focus of Meaning

Remember To Care, Care is the Focus of Meaning

I have these dreams which are like visions. In a recent one I oversaw the lives of people who lived in ways that were constantly out of sync with their heart. They were motivated through the mind. They were always feeding some larger system.

They were fighting the flames of some eventual decay just to keep up a business in the dark of night, to file papers and take the right reports and file the right documents just because someone else told them to. Still, if there were issues, their hearts hurt. They were worried, their minds ached.
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Self-Awareness and Harmony, Infighting and Distraction, Mind-Control Agendas

Focus: This is not the full presentation of this information.

  • False religion, doing nothing. Judgment, guilt.

  • True return and bloodline relativity.

  • Supercomputer systems.

  • Bloodline energetic protection or tethering

    Ancient Spirituality

  • False Creator, Energy Harvesting, Wars and Deception

  • Christian Remedy

  • Health and Cleanliness

  • 3 Phase Harmonization of Energy Consciousness and Soul and Extra-Dimensional Spiritual Awareness Beyond the False Light Trap, Metatronic Soul Grid

  • Activates Upon Exiting the Realm, Must Be Traversed like a Trap, Maze, Labyrinth

  • Unconscious Agreements, Manufactured Consent

  • Mind Control and Spiritual Harvesting, Depravity

  • One True Creator, genetic modification, harvesting, created beings, non-human entities, pit of darkness