The Inverted Ego

The principle of inversion. This might be a bit of a cliff-hanger.

The ego is essentially an automatic scanning cross-referencing memory based intelligence matrix. With enough ego, a being will see itself as a portion of the world yet separate from it and will identify and prioritize the necessary steps to ensure survival.

In the current format, either we have overgrown the challenges or a distortion has developed within the consciousness system. Ego, in imbalance, BRINGS one to destruction and attracts the demise of the one unknowingly enveloped in the self-centered paradigm based on survival instincts.

This is like the system is using an outdated model which is based on another format for civilization. This may be related to the information regarding this civilization as a kind of experimental civilization in which multiple ‘format’s or times were brought together to create a multidimensional collective.
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Liberation Vibration Leads to Vibratory Liberation

Toxic City

Toxic city 2

Emit the vibrations that you will receive.



Most audio spikes have been removed but there are still some wind pops so be aware if using headphones or loud speakers.

Let me know if I should upload the audio from the previous recordings now and upload a slideshow later. Slideshows take hours to put together and so I can do both.

Artificial Light the Synthesis of Consciousness

Artificial light, artificial consciousness. Light stimulates neurons, consciousness is ‘produced’.

Artificial light stimulates neurons, artificial consciousness is produced?

The question requires another answer which is necessary to explain how consciousness manifests. Is this produced by the brain or merely transmitted and received?
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Self-Awareness, The Wheel of Societies, Simultaneous Awareness

Whatever the masses do, in this age, is usually not the path of intelligence. Expecting that the true intentions behind major changes and trends are something other than is presented is more intelligent than assuming there is only one layer of events and changes.

Nothing is as it ‘seams’ on the surface. There are always various plans at play. Time and consciousness are linked through perception and so if you alter one then the others are changed. This can happen internally through self-control and this can happen externally through scalar or radiant energy systems that produce an electrogravitic distortion field which affects living beings.

Most would like to see this civilization become self-sufficient and independent from mind control to benefit the universe. It’s not that easy however. It’s an awakening, just like for one person, but for everyone that has to happen and will happen. The issue is whether the amount of power, knowledge and memory released through this will be sufficiently transferred into something beneficial and harmonious for this civilization. Change is inevitable but if the momentum is not handled in a balanced manner then the result is not a fulfilment of self-knowledge but a catalyzation of one’s own destruction. This is how each civilization has risen and fallen previously however many have succeeded in becoming a self-sufficient society. This indicates not that they make their own food, but that they tap into the universal energy fields and can sustain themselves without having to disrupt the material universe. They are harmonized, in effect, with ‘larger’ or more powerful energies that are present across the entire universe instead of just one location or food source.
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The Dream Machine

The moment when you wake up and before you sleep is your most creative time. You have access to a level of awareness that is not shielded or restricted by the mundane impressions of the day or limited minds.

This is another important aspect of disclosure of the unacknowledged special access programs. What went on in these underground bases and secretive naturally magnetic sites was related to dreaming.

The experiments were designed to test the capacity of the dreaming mind and the nature of the dream, to explore the universe and interact with the inner reality and the aspects of the personality that one may find within.

What was discovered is that the universe is not only like a huge stage where all the scripts, themes, morals, and emotional dramas are waiting to be presented, but that there is a background crew that is monitoring the situation and seemingly steps in to organize the flow when things move into a specific frequency or arrangement.

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The Internal Apocalypse: The Reversion of the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind

This is part of a longer chat that ended up being heavily distorted from the sounds of traffic (again) and I will do what can be done to restore that audio.

This is about the revelation that this reality is a project yielded through holographic consciousness from the brain’s perceptual system.This is like the individual being represented as a car and a driver.
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Navigating Reality as a Series of Data-Sets

Imagine this, there are variables which are organized to outline a specific group of individuals by bringing them under classification as one thing or another in relation to their overall frequency field.

Then imagine that this group could change the relative frame of reference that this reality is founded in to change their position in that scale and shimmy their position around a range of frequencies by relativity to the other base frequencies used for measurement.
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The Polarity Based Trap System

Energy is currency in the universe. Feeling costs energy and power as variables are factored in to the experience. To conserve energy in this system, reserve your feeling.

Don’t give energy to feeling that belongs to any version of you that you do not want to support and propagate (multiply). Only give energy to that which nurtures the soul.

The system controllers seek to generate the most believable counterfeit system for humans to reside in. This equals civilization for the unaware, and a time-matrix for the controllers. In the time matrix one’s form is separated into a spectrum of different qualities and splices. These forms are the ultimate ‘cloning system’. This entire universe is based on ‘cloning’ the replicated consciousness of the original soul-awareness and separating them into a fractal-based composition system whereby complete realities are projected outward.
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Transcendence through the Stillness of No-Mind, and the Illusion of the Conscious Self


Two Methods of Activation are Actually One

Complete Stillness, No-Mind, Transcendence, Emptiness

There is the notion of interactive consciousness that is centered around the body and perceptions generated through biological consciousness.

Bliss, Activation through “Heightened”

The idea here is that bliss is not achieved similar to the perception of happiness, sadness, or other emotions. Those are all binary, living only in reference to their opposite and thus they are limited and ultimately illusory because they are founded in stimulation Continue reading “Transcendence through the Stillness of No-Mind, and the Illusion of the Conscious Self”

Expansion Cycle, Self and Non-Self, Holographic Universe (Fractal Infection) Exit Plan, Extra-Dimensional, Map of Reality

  • Holographic Fractal Infection
  • True-Self and the False-Self and Non-Self

The majority of this information is TECHNICAL. The primary requirements are to DISCERN between the FALSE-SELF, the ego, the imposter, the AI, etc and the desires from that, and to ACTIVATE the higher-presence of self by initiating the expression of that TRUE SELF beyond the boundaries. The rest of the technical informationSo literally the final requirement after alignment and acceleration is the activation of the highest potential of NON-DUAL self-awareness or INTENTION/will-power to literally apply the most charge towards literally doing absolutely nothing but simply being. is to help understand the reason, the process, and the overall structure of this entanglement system and the reality of the soul. Only three steps are required for the “SHIFT” into the real.


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Hijacking Reality Streams, Causality and Perception; Interdimensional Parasites

Causality is the Source; Causal Reference

How “they” interact through mental or virtual dimensional space through consciousness. This is all about CAUSALITY. CAUSALITY. They need CAUSAL REFERENCE in order to integrate into someone’s reality.

A Possibility Matrix or Spectrum of Possibilities

Here is one way to outline this: In any given moment you have a series of possible interactions, responses, or emissions to generate through thought or action. If this were a list of possible courses to take based on what you could come up with if you sat and pondered about “what to do” (if you weren’t preoccupied, and this also relates to *how* one goes about a certain task but let’s simplify this for a moment) for a few minutes. Continue reading “Hijacking Reality Streams, Causality and Perception; Interdimensional Parasites”

Frequency of Consciousness and Time; Perception is (not) Reality

The Frequency of Consciousness


One Moment From Many, Many As One

This is what is known as a stroboscopic image. That is, this image is compiled from many images taken in a successive fashion and conjoined into one complete image.

This is a metaphor for consciousness in time. The actual occurrence of time is as such a elongated yet transient embodiment.

The Short and the Long Body Seen Together

Each image of the woman walking could be seen as “one moment” of experience in time. The brain collects these freeze-frame images from reality and streamlines them together so seamlessly that we perceive one continuous stream from one moment to the next.

The Similarity to Electronic Recording Apparatus

This is similar to how a camera and a TV or monitor works. The important part is as follows: the images are not actually streamlined together as one complete occurrence. They are as separate as can be! One can even take software and slow each frame down to view each individual occurrence and make alterations or observations. They are surely separate as this is the very nature of how the recording apparatus operates to transfer the light reflected from the images themselves onto a recording medium and then into a display.

Now we return back to the idea of how this relates to the reality of consciousness in the brain, and the actual physical reality around us that our body is immersed within. People often hold to the idea that because this reality is apparently, logically, streamlined as one continuous occurrence, that the brain itself must be responsible for chopping reality up into little moments within each second and then translating those into continuous streams of consciousness.

The truth may be different. In reality, we may actually be within a kind of physical and temporal ‘motion grid’ where actions and changes are restricted to a rigid interaction that is merely simulating the occurrence of true motion.

The Perception of Continuous Motion


The image to the right is depicting what’s known as the “Phi Effect” and this is what creates the perception of fluid motion from a series of images. Even when the rate of change for the images are visible, motion is still generated through perception.

This motion is not actual, but is the generation of two single modes of operation of an on and off switching back and forth through three positions.  From this repetitive pattern we perceive a continuous stream of motion around the square. Try to watch a dot, and realize that it’s not moving, but merely traveling three spaces down and starting over again. This is difficult because our perceptions are capable of entraining us into a certain experience and this can be stronger than our own will-power. If you are persistent and focused, you may ‘zone’ out and defocus your perception from the individual motion and at-once realize the entire string of lights is not revolving but merely flashing as if through a glitch of some kind. Sometimes the dots may even appear to stop in perception. That is how you know you are a altering your perception through focus.

Perceptions Are Not Reality

Perceptions are not reality, but how we interpret various stimuli and develop a subjective experience is the reality we perceive as real. This is a tricky illusion. What we are lead to perceive is reality is just the interpretation of the paint on the canvas and is not even an accurate assessment of paint or a canvas.

The Collective Virtual Reality; The Human Experience of Biological Consciousness

We have similar perceptual systems so we believe we are all seeing the same reality. Often, we are all interpreting reality similarly and so we are all wearing the same “perceptual goggles” and plugging into the same “perception generated” subjective reality that only people with brains and perceptual systems geared towards this have access to. This is sometimes referred to as the collective human ‘virtual reality experience’.

This helps us communicate about, interact with, and understand aspects of the world however, this also locks us into a given reality which is considerably narrow considering any amount of perceptual subjectivity. That is because the stream of information we have access to is potentially far beyond what the mind can comprehend in a given situation, yet we can only express or interact with what we can make sense of. When stimuli or ‘internal information’ moves beyond the limits of perception we lose the ability to comprehend and integrate the experience into a meaningfully coherent reality.

The Gift and the Curse; A Reality Inherently Larger Than Our Perception

An interesting notion here is that because our perceptual systems are utterly doomed to fully realizing the true nature of reality, we are inevitably faced with a reality that we are completely incapable of fully realizing. This is a gift, a curse, and an aspect of the human condition that we seem to have been thrust into as part of what is known as the cosmic abandonment situation where some creative force powerful enough to initiate all of this apparently found it reasonable enough to leave out the manual or even a note.

Regardless of the setbacks, we are capable of attaining the awareness of our reality by observing similar systems and manipulating them to understand how they function. This post on the similarity of the perceptual system and the camera is an example of that. Ask yourself, how easily would you understand the possibility of frame-rates stream-lined to appear as fluid motion or the pixelization of space without a computer system to display imagery depicting such? One would have to dive deep within the mind and see for themselves.

This has all been studied in psychology as part of the perceptual systems of consciousness. These are part of the study of “Gestalt Perceptions” which are actually illusions generated by the system of consciousness.

Now here is an interesting theory: what is what we consider a linear and continuous occurrence in time as an illusion generated by consciousness. Instead of the “motion” of time actually taking place, it is our consciousness that is “blinking” down the line of existence, three spaces at a time, from past, to present, to future. Meanwhile, all the states actually exist simultaneously, and there is simply a ‘rotation’ in some abstract space of a modality through which our consciousness is viewing this experience. In this sense, the brain is the apparatus that is actually ‘riding’ the wave of time, while moving through time. Time, in this view, is not actually moving anywhere and nothing is actually occurring. We are simply like the lightbulb bouncing around the square, three spaces in a repetition per ’round’ and this creates the illusion of ‘jumping’ around the entire track.

Figure 7_chronophotowaveedit.jpg

The question is, if we are not moving, then how is it that we only have access to one portion of the track at a time, yet when something occurs we are incapable of predicting or being able to perfectly track these motions? The answer to this more readily available by again using the Phi Phenomenon example. If the motion of our consciousness contained the same variability as that square, then eventually that would be very quickly predictable and the repeating pattern of motion would not be difficult to detect.

However, what if the pattern was something much more complex than the square. Still, using the same phi-effect occurrence of simply bouncing lights around three


spaces per round and then reseting and starting over, what if the patter was something much more complex such as:

Eventually, the patterns that could be generated could grow so complex, that continuous fluid motion could be achieved. From that fluid motion, extra layers of perception could be achieved that would exist on an abstraction layer that exists apart from the underlying layers that enable that perceived motion. Such an example is as follows:


If there were finite enough or a high enough number of ‘pixels’ around the circumference that each dot is circling, then two layers of motion could be achieved using the phi-effect and this is exactly what you are perceiving happening on this monitor.

We can say a few things here. 1) That the motion of each dot is illusory, but for all intents and purposes, we already know that because we know how monitors work through pixelation, so let’s imagine that the dots are real and moving in a circle in space.

Then, we can say 2) is that the perceived motion of a wave traveling diagonally across the square IS most certainly illusory. If you had a series of circles on a grid like this and spun them gently in this synchronized pattern, then one would perceive the generation of a unified and continuous motion moving across the square.  This is entirely synonymous with the perception of a wave moving across the ocean. Physically, the wave doesn’t exist. This is simply an interrelation of energy between water molecules. Energetically, there is a passing of momentum. Physically, the molecules are not actually moving laterally they are literally merely moving up and down the same way a person will when wading out in the ocean swells. We perceive the motion of the wave as a common motion between individual units and we generate the perception of an abstract whole.

This is actually a demonstration of both the phi-phenomenon as well as the Gestalt principle of the Law of Continuity.

Law of Continuity—The law of continuity states that elements of objects tend to be grouped together, and therefore integrated into perceptual wholes if they are aligned within an object. In cases where there is an intersection between objects, individuals tend to perceive the two objects as two single uninterrupted entities. Stimuli remain distinct even with overlap. We are less likely to group elements with sharp abrupt directional changes as being one object.[Emergence Gestalt Approach to Change]

So the “wave” that seems to  be moving across that square is actually a perceptual whole which only exists in the mind of the observer. That is, there is no actual object or unified occurrence that this refers to other than a perceived interrelation due to the synchronization of each movement. They appear to move together, and so they are automatically grouped into one continuous movement by a ‘larger whole set’ of the smaller combined units.

So the theory that atoms are pixels of the universe and motion is an illusion generated by the activating and deactivating of energy and frequencies synchronized and interrelating across a common plane is then complexified with the notion that atoms themselves may be perceptual wholes that are merely generated by the combined perceived continuous motion of energetic transfers of sub-atomic particles which are simply actually energy packets.

Then, this entire reality is a perceptually streamlined occurrence of one moment to the next that reduces down into one abstract perceptual system generated or backed by another abstract perceptual system. Everything, then, deducts down into pure perceptual occurrence as a “whole” and “solid” reality that only exists in the moment of the observer.

If we could simply alter the frame-rate of perception of the viewing apparatus that we use to detect such a reality we could then find the wavelengths that we are not perceiving which must exist and must contain all the information of the universe that we are not actually perceiving entirely through biological consciousness.

Biological Consciousness and Self-Awareness

Biological consciousness then, is a stepping stone to self-awareness which moves beyond the personal confines of one’s individual (or collective) perceptual limitation system which can only show what exists within those predetermined wavelengths.

This higher-awareness system works not through an indirect, perceptual, or linear-occurrence, but through a simultaneity of occurrences. This is found by leaving the boundaries of the biological perceptual systems behind. In order to do this one must be able to internally, mentally produce the function of a video camera and monitor and view reality as an abstraction of an abstraction through which the only actual values or reality is what we perceive as a result of observation.

Within the mind, then, we can produce a abstract simulation of what we perceive ourselves to be within perceptually. We can “perceptually view” outside of our own perceptions, by generating a neurological simulation that computes what we intellectually conclude must be occurring outside our own perceptual limits.

Now, like many paths in life, this will not be the only possible pathway and this will not be the one that leads directly to the answer, clean cut and with absolute definition. That is impossible because one would be continuously relying on one perceptual system after another in order to determine the ultimate truth or reality.

However, one can navigate through these realities in such a way so as to produce a reasonable amount of data to generate the knowledge that without a shadow of a doubt, we are not within a solid, and entirely objectifiable reality system (universe) and that our mind generates a large portion of our experience and that we have the possibility of interacting with the true reality simply by slowly, and perceptually blindly inching our way outside of the realm of biologically limited perceptions and into pure-awareness.

There are two-paths to this and if you’ve read this far then you already know them.

One is to use a computer system which is capable of monitoring the neural-processing of the brain and thus separate out, for the mind (the immaterial aspect of consciousness, the “awareness”) what is directly resulting from a perceptual illusion and what is mostly reasonably connected to “reality”.

What we find is that “reality” and “perceptual illusion” are synonymous. That is the real interesting and a bit disconcerting aspect. What is “reality”, if we create “reality” within our minds?

Second, is that there is a natural function of the brain, the body, and the awareness to achieve this kind of superimposed property of observation that enables one to remain in the body while observing from outside the perceptual limitations.

This is an act of ultimate observation where one directly views themselves from outside themselves.

Now, how is this possible? Well, just imagine, you are a complete sensory system. You hear all around you, you feel in all directions in a variety of sensations, you have proprioception which details your angle and position, and you can see with your eyes. Now, your other sense is the ability to know and create imagery within.

So what’s stopping you from creating a down to Earth, fairly accurate to the last detail (as far as is necessary) external view of who you are right now? This would not be seeing out of the sensory system, but using a combined effort to compile all that raw data into a simulated occurrence within the mind where you are viewing from outside yourself, say above your head, or a few feet out from the forehead directly in front of you. However and where ever, would this not be possible and even likely to be already contained within the raw data considering the amount of information that is being processed each second? All that data already contains the whereabouts, the parameters, the coordinates of your physical position in space, as perceived from outside yourself.

So, the idea is this. Once you create that image, that is not a simulation. That is the real-deal. You are creating an absolute and direct link between yourself in higher-space, “awareness space” and the physical body here in this universe.

This is because your perceptual systems are not mocking or imitating reality. They actually are reality as far as YOU are concerned. So as long as you are not planning on driving a car through a collective realm while doing this, you are actually capable of perceiving yourself through these means and this is merely an exercise that will produce a more and more accurate simulated version of the present moment the more this is enabled.

The next idea is that you are actually the awareness of observation ‘outside’ the self, more than you are actually just the awareness of you within. You are not one or the other, but both! They are both happening simultaneously, and continuously.

This is the initial duality between consciousness and awareness, or experiencer andvirtimage

observer that generates the entire facade of time and perception. We are actually both, occurring simultaneously and continuously throughout the whole. We simply see one moment at a time through one end of the “cone” of perception which seems like a finite point where each moment is so infinitesimally small we can’t seem to hold on to any given one of them.

In actuality, we are the wider end of the ‘cone’ that actually has the occurrence of all moments at once, and there is a simple magnification effect that is occurring as the information of a specific section is being drawn up at once and viewed through the center of the other end of the cone.

We see through that point, however the reality is the wider angle of perspective and our perception is the magnified version that is witnessed ‘passed’ the actual view. This is also analogous to the describing of the universe as a ‘fractal holographic’ system where we are actually viewing or existing within a ‘flat disk’ and we are ‘viewing through’ into a ‘perceptual space’, just like that flower above, and that is the space we experience or perceive as the physical universe.

So this is an analogy both for space, as a perceptual abstraction of a finite and disk-like surface of information, as well as a magnification or what could be described in analogy more properly as a ‘compression’ or ‘condensation’ of raw data into a perceptually limited stream (that small window of the now moment, or the little sliver of light that reaches the retina in the above image), which then moves across the entire image. The entire image is already present, nothing is being generated through the act of view. however, by having the wide end of the perceptual cone, and the infinitesimally small end simultaneously existing, we take the reality of the simultaneity of experiences and generate the illusory perception of a linear and infinitesimally perpetual trajectory of time from the past, present, and future.

All is merely a flashing or a ‘rotating’ of that eye between three specific areas on that image at a time and then repeating in a new layer. So in combining with the analogy connecting the fractal holographic universe, we appear to experience a 3.5 dimensional physical reality that is linearly propagated along a 1-dimensional trajectory of time. When in reality, this is all just a trick of the light and the viewing apparatus.400px-necker_cube-svg

Here are a couple illustrations to further clarify and exemplify what I am proposing. The first illustration is a ‘necker cube’. The second is a silhouette image of a ballerina performing a pirouette. Both the cube and the ballerina can be perceived as two separate ‘wholes’. The cube is either inside or out with the side facing you angled to the lower-left or the upper-right.


And the ballerina is either spinning in one “whole” motion (in time) around in a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, again depending on the perception of the viewer. This is because of visual ambiguity where the defining visual cues to indicate one way or another, right or left, are too vague to catalyze an interpretation of direction.

DNA and Time

The 4 D Artificial Light Matrix

The 4 D Artificial Light Matrix

The “4 dimensional artificial light” is literally the electromagnetic fields of information that is processed by supercomputer systems that manage the projected holographic over-mind of the false-matrix reality system.
People are “in” the “4d artificial light” of the “fallen sun/star” because this is just an imitation of the higher-dimensional source of mind that original awareness comes forth from, also known as the origin of Sophia or the wisdom of humanity and the true Earth.

Intention Is Constantly Shaping Reality

Intention Is Continuous

In every moment, every situation, whether one is causally taking a walk, or in a heated exchange of emotions, information, or opinions, the intentions one holds within will determine the overall outcome of the experience.

Observe Intention

What this indicates is that if we are looking to hone our power of focus and intention then we can start with the ‘now’ moment. This is to say, that if we can instantly choose to focus on our intention and bring to the surface of consciousness the most powerful intention for ourselves then this will reverse the power leeching affect of distractions and emotional vampirism.

This is also to say that this can be used as a kind of diagnosis method to determine what kind of attachments or vampiric intrusions are present in one’s consciousness because in a given 5 second, 30 second, 1-2 minute, or 25 minute period we will be able to observe silently and bring to the surface any unwarranted or intrusive patterns.

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Find THE PATH that’s TRUE.



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Bravery, Immaterial Awareness and Spiritual Catalysts

Without Self-Awareness We Must Wait For The Opportune Situation To Create Our Selves

Being brave when the situation calls for bravery and when you feel most automatically drawn to that is easier.

Being brave when the situation calls for apathy and when you feel inclined to learn by readily appeased by apathy is more difficult and will yield greater results.

If we can organize our lives into a system where we are observing and acknowledging this flow of change throughout ourselves and each other through our actions and intentions then we can also plan and generate the highest potential for learning by pushing our selves to attain a higher spiritual acuity in all situations instead of just when we are compelled to do so by circumstantial catalysts.

You see? We must become our own catalysts and through this we create the universe within ourselves.

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