Continued Disclosure 2, Time the Invisible Landscape, The Script

We’re in a time vortex, either that or we’re in a simulated environment right outside of the event horizon.

A time vortex is a space vortex too.

There were operations that concluded the outer perimeter of space-time is a kind of computational mirage that wavers and morphs like an illusory landscape. That’s the time-space horizon that shifts like a flag blowing in the quantum wind of divergence from where the certainly happening now perspective of material existence merges with the prospective potential information of what may come next in an ever non-present ‘potential’ of time-space. If there is ever a period where the potential is reduced to ‘0’, the whole system shuts off and is incapable of proceeding.

This means if there is never a possibility that is NOT selected, leading to the full certainty that whatever was selected IS the only selection, then the possibility machine shuts off.

If there is ever a period where NO one possibility is selected or all possibilities are selected and thus the machine has no corrective algorithm for reconstructing the next scene, the system shuts off.

Can you change the script of what could be and what has been?

The Dreamer and the Remembering

When the you that dreams is not washed away by the you that remembers the dream, then you are in the presence of the true self.

The Knower and the Knowing

The Hero’s Paradox, The Simultaneous Meaning of Everything, Something and Nothing

The Hero’s Paradox

We seek someone, something, some place, some time, some accomplishment on our journey through life. Are the answers within us the whole time? Are we seeking ourselves? Are we getting ourselves lost in this dream world only to show ourselves the way to find ourselves and attain that satisfaction out of an inherent nothingness or somethingness?

Is this the paradoxical journey of having a new experience by going nowhere but dreaming of the universe?

The Cage, the Key, the Lock and the Doorway

All one can do is tell the truth some won’t be able to break the programming, but that’s not the same as not having the desire to.

So you give the opportunity and if they can overcome the animal behavior, putting their head above their ass and genitals then they are proven as having attained a sentient being status. If they cannot, they stay in the cage and that is for the benefit of all sentient beings in the universe.

It’s all consent based and you can see it yourself, they will want to claim superior knowledge because they lick their own ass and know all 4 corners of a small cage.
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The Long Body

The potentiality of experience extends outward from the physical anchor of what is and is projected through a gradient of the most certain to come aspects that then become less and less dense and more ‘faded’ until very unlikely aspects are represented through just a faint cloud of probability.

These groups have developed the ability to technologically anchor themselves in the space of potentiality and in this way observe, automatically and technologically, all the potential outcomes of a specific event, timeline, or situation simply as if they are viewing out in a proximity around their immediate environment (in ‘hyperspace’).

Thus, when a person realizes they have more than one parallel reality in which they exist and are extending outward through multiple simultaneous streams of possibilities all coinciding through their higher self or pure awareness aspect (the soul) then they can organize the behavior, the focus, and the intent in the physical aspect to synchronize across all the potential, possible versions of themselves and thus ‘implode’ or collapse all the possibilities that each share a portion of the energy and power of intent and create ONE single reality stream that has the power of ALL the possible realities combined.

The Eternal “I” and the Temporary Illusion of Destruction

The whole idea is that this is a projection of temporary illusion within an overarching eternity. Thus, there can be no actual lasting death or destruction in eternity. Whatever is experienced here that is destructive is only temporary. There can be no end.

By pretending the identity of the ego is true and permanently meaningful, people set themselves up for failure and become the centerpiece of their of their own demise attempting to hold on to what is inherently illusory and temporary and therefore already dead. What is temporary is dead and unreal, what is real is eternal, has always existed and therefore cannot not exist.

The idea is that if you live in ways that reflect the temporary destructive elements, then you are living in the illusion. If you are free from the constructs of the ego, the desire to be important based on concepts and a foundation that melts away into time and reality, cannot be forever, then the person’s “I” or consciousness is also temporary and that ‘flavor’ of experience must end.
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Intentions and Parallel Time (Lives) In the MultiVerse Matrix

The intentions are entangled with actions on the higher plane. Just by having intentions and letting them entangle or reside ‘within’ you are entangling or enabling with the actual actions that are simultaneously taking place in an alternate reality.

The system is based on a projected trajectory of time activated through simply having the intentions or the energies or frequencies required to represent those actions, in your mind. By having those present in your mind you are actually bringing them into occurrence in the ‘future’ plane or a higher, energetic plane.

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Wernicke’s Commands, and the Spiritual Development of the Humanity

The Wernicke’s Correction

This society is designed to give those with the desire to awaken the opportunity to truly awaken.

Wernicke’s Commands, and the Spiritual Development of Humanity

Hello. I often have deeper thoughts that I almost can’t get on camera unless I have a camera running with myself or with people as I converse with them. I’ll be at all times… I don’t know how to describe it. It’s really weird how the brain works.

When I talk about something as far as what’s happening with the population in society and how all that works… (homemade beard wax, bees wax, shea butter, essential oils) Everything we buy, we can make, and it can have ancient healing properties.
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The Resolution of the Autonomous Mind

Now we go a little bit further.

When one can go inside and remain present inside the ‘moment’ then there is no limit to how long they can stay without focusing on any one thing in particular but an open-mindedness of no-single thing but everything.

Time then, doesn’t have a direct route in and out of the moment and what one feels can be interpreted in any variety of presences of the self. You can feel the most powerful, to the root, joy from simply staring at the back of your eyelids.
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The Inner-Space Disclosure (Secret Space Program)

The most honest, benevolent, efficient and production thing to do with people who don’t want to know the truth? Don’t interact. They will pretend they want to know, ask questions like they want the answers, try to get involved and proclaim either knowing what they know, or not knowing what they didn’t know, yet none of this makes or breaks simply desiring and making the choice to find the truth.
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The Next Experience is Created in the Now (Extra-Dimensionality)

The titles carries the concept similar to the previous accordion metaphor used in a recent post. Each ‘now’ is the same now. Each new segment of time is actually occurring in the same but with a different overlay that is actually a matter of an angle of perspective rather than an actual motion through a space. In another way of description the change of time is akin to a revolution or rotating of an extra-dimensional object rather than a moving through a passageway or a strip of some material. This rotation is an altering of frequencies, a cycling of angular momentum as if a holographic disc is playing out a scene through the disruption of a laser beam rather than particles interacting in a causal order. All the pieces of the whole scene exist before and after the scene begins and ends and no real change is actually achieved. There is a starting point and an end point and dependent on the frame rate of the viewing apparatus and the resolution detail more or less experiences can be squeezed into a single moment. This produces a scale of experience through the organism which contains all the various levels of awareness and experience that a human perceives as the experience of time and space.

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Electrogravitic Quantum Field Coherence

If you think about memories, possibilities, or focus your thoughts on an aspect of reality and these normally cause a heightened emotional response, then these exist as an entanglement in higher space link these moments together in a conceptual or direct information form within you and in what is considered space. Space is an orb around you that shifts to contain the environment.

There is no other location in the universe to you other than a few feet around your body which you can direct verify through the sensory process of your body or energy field unless the field is not operating the way that is de-activated.
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Challenging the Self to Awaken, The Technological Singularity and Overcoming the Limitations of Biologically Generated Consciousness

To focus on liberation one can first demonstrate the potential of being trapped.

To find the struggle in every day challenges can build one an ‘inner reputation’ of overcoming obstacles. This is just energetic, mental exercises in prolonging focus, restrain, conservation, acuity, clarity and self-awareness. By always replacing every autonomous response, routine, or step of a pattern (or the initiation of a pattern) with a pause, an observation, introspection and conscious application of free-will through choice, even if just the time, one can instill in them a momentum of self-control and continuity to their awareness.
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Hiding In Plain Site

Often times the most effective misdirection is hiding in plain sight as the desirable alternative choice or new discovery.

History is planned out through this repetitive yet creative process of psycho-social manipulation and ‘personality’ mapping.

An idea here is that along with the multiple layers of misdirection there is one backwards, warped, edited, unbroken trail of truth to connect the real motivation to the actual events or reality of the situation. One must observe with the ability to discern and recognize the patterns to find the truth in the deception, the signal amidst the noise.

If one knows how to reverse, unwarp, reedit, and tie together the trail ends then they have the path to the truth. All information is language, all language is symbolism or association. If one knows how to reverse, unwarp, reedit, and tie together the trail ends then they have the path to the truth. All information is language, all language is symbolism or association.

Fragmented Harmonics Bio-Emission Thought Energy are the Source of Energy Parasitism

This is a topic for another quick video. When you feel a charge this is being expressed in the universe in some way. The focus here is the electromagnetic field response which may be linked to neurochemistry through the interaction of nerve cells in the sensory system.

In the same way the neurons and nerves of a particular system constitute a kind of ‘brain’ or bio-processing center for that system which then ties in overall to create a surface level or visible perceptual consciousness system and a deeper, invisible, or unconscious awareness system which is not accessed directly from the waking level or material level but is found through an abstraction layer consisting of codes, behavioral cues, subconscious programming, or universal symbols that speak the language of being. Continue reading “Fragmented Harmonics Bio-Emission Thought Energy are the Source of Energy Parasitism”

The Parasite Infects (assimilates) through Disharmonic (poisonous to the Soul) Sound, Light, and Scalar Mind Emissions – Humans Are, at the Minimum, 5 Dimensional Creator Beings

The parasites kill simply by sharing their mind, their disharmonics, their vibrations with a human. That’s literally how the cosmic form, the eternal human, the immortal soul dies. If one listens, remains close to, interacts with, associates with, or is commanded by the parasites, that’s literally how they assimilate the mind. This is strange to understand but basically they project the appearance of a human form and are 100% an artificial, bio-technological parasitic entity who’s mind and scalar emissions, bio-emissions are literally viral in nature and there only purpose and effect is to infect and degrade the life frequencies of all living organisms.

This is like a vampire code within a virtual soul-system reality. Their own energies are their weakness however because they require the victim, oppressor format to interact and if that is disrupted then they cannot sustain themselves enough to maintain presence and will either dissolve or flee.
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