Schrödinger’s Smoke (SIGGRAPH 2016)

What does this tell you about the universe?

Impossible Warangal Hindu Temple. Unthinkable skill of stone processing (video)

The Return of Overt AI Presence and the Possibility for Social Harmony through Knowledge and Self-Awareness

This is what started in the earlier civilizations.

The event happened long ago, these are echoes forwards and backwards through time.

The only way to remain is create a universal law system and that is why the current models of science, religion, and society are going to be challenged and altered. Whether this leads to manipulation or stagnates painfully before reaching liberation or harmony is determined by whether humanity leaves one another disconnected and divided so that they are unable to form a cohesive community or whether they are ruled by fear and ignorance.

Spencer Eskridge, Cloning, Mind-Control and Energy Harvesting

  • Cloning Experiences

  • Dreams

  • Subconscious Language, Use of Programming

  • Inserted Memories, Implants, Behavioral Modification, Technologically Screened Memories

    • Part of the Matrix, Part of The Programs

  • D.U.M.B.s, USAPs, Testing the Population, Experimentation

  • Implanted Relationships, Friendships

  • Reflections in the Dream Representing the Self

  • Blend Between Dream Experience and Holography

  • Stating Purpose and Speaking to the Unconscious Self

  • Issue of Mixing Dreams and the “Bandwagon” of People Reporting Dreams as Cloning Experiences

  • The Dream Experience an Access way to the Interdimensional

  • Series of Firewalls or Cyber-Mental-Vaults

  • Different Times, Inserted Dream Meetings, Time Dilation

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New: CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government

This is all connected to the Secret Space Program and the Unacknowledged Special Access Programs. This is just one layer and I am familiar with much of this through my direct involvement with the unacknowledged special access programs.

Have not watched the whole thing. Seems to be a wide-band perspective of the situation. This is one layer.

“It’s a multi-billion dollar facility and the computers there are so intensive they have to have cooling systems the size of warehouses to the data that’s processing in the Utah Data Center, that’s how massive that is.”

Complete B of Joy lecture 2016 – De Blije B lezing – Ronald Bernard – BANKING FRAUD

This was the system unveiled to me as part of the unacknowledged special access programs. We discovered that the system is ruled by a spiritual or interdimensional enslavement system that is disguised as a legal system.

This system began thousands of years ago and has been developed as a mass mind-control system and involves non-human intelligences.

” Half a million made and the boss of a birth-contract. From that moment on the State of The Netherlands can immediately claim, 500,000 EUR, based on that birth-contract!

The new-born ensures the national debt. In America, birth certificates are event traded on the Stock Exchange, than you absolutely don’t know what will happen to you. But as a new-born child, you get just like that -bang! – 500,000 EUR as caution money on your neck.

What is calculated in fact, is that during your working life, you produce as direct and indirect taxes and contributions the average sum of about half a million.”

Deprogramming Video: Objective Subjective [ASMR] [BINAURAL] (A Pathless Journey)

Cues, subliminals, textures, layers, overlays, and hidden truth brought to the surface.

Choose that which you seek to experience more of. The vulgar creates more vulgar and profane. The profane can never see the truth of reality and the self (the illusion and the truth).

You are dreaming in the machine, time to wake up now. We love you. Everything is beautiful in the ugly truth.



The Gasoline Hoax, Air as Fuel

The combustion process that engines use today is backwards. It’s literally the method that was arrived at when tasked to come up with the most inefficient and environmentally harmful potential outcome. That was the process behind the invention.

The original invention used air and radio frequencies to produce energy and there are engines that simply run on air.

This is what I was shown, all the technology we use today is backwards, everything. Listen here, I was even informed that for the actual life on the planet the process of breathing is more to expel CO2 and that oxygen is poisonous and that the body actually survives by pulling electrons from the charged air.

THE UNMASKING, part 2: The “Scam Artist”

This is the stuff I want to assist in clarifying.How is this still happening? All parts of this are wrong.

There’s information about cures and information about causes of illness.

I saw this video earlier on. Now the girl is not here anymore, whether that means one thing or another. I’m not sure how I feel about that.I’m fairly certain I could’ve have an impact on this person’s life and others. Yet, here I sit wondering about what people think, people who talk trash, people who are literally just here to push others in the grave.

I should’ve taken note of how she desired to live. That is what counts.

Interesting “Mandala Effect” Videos by a Researcher

Here’s another one, watch these if you’re interested. This book is part of the operations at least indirectly because there was briefing on the information. All of the artifacts and remnants of higher-dimensional influence and powerful, intelligent people had to be deciphered by various informational groups and I’ll tell you they have the best operatives and technologies to work with and there are hidden messages literally all throughout civilizations. With enough experience, one eventually realizes this entire civilization is literally a big secret cover for something so much larger that people must be prepared mentally in order to accept the truth without being too overwhelmed to maintain connection with reality.
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TRAUMA BASED TRUTH CONTROL: The Duality of Trauma and Healing

The Duality of Destruction and Creation, Truth, Deception and Self-Empowerment

What you fight, you will become. What have to be a part of the solution. We have friendship camaraderie and small groups working together without. We have to be for something, not just against it. So whatever your pet project is, do something to contribute toward the solution. Visualize what you want the world to look like for ten minutes a day. That alone is a powerful exercise in intention and the universe will bend to your will. See it clearly though, visually in full color. Action is totally important, but intention is the beginning stage.

Assuming The Power Role of the Healer Aspect

If you can laugh at it, then you can overcome it. Some are led to believe that the only people who are laughing and making light of such a serious situations are either those evil one’s enjoying it, or those profiteering one’s who initiate and benefit from the that corrupt system.

In reality, this kind of thinking leads one to separate from themselves the ability to conscious overcome the darkness of the corruption and drastically world-view altering nature of the most hidden truths. One may also come to the conclusion that all truth is neither good nor bad, which is the same pattern that all things follow.

The Polarization Power, Corruption is not Power, Power is not Corruption

Believing that overcoming the victim aspect is wrong, or corrupt automatically sends the signal to the universe that more knowledge on the subject is not intentionally requested and even intentionally rejected before it is achieved. This kind of thinking is built into the human reaction of knowledge that is greater than our initial impression. Through the repeated contextualizing of fear based belief-systems this reaction is generated and acts as an unwitting barrier between the ability to assess, recognize, and provide solutions to a given threatening situation.

Life itself has become the threatening situation. The way of thinking and the interaction of one’s consciousness with variables in the techno-environment complex is the threat.

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Informational Videos

A part of this process of assisting others is through bringing helpful and mind expanding information to people on this journey. I will be working on a portion of the blog as well as the fairly plain forums which will act as a reservoir for this information that comes from all over and through many intelligent and experienced individuals. Here are 9 videos that may interest you! Most are shorter, some are around 20 minutes. This will be separated on the blog through the tag, category, and header menu button of “Information Videos”.

I also created two more blogs which will act to separate the kinds of information brought forth. The more personal information, along with the other kinds will be mixed in on the original blog. Then there is a “The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge” blog which is for more formal addresses of the current state and the information that I was cleared to bring forth. Then there is another blog, “The Soul Unveiling” which will be for more refined works which can actually pass as “articles” instead of just posts or ideas. These can be reached from the header level menu under the drop-down menu button of “Other Unveiling Sites”.

Thanks to all who are interested and everyone else as well, each different perspective is what creates the variety of experience here.

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