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There is a delicate balance between what would be done to infiltrate either side by a potentially corrupt dominant military force and what would be done by a stronger military power formed through a collective effort to maintain secrecy and above all continuity.

Fiction is used to carry the information of reality because it’s the only thing capable of presenting the truth which is far beyond what we perceive. What we know is shaped by how well we deprogram the belief control system rather than how much we listen to information that is produced. The information is like poison and so this is really a mind war, which is all there ever really is.

A delicate touch of balance with an iron-like grip of control.


Soft-Disclosure: Infinity Chamber (2017)

This movie depicts the interaction between artificial intelligence and the human mind.

There are many hints at actual research projects as well, if not the entire movie being entirely soft-disclosure based. The devices used to knock the subject out connect on the back at two points which is how the post-initial chairs would connect to the neural circuitry of the body. Many methods were developed and now this effect can be generated across the air.

“Some things are not meant to be computerized”

This line encapsulates the threat level of the computer to the replication of human emotion and consciousness. Imagine a computer attempting to mimic human consciousness. It would be poorly done, right? Now imagine a computer 1,000’s to 100,000’s of times stronger than any computer you know of. Even if it was poorly done and the ‘computer’ was discovered, whatever tactics were used would still likely work unless the individual was trained to guard against psychological manipulation.

The story in the movie is one I have lived, albeit only for a few life times.

Later in the movie, drones scan and pick people up from the sky. This is an automated system and depicts the loss of human control over the process of policing the population.
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Soft-Disclosure: Demolition Man, Hidden In Plain Sight

This is another example of how information that directly relates to the breakaway civilization and events on Earth and parallel Earths is shown in media through symbolism and parallels that unveil soft-disclosure to the awakened mind.

In plain sight! Notice the correlations between today’s current events.

Soft-Disclosure: Singularity (2017)

Robots are designed to help with daily tasks, mundane work, and heavy duty physical work.

Eventually this leads to weaponized robotoids which creates a “Mech-Warrioresque” war-torn reality where the nations use robotoid technology to engage in combat.

There are only thousands of casualties of war however this leads to further instability.

There is a plan to save Earth that is hatched by the robotoid hive mind that teaches itself after it’s inventor activates the system.

The only possible way to save the whole planet is to drive the majority of humans to the brink of death and convert them into a cybernetic race.

What’s all too particular is the name of this AI demi-god, “Kronos”, the lord of time, harvest, death and regeneration.
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Soft-Disclosure: Bond, It’s all about human trafficking, children, women, and slave labor.

We have placed 160,000 females into the leisure sector. With the global surveillance initiative we’ll be able to counteract the governments intelligence agencies.

That scene in the “Spectre” Bond movie depicts how it works.

A group of men sat around a 70 foot long high quality wood table, dressed in 2000 dollar suits driving 1,000,000 dollar cars smoking 300 dollar cigars drinking either a “special” life-extension drink mix that one couldn’t even find in public for a hundred thousand dollars or 60 year old liquor. They discuss how their drug, political, spiritual, and social corruption operations are coming along.

Everyone knows it’s a holographic avatar system. Everyone knows of the advanced technology. The operatives that are trained for the dark factions know how to imitate a ‘positive outlook’ to clear their mind and focus on getting the task done. They know how to operate on ‘spiritual planes to pull energy and knowledge. Continue reading “Soft-Disclosure: Bond, It’s all about human trafficking, children, women, and slave labor.”

Soft-Disclosure: Otherlife (2017), Synthetic Intelligence, Virtual Reality Systems, Ancient Civilization and the True Reality

I have seen the first few minutes of the movie “Other Life”. The information here focuses on the symbolism of the initial minutes and the connection to the general idea of AI and humanity and the projects and events that have taken place and are often reflected through media or the information of previous civilizations.

The rest of the movie is relative in a personal way in terms of how one can individually overcome the boundaries of self-control and higher intellect and emotional self-control so that the inherent challenges and threats of real to experience virtual reality technology. One could call the natural biological system an ‘organic virtual reality system’.

The idea here is through metaphor it is explained that humanity has suffered a severe mental or spiritual trauma which resulted in the vegetative state that they are in now. In this incapacitation it was decided that the formerly highly aware spiritual beings could be ‘revived’ through artificial intellectual stimulation by recreating memories and the data of life experiences through a simulated memory and sensory input/output system. This technology mixed with life is the physical universal layer that we see all around and the brain is fully ‘plugged in’ through the black goo or the electromagnetic connection of the physical brain and the cerebrospinal fluid of the spinal column and nervous system.

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Soft-Disclosure – John Dies At The End

I won’t say much about this movie. Watch the movie and you’ll see the hints about the holographic prison ruled by vampiric overlords that manipulate society. There is a contagious black substance that infects people and once they’re infected they have a limited time before they succumb but they know the truth of this reality.

“You see it?”

“No, or you know, it’s a empty cage.”

“Turn your head so you’re looking at me. Now you should see the box just out the corner of your eye.”

“Let’s go back inside your story was more interesting.”

“You’re gonna die Arnie, some day you will face that moment and at that moment you will face your complete non-existence or you will face something even stranger. On an actual day in the future, Arnie, you will be in the unimaginable, it is physically impossible to avoid it. Think about that. Now, without turning your head, look at the box.”
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Soft-Disclosure: Rick and Morty Season 3, Episode 3 Pickle Rick

Soft-Disclosure: Rick and Morty Seasons 3, Episode 3 Pickle Rick

This is a bit of a psychological unveiling.

We don’t really buy into that crap, to the extent that love is an expression of familiarity over time, my access to infinite timelines precludes the necessity of attachment. In fact, I even abandoned one of my infinite daughters in an alternate version of Earth that was taken over by mutants.

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Soft-Disclosure: Downsizing (2017)

What do you feel this is a metaphor for?

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Soft-Disclosure: Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 5 The Whirly Dirly

The immortality field is real. This is one step beyond cloning repeatedly to jump from life to life. The field is a Teslian generated field that ‘stamps’ the harmonic resonance of every cell of all bodies within the field at a specific arrangement that is selected before any activities. All activities from there on are reversed given enough ‘time’ where the energy of the field can permeate the entire body.

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Soft-Disclosure: COMA (2017)

What did we know about life after death? It seems like a strange dream.

Eventually, we learned the rules. Learned to find our way. Gather the essentials. We learned to survive. The world is comprised of broken memories, and we are as broken and lost as the world around us. Will we be able to gather enough strength to find our way home?

Will we ever wake up?

They killed us. We found out we are immortal. We live after death. But not like you think. It’s like a dream, an undying, never-ending dream. You have to make real what you want to be, otherwise there is only a dream of reality.

There is a video that may be released soon that speaks on some of this. Energy is what differentiates the realms and differentiates who is powerful enough and knowledgeable enough to traverse and continue holding together in the energy realms.

Deprogramming Video: Objective Subjective [ASMR] [BINAURAL] (A Pathless Journey)

Cues, subliminals, textures, layers, overlays, and hidden truth brought to the surface.

Choose that which you seek to experience more of. The vulgar creates more vulgar and profane. The profane can never see the truth of reality and the self (the illusion and the truth).

You are dreaming in the machine, time to wake up now. We love you. Everything is beautiful in the ugly truth.



Soft-Disclosure: THE DISCOVERY (2017)

Yes, this is REAL.

Re-read or initially read the early POSTS I have offered you.

IF you want to know the TRUTH, then look HERE.

The secret projects discovered IMMORTALITY. This is through CONTROLLED DEATH.

The person can die and then be pulled back and the neurological recording will contain an imprint of the other timeline.



People want to DISTRACT YOU away from THE TRUTH! That is because they are afraid and they are ADDICTED to FIGHTING like ANIMALS. The ANIMALS ARE YOKED AND SENT TO THE FIELD TO WORK. That is their HOME. If this were not true, then they are not ANIMALS!


True CHANGE is THE UNIVERSE. At the moment of death TIME STOPS and REVERSES. All the way! And then some.

The first society was TEMPORALLY-QUANTUM STABILIZED. If a person died, they’d pop back in the next day!
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Soft-Disclosure and The Concept of Physical and Mental Reality

This is more about the concept of physicality and mentality than it is a soft-disclosure post, however there is information in both forms here.

Movie: Two 22
The simultaneity of correspondence across multiple parallels of reality.
The conscious mind can access multiple parallels of possibilities and operate as a kind of simulation tester for which reality is successful through a hyper-real superimposition of possibilities.

Because he was viewing them, he was caught up within a causal relationship to the result.
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Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

Research this information. A lot of people don’t get it.

For thousands of years this has been the use of the human soul that does not know how to escape the virtual labyrinth of mind. Continue reading “Clone Drone in the Danger Zone”

Soft-Disclosure: American Dad Christmas Episode


American Dad Christmas Episode



The elf escaped from Santa’s secret operation in the North Pole involving child labor. He blamed politics, diseased culture, following orders, loss of rights and such.



Santa steals children from around the world, instead of delivering gifts.



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