Spencer Eskridge, Cloning, Mind-Control and Energy Harvesting

  • Cloning Experiences

  • Dreams

  • Subconscious Language, Use of Programming

  • Inserted Memories, Implants, Behavioral Modification, Technologically Screened Memories

    • Part of the Matrix, Part of The Programs

  • D.U.M.B.s, USAPs, Testing the Population, Experimentation

  • Implanted Relationships, Friendships

  • Reflections in the Dream Representing the Self

  • Blend Between Dream Experience and Holography

  • Stating Purpose and Speaking to the Unconscious Self

  • Issue of Mixing Dreams and the “Bandwagon” of People Reporting Dreams as Cloning Experiences

  • The Dream Experience an Access way to the Interdimensional

  • Series of Firewalls or Cyber-Mental-Vaults

  • Different Times, Inserted Dream Meetings, Time Dilation

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..I.. ..Was.. ..Cloned..

Speechless, for those who know, those of the projects were cloned as part of an ongoing operation. Christie Sheen is now coming forth.

I was told, by people who run your lives (and even the afterlives) that no one is allowed a lasting role on TV unless they are cloned.

Read the thousands of pages I have written on my own experiences. This is an ongoing, multiple timeline operation and Humanity is currently within a temporary timeline as a result of parasitic infestation of the elite bloodlines by a parasitic interdimensional etheric mental organism that feeds the suffering of the innocent through ritual sacrifice.
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Cloning & Discernment : Spencer A. Eskridge Yvonne Palermo

The way this conversation pans out will assist you in understanding the truth about the secret operations and the technological capabilities of secret societies.

This video is a gift to humanity.

” I Withheld Testimony About the Cloning Centers: Drew “

Cloning Science Revealed

Now that the science is in the public they have to have a “decision” on the subject. I see this is how the unveiling might play out. If they are forced to give an ultimatum on cloning, then all the people who have been cloned or involved in cloning would have a right to say something. If this is publicly acknowledged scenario it might lead to disclosure on other issues like advanced technology, mind control, and the Multiverse.