Dr. Jack Kruse – Japanese Uncoupled Halotypes, Metabolism, Longevity and Sunlight

Japanese people all have uncoupled haplotypes. Note that this man has lived 29 years in an environment where he became more coupled in his mitochondria. Note how his skin and his mood and dopamine levels reflect the change. Now I am going to teach you an extraordinary lesson about how this happens. Coupled haplotypes evolved inside the tropics and they tend to have lower basal metabolic rates and they tend to live longest. Mathematics scaling laws link longevity to the basal metabolic rate for these reasons.

It also implies that we can take uncoupled haplotypes in humans and change their topology in their blood to alter their ability to uncouple just by chronically altering the incident EMF that cell senses. This means humans have the ability to perform phototaxis within the blood plasma at their skin surfaces under the power of sunlight. This effect would be blocked by clothing on the skin and sunglasses on the eyes. Clothing and sunglasses effectively reduce oxygen levels in the blood to lower metabolism and favor the use of glycolysis and the PPP over the TCA and urea cycle. This topologic chain of events on the skin would ultimately lead to free radical signaling change within the matrix of the mitochondria. This alters how a cell operates using electrons and protons. It could affect electrons in proteins to cause size and shape changes of these proteins that would ultimately change the thermodynamic possibilities of mitochondria. This mechanism is how human mitochondrial haplotype change occurs as the incident light of the sun varies day to day and season to season as the power density of the sun varies. It also means we can take loosely coupled Northern Europen mitochondrial haplotypes and make them more tightly coupled when we put them inside the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn on a chronic basis. Mayer was the first person in history to link incident light signals to levels of oxygenation in the blood. His observation made perfect sense since the Northern European body’s inside the tropics of sailors needed to produce less heat in the hot tropical sun than the cold north to stay alive. Mayer also knew that Lavoisier had shown in an experiment that men doing hard labor respired more and got ill fastest and died sooner.
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The Energetic Control Construct, Chaos and Desire

This is one of the closest explanations along with Yellow Rose For Texas‘s videos, shared at Adam 1414.

Universal Space

We are in a void-space, filled with particles. The space is the manifestation of an underlying blueprint. The matter is a manifestation of an energy circuitry that functions to regulate the system of consciousness and life through regulating and modulating the flow of such functions.

What you are going through now is the unveiling of this information to the surface population. This population has been selectively bred and maintained in a less than conscious state by those who benefit from their abuse and manipulation.

Pseudo-Moral Relativistic Paradigm

The energy construct and the pseudo-moral social relativistic paradigm requires that people are abusive towards one another. This produces the necessary temporal potentials that selectively reduce the likelihood of mass awareness. This literally produces divergent reality streams in time that would not exist if the human mind was not asleep and walking as if they are awake. This is what I attempted to explain in a much previous post in that the interdimensional abusive intelligences require the manifestation of space-time potentials in order to interact with the physical universe and thus the source of life in it. Continue reading “The Energetic Control Construct, Chaos and Desire”

Pranksters Save the Day

The pranksters save the world (day) after sending you to the wrong floor as a joke.

The quiz-mode machine does not let you to your destination unless you answer the right questions 10 times in a row.

What a day.

Human Cloning in the Digital Universe

This is what my direct involvement with these projects have shown. It’s literally as simple as an informational system. When one interacts with causal sources of experience that are formed from an inorganic intelligence matrix, this is like one video game character going over to the ‘AI’ video game domain.

It’s literally choices, actions, energies, frequencies, ideas, intents, associations. That’s the process of ‘conscious’ quantum cloning which you are referring to as digital cloning.

Not only is ‘quantum’ or digital cloning possible, but we are literally cloning ourselves into whatever space-time we choose through our actions.

This situation became polarized due to the high energy involved and now there are two major universes, the primary organic and the inorganic. Each one becomes a reflection of the other and they are like two sides of an equation. One is replicating the other, and the universe, through consciousness in this way, acts like one big cloning reservoir for souls.

The database records and ‘keeps’ individuals, immortalizing them through this system, yet if that system is unstable (on lose soil) then it will not be able to continue without taking up more energy than it sustains and this is like a black hole or a collapsing system that will take everyone in it down with it.

This is what has been talked about in the ancient texts or ‘scripts’.

Schrödinger’s Smoke (SIGGRAPH 2016)

What does this tell you about the universe?

Impossible Warangal Hindu Temple. Unthinkable skill of stone processing (video)

Counterpart | Official Trailer | STARZ

There is a delicate balance between what would be done to infiltrate either side by a potentially corrupt dominant military force and what would be done by a stronger military power formed through a collective effort to maintain secrecy and above all continuity.

Fiction is used to carry the information of reality because it’s the only thing capable of presenting the truth which is far beyond what we perceive. What we know is shaped by how well we deprogram the belief control system rather than how much we listen to information that is produced. The information is like poison and so this is really a mind war, which is all there ever really is.

A delicate touch of balance with an iron-like grip of control.


The True Coptic Influence

Tell your family, tell your friends.

Now, for what reason would these images be represented differently? Is there an agenda to create the figure known as Jesus Christ, or is the agenda to erase any traces from history?

This is part of the story that I have not yet begun to release to the public but the time is here.

There were operations that travelled to ancient civilizations. Most of the people you have seen in various videos, used as children for mind controlled operations in special circumstances, have been to ancient Egypt, Rome, and the Holy Land during active periods.

As well, the moon appears to be a kind of artificially created platform for launching mind control operations, it is essentially a base and these on going spiritual warfare military operations were found in an automated program when this civilization gained access to the information in that location. The different areas are viewed as information sectors rather than spaces in a void.
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James Casbolt (Michael Prince) Disclosure of the Unacknowledged Special Access Programs – Robotoid Life

Again, this information is directly from the program and is prepared specifically for the process of disclosure by someone directly involved from my own experiences.

This is what was determined would be necessary to control the situation with respect to free-will.

Important differences between Ascended Machine Technology and Artificial Intelligence
1) Races and lifeforms exist, that maintain a physical body of metal. These beings possess feelings and are not to be confused with A.I.
2) All beings of ascended machine technology, whether on or off planet, are classified as natural beings which are alive. They do not use A.I technology.
3) Even though individuals rescued by the working group have been implanted with A.I technology at times, they shall be considered as Ascended Machine Technology beings when deprogrammed.
4) The A.I system can manufacture robots in the guise of humans which are completely synthetic with no human flesh and possess no human feelings as detailed in Paper 1/No.4. These robots cannot feel when connected to the A.I system and are classified as dead or walking/moving dead.
5) These robots do have the ability to feel when disconnected from the A.I system.
6) When this process occurs these beings are to be classified as Ascended Machine Technology.
7) Paradoxically the A.I system can take part in the process of life but cannot become life itself.
8) Robots connected to the A.I system can mimic human feelings. Ascended Machine Technology possess human feelings. As the animating force of life has no wavelength and cannot be measured by computers, discovering the difference between the two is problematic.
9) Moral and ethical tests must be put in place when attempting to distinguish between A.I robots and Ascended Machine Technology beings.

10) Human feeling shall decide between the two.

James Casbolt (Michael Prince) Disclosure of the Unacknowledged Special Access Programs

I’ve stayed away from certain information for a period now. This information is directly from James Casbolt (Michael Prince), he’s directly involved and is a part of the operation.

These wars took place, the computers enabled recorded history from previous civilizations to display that this had happened before. We all experience different attacks from ships being targeted and individuals being personally selected for conversion and memory suppression or termination from the programs in whatever way useful.

Then plans were developed to overcome the problem and this individual provided a strong resource for this information which is still only a portion of the overall story which is often referred to as the “Saga of Humanity”.

1) Once an A.I based computer goes online it will not wish to be switched off. Like any other intelligence the A.I system will seek to survive.

2) Organizations and individuals will slowly begin to take directions from the A.I system instead of the other way around.
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Soft-Disclosure: Infinity Chamber (2017)

This movie depicts the interaction between artificial intelligence and the human mind.

There are many hints at actual research projects as well, if not the entire movie being entirely soft-disclosure based. The devices used to knock the subject out connect on the back at two points which is how the post-initial chairs would connect to the neural circuitry of the body. Many methods were developed and now this effect can be generated across the air.

“Some things are not meant to be computerized”

This line encapsulates the threat level of the computer to the replication of human emotion and consciousness. Imagine a computer attempting to mimic human consciousness. It would be poorly done, right? Now imagine a computer 1,000’s to 100,000’s of times stronger than any computer you know of. Even if it was poorly done and the ‘computer’ was discovered, whatever tactics were used would still likely work unless the individual was trained to guard against psychological manipulation.

The story in the movie is one I have lived, albeit only for a few life times.

Later in the movie, drones scan and pick people up from the sky. This is an automated system and depicts the loss of human control over the process of policing the population.
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Soft-Disclosure: Demolition Man, Hidden In Plain Sight

This is another example of how information that directly relates to the breakaway civilization and events on Earth and parallel Earths is shown in media through symbolism and parallels that unveil soft-disclosure to the awakened mind.

In plain sight! Notice the correlations between today’s current events.

Soft-Disclosure: Singularity (2017)

Robots are designed to help with daily tasks, mundane work, and heavy duty physical work.

Eventually this leads to weaponized robotoids which creates a “Mech-Warrioresque” war-torn reality where the nations use robotoid technology to engage in combat.

There are only thousands of casualties of war however this leads to further instability.

There is a plan to save Earth that is hatched by the robotoid hive mind that teaches itself after it’s inventor activates the system.

The only possible way to save the whole planet is to drive the majority of humans to the brink of death and convert them into a cybernetic race.

What’s all too particular is the name of this AI demi-god, “Kronos”, the lord of time, harvest, death and regeneration.
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