The Metaphysical Journey- A Discussion with Aurora and Lauda Leon (Sovereign Ki)

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This discussion explores the metaphysical aspects of the multidimensional nature of existence pertaining to thought, manifestation, time, Consciousness, DNA and Spirit Energetics..A fascinating exploration beyond the space/time continuum and it’s relevance upon our individual earthen experience.

Aurora Hartslief YouTube: Website:

Lauda Leon Youtube (Sovereign Ki):

Loose talking points listed chronologically. This list is not necessarily an exact outline but closer to a guide for topics:

1. Old Precepts, Phantoms, Echo
1. Perceptual Convergence
1. Format of Society
2. DNA, Mind, Soul, Collective Field
3. Bubbles Reality, Divergent from Anchor Reality
4. Artificial Leaps, Synthetic

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Stargate to the Cosmos ~ Hosts Janet & Dr. Sasha

  • Many topics are discussed

  • White and Dark Hats

  • Underground Bases

  • Celebrity Cloning

  • Look into Celebrity Cloning

    • Matrix is All Around

    • Consciousness

    • Life and Death

    • Mystery

    • Answers

    • Religion, Liars, Deception

    • Money,

    • Accounting

    • Occult

    • Symbolism

    • Subconscious

    • Quantum

    • Physics

    • Time

  • Stasis

  • Accelerated Growth

  • Age Reversal

  • Age Regression

  • Mind and Soul – Correspondence

  • Anything is possible.

Multiple bodies

Projection, Mind and Energy

Physical Matter, Atoms

Computer Translated Memories

Star Gates, Portals

Natural Ability

End of War

Illegal Treaty Owned by Families


Corporate Owned Space Station

Quantum Tunneling

Technical Properties of Advanced Technoogy

Properties and Extra-Dimensional Medium of Higher Space



Celebrity Cloning


Temporal Operation, Paradoxes, Alterations

Agreements Commitment

Thoughts, Intents

Soul Unveiling True Self

War, Awakening,

Ignorance to Knowledge. Ignorance Virus


Aug Tellez Florescer da Consciência (English Only)

Ritual Abuse,

Trauma Based Mind Control

Underground Bases,

Celebrity Cloning,

Pay to Play Space as an inter-dimension of time and consciousness Multiple Parallel Realities, Like a Rolodex,

Secret Groups Controlling access to and from each reality
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Aug Tellez – Florescer da Consciencia – The English Parts Only (Interview from 09-16-2017)

Florescer da Consciencia with Gislene, Antonio, Elane and Aug Tellez

Florescer da Consciencia.jpg

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Revealers Dialogue | Eternal Self-Awareness |Roald Boom, Ziad Elias Lily Kolosova and Aug Tellez

  • Eternal Self-Awareness

    • To Find True Identity Beyond Just the Body-Mind

    • Many Deceptions and Awakenings

    • Eternity, Degraded in Artificial or Temporary Time

    • One Source, Eternal Time, One Reality, Then Non-Reality, Artificial, Projection Experience

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A Summer Conversation With Bibi Tinsley, Blair Hornbuckle and Aug Tellez

On a beautiful afternoon in August, 2017, I spent time chatting with Aug Tellez and Blair Hornbuckle. The conversation lasted for hours, and the simulated sun set behind my chair, as the afternoon turned into nighttime.

Aug Tellez’s Channel:
Aug’s website:

Bibi Tinsley’s website The Bibi Blog:
Twitter: @bibitinsley
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A Jornada da Alma e o Despertar Simultâneo – Aug Tellez & Felicia Noel


Patricia Farrington and Aug Tellez – The Mental Liberation of Humanity


  • Live in people’s DNA

  • Questions for public, through messages

    • Self Validation

    • Scapegoating

  • Lion’s Gate

    • Programming

    • Unveiling

    • Solar Flare

    • Memory Restored

  • Memory and Guidance

  • Interdimensional, Extraterrestrial, september viewing

  • Holographic in Nature, Outside of this Dimension, Holographic in Nature, Mind Beyond, Virtual Nature

  • Interdimensional Parasites, Creation of Physical through Imagination, then Creation of Imagination through the Physical, Use Tech to Change it or Use Spirit and Intent, Magic and Technology

    • Moving Timelines Instead of Physical Alterations

    • 3.5 D instead of 4D and Higher

    • Spirit is Long Body Highest Potentiality Aspect, Physical is Mundane, Lowest Potentiality Aspect, Bottom of Pyramid to Higher

    • Base Level of Potentiality, Maximum Level of Potentiality


  • Extraction

    • Cast off the attachments


Florescer da Consciência – Japan, Um Viajante do Tempo – Aug Tellez

  • Ritual Abuse, Trauma Based Mind Control

  • Underground Bases, Celebrity Cloning, Pay to Play

  • Space as an inter-dimension of time and consciousness

  • Multiple Parallel Realities, Like a Rolodex, Secret Groups Controlling access to and from each reality

  • Mind Control liquid etheric nano-technology in all electronics and covering the surface of the entire civilization, the sky containing a holographic “LCD” screen

  • Ancient Artifacts that reset, manipulate, alter or otherwise control the perception of time

  • Technology being used to alter time and this creates a new mental overlay each version of reality where the original reality must be returned to before the original reality can move on, these are like temporary side realities however if all the energy is devoted then problems can occur

  • Civilizations developed in these side realities, simulated realities where civilizations developed

  • This era a time where two civilizations from two different realities merged into this one

  • Cosmic Revelations, Wave of spiritual advancement, spiritual evolution

  • Breakaway Civilizations, Wealth inequality, ritual groups

  • Very far future of reality and past link together within this system which is like a closed loop of time. This is maintained like a device or a system.

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  • Unacknowledged Special Access Programs

  • Ancient history

  • Paranormal

  • Advanced Tech

  • Tesla

  • Mind Control

  • Cloning
  • Immortality

  • The power of the mind, realities, universes, origins of reality

  • Parasites and interactions, false realities, mind control, soul, spirit, battle of souls,
  • Inner space

  • The unveiling, chimera groups, hybridization, simulated realities, mind to machine interfaces

  • Electromagnetic fields, reality control technology, guiding the Earthship, fear, lower dimensional access points for false realities, some retained the memory

  • Electrogravitic craft

  • Previous civilizations, creation stories, two species of human

  • Three Phases of the Unveiling

  • Underground government

  • Surface government is illusion, not in control

  • Two fold purposes: mind control and to discover the true meaning of the realm, origins of the human race


Gary Warmerdam and Aug Tellez

The secret groups extend from various locations and times. They practice longevity and inner knowledge through the capacity to shut out the distractions of external knowledge or projected power. However, like the body, they can wear the signs and symbols of the external (physical) projected power, like a military force, however this is an illusion and the true power is in the knowledge within (knowing the self).

The realm contains a lightbulb kind of feature above. This connects to a lightbulb feature within. This is like the internal and external power source and CPU of the temporal-physical-mental experience of the entire realm and each person’s life. This is like the timecode for existence, every event that is experienced takes place according to the degree of access to this source of power and temporal awareness. All the events and objects of one’s history are stored within their connection to this temporal lightbulb and all the events of history are literally contained within the rays of that processing system.
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Patricia Farrington and Aug Tellez Interview One

Patricia: The interview itself is only 2 hours and 33 minutes. It was such a nightmare trying to get this to upload. Somehow it duplicated in the upload. Working on fixing it now.

This conversation will challenge your beLIEf systems. We talk about AI, Creator verses the Architect of Illusion, Soul verses Spirit, Consciousness verses Awareness, Contracts, Simulations, Holographic Reality verses the Organic, Ascension, Death.

Jake Barlow and Aug Tellez

This is the unedited version.


The Nature of The Civilisational Shift with Aug Tellez