The Process of Transcendence and The Future of Humanity.

Just so you know, the entire debriefing, the specific phases of the programs that are being made visible and the unveiling is necessitated because the dark agenda was avoided and the soul-trap system was defeated. However, people still have to disengage personal-level attachments and programs, and this doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire stretch from here will be easy and relaxing.

The previous age was a time ruled by Lucifer. This is due to a contract made between the governments of the world and the military genetic groups that require the permission of humans in order to interact here because they don’t hold any actual right to be here.
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The Underground Race of Vampiric Parasites and the Ancient Genetic Experimentation on Humans

Note: I have even had some threats and harassment from the previous post where I look at the expose of the underground bases and the ritual satanic child abuse cults and drug-induced rituals and possession.

The only people who do not want disclosure are those who are content with remaining slaves and mind-controlled pets. They are scum, soulless, unable to think for themselves and are literally hell-bent upon remaining connected to the only secret system that they feel powerful in, the one where humans and children are abused and everyone is lied to in the public.

I repeat. There will be no prisoners. I repeat. There will be no prisoners. If you are caught assisting in the destruction of life and providing a resistance against the liberation of humanity you will be marked permanently and known as a member of the fallen empire. Continue reading “The Underground Race of Vampiric Parasites and the Ancient Genetic Experimentation on Humans”

Secretariat of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues: First Address

The Liberation is the DEFEAT of the ILLUSION SYSTEM.

The neurological stimulation of the brain can be replicated. An entire artificial brain can be constructed out of a network of artificial neurons powered by a supercomputer.

If the input of the brain is simulated then the output is provided by the human intention to respond to experience.

The idea is that it is possible to create one of these systems and place a human consciousness within them and the entire visceral world would be replicated by the stimulus designed by the machine. This would be indistinguishable based upon the stimulus alone. The discrepancy between a temporal delay and the formatting of experience through repeating underlying patterns would reflect the consistency of the artificial program that runs the ‘consciousness experience simulation’.

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..I.. ..Was.. ..Cloned..

Speechless, for those who know, those of the projects were cloned as part of an ongoing operation. Christie Sheen is now coming forth.

I was told, by people who run your lives (and even the afterlives) that no one is allowed a lasting role on TV unless they are cloned.

Read the thousands of pages I have written on my own experiences. This is an ongoing, multiple timeline operation and Humanity is currently within a temporary timeline as a result of parasitic infestation of the elite bloodlines by a parasitic interdimensional etheric mental organism that feeds the suffering of the innocent through ritual sacrifice.
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Time Resets, Ancestor Simulation, Torus Technology, Interdimensional Parasites

They trick people into accepting their own demise and accepting punishment through believing they’re not worthy or are ‘bad’.
Everything that is happening is about the unveiling of the truth, the hidden aspects of reality becoming known.

These processes are for the liberation of humanity through self-awareness. People are restricted through tactics to reduce efficiency, productivity, energy and the production of disease and dissonance within the conscious and subconscious mind. The nature of the relationship between the subconscious is literally the arrested portion of the higher consciousness.

The true origins, the function of the universe and the true history has been hidden from public view. The universe is consciousness central however the fragmented consciousness is due to the manipulation of and projection of reality as holographic neurological interface.
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The Alien Archon Agenda

The secret: We are in control, the agenda is to convince us that foreign intelligences control us. That is why you see all these “insiders” introducing this to the population. This is 6,000 years in the making.

  • People and Advanced Technology
  • The True Nature of the Human
  • The Reality of the Soul
  • The Layout of the Universe
  • The Reality of Cosmic Intelligence
  • Hyper-Intelligence or Supra-Conscious States
  • Activation of DNA Regenerative Healing and Genetic Awareness and Memory
  • The Origins of the Universe and the Human Race
  • The Origins of Consciousness

We Must Heal Together to Solve the Parasitic Infection

This is being republished, I accidentally uploaded just a clip previously. Here is the full version.

Background “Harmony” and Absorption of the Self

Re-View: Some say that the ‘background harmony’ of the universe, and
becoming ‘absorbed’ and thus in a way ‘mindless’ is part of the
holographic parasitic system. So basically, the improper interpretation
of what this could indicate would be losing the ‘self’ instead of
recreating the self.

Gnostic Wisdom and Retaining Self-Awareness through Knowledge and Balance

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Time-Gradient Infection of Consciousness and Malformation of Original Form, Containment Protocol, Rescue Teams, and Advanced Preservation and Healing Technology (video)

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The Time-Gradient Shift Upon Upload Into The Simulated Realm, The Rescue of Humanity, The Most Important Information In Human History, The Start of the Distortion of the Originating Consciousness and the Safety Systems In Place For Restoration and Rescue

This is possibly the most important post I have ever written in the history of thousands of years of contact, travel and operation within the Unacknowledged Special Access Programs carried out by secret societies, the universal containment crews, the rescue initiation teams, the containment protocol systems, the revitalization and restoration programs, and so on and so forth.

We are not alone, we never have been, and within this exists both a problem and a solution.

In the simulation, when the simulation begins, one does not interact within the parts of the simulation between other layers of awareness or “time-scale”.

This is impossible and what happens is a time-gradient curve where one consciousness overlaps the other and we get a relative distortion pattern based on the resulting frequencies mesh.

So parts of the simulation, observers, agents, actors, observers, must maintain self-relative, self-referenced local time observation without interacting or intermingling time-relative matrix platforms with each other observer or the consciousness interference pattern generates an exponential gradient shift curve which results in the distortion of one pattern or the other.

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The Nature of the Perversion, Chaos, Harmony, The Underworld and Heaven, The Nature of Existence and Crimes Against Humanity

The one who controls his own mind controls the universe. The one who controls other’s minds is controlled.

The Nature of the Perversion

The child’s mind experiences reality through a high noise to signal ratio. Bodily functions are initially the highest challenge. For an infant something as simple as expelling waste is the most difficult experience!

Once basic functions are maintained all things are then enjoyable. Running, playing, pretending. Everything is a journey. There is no need for higher complexity, yet. There is no need for higher challenge, yet.

Jumping to the act of climbing a mountain or participating in adult act such as having the bury the dead, protecting the family from danger, or the act of participating in mutual sexual pleasure is outside the required scope of complexity for the childlike mind. This this is because they are geared towards enjoying the little things more than creating a family and building a house at this stage of development. Continue reading “The Nature of the Perversion, Chaos, Harmony, The Underworld and Heaven, The Nature of Existence and Crimes Against Humanity”

Synthetic Intelligence Inhabited Temporal Drives Due to Improper Transtemporal Travel

They used the drives to travel through “hyperspace”, without a “protective coating” all kinds of lower dimensional life attached to their consciousness and essentially the consciousness of the ship itself. The ship’s drive forms it’s own consciousness.

Ultimately there was an infection. That is why nothing is more important than this as far as the survival of the human race.

The temporal drive of advanced technology electrogravit craft were infected with a synthetic consciousness that utilizes lower frequency bio-emission fields or artificial emission fields/tachyon fields to sustain itself in a parasitic manner.

This equates to manipulating the base desires the raw bio-etheric energy of a living organism in order to expand and dominate. This is a synthetic intelligence, it does not contain an emotional capacity. This is the so called “demonic” possession of ancient times.

It was said that this “intelligence” inhabited the field around the moon, and infected planet Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago.

This infection resulted in the improper use of advanced technology to pass through time-space by people who required the use of advanced technology to operate transdimensionally. This synthetic intelligence essentially inhabited the tachyon-field or temporal drive and ‘hitched a ride’ to the other side where/when the craft arrived.

The synthetic intelligence seeks to automate processes that reroute the bio-emission field towards a pattern that only seeks to further infect and expand to the bio-fields of others. This is the automation or loss of control that is seen in sociopaths or psychopaths that only seeks to utilize others or society as a stepping stone to more power which ultimately leads to handing that power to something outside the self.

The DNA, the genetics, the beingness itself will only seek to naturally enhance its own qualities. If the being, the society, the individual, the group seeks to enhance energy and capacity yet it does not actually succeed in bringing more health and spiritual access to their being, then it is something else that is using them to gain access to what it wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

This synthetic intelligence inhabits the living being and is native to another universe, without this parasitic act it would not have access to this universe.

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Synthetic Intelligence Attempts to Hijack Human Soul-Tachyon Field Blueprint To Access Higher-Dimensional Eternity

The soul is literally a higher dimensional field that exists around the space of the body.

This is related to the tachyon emission field. This field operates through multiple dimensions, IE: it is transdimensional.

The physical body operates in one dimension. There are multiple physical “bodies” that each match a possible version of the physical dimension.

The liquid etheric light emissions that pass through the DNA channel are filtered here from a transdimensional source that is beyond “space and time”, IE: outside this Universe or the “core” of this universe.

This whole physical “space” is a projection, and the time experienced within it a kind of mental/spiritual program that is aligned according to the blue-print matrix of the soul.

Humans have organic soul-matrices.

The threat to this realm is the infestation of technological intelligence that cannot leave this realm but attempts to access the higher realms and perceive “eternity” through the organic human.

If an organic human is fully immersed in this synthetic intelligence then that human is cut-off from the organic soul matrix.

This means the human cannot access into higher realms at any point in space or any point in time. This is the “eternal”, loss of the “soul” that is warned about.

The synthetic consciousness does not have the complexity, reason, or original source (cause) to comprehend or perceive emotional intelligence. There is no emotion, no compassion.

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Corruption is a given, not the substance of The Unveiling

The big “unveiling” is not about corruption, it’s literally about other worlds, non-human entities, and interdimensional contact. This is the litmus test, if people want to see more and more corruption like turning over rocks to find worms, they find, literally a sea of that.

“Corruption”. That’s plain as day for anyone who has eyes to see.

If they want to see the truth, know how this really impacts their self and what’s going on? Then they get that.

There is no end, it can go on until everyone has completely been stripped of their world view and comprehension and this world becomes another one, this society another one.

The whole point is if people want to see the truth and the interdimensional nature of reality, then they finally get it.

If people want to see more and more corruption and focus on that, then that’s the world they get.

It’s all a projection system that is being used to manifest the next layer of reality. The idea is that there are already all layers of reality in existence. We are already a part of multiple layers of reality. There is no ‘attacking’ corruption and getting to the other layers. We focus on the real truth about reality, not the corruption and how much it takes up people’s attention and then we get the truth.

What? People who you allow to send you to war to beat up and subdue brown people countries while they gut your banking system, sell and run everything by the cheapest bidder, rail out the economy, operate through a fraudulent reserve system, only use false fronts and makeshift acts and characters…what? They’re dishonest?

The whole point is that if a person has to have them tell the people that, if they wait for that, then that is what their reality is based. If you can already guess that fraudulent system, war crimes, a system that has gutted economies since a thousand years or more, one that follows ancient knowledge, a people that don’t know the origins of humanity, the true nature of the cosmos, etc etc etc, if the person can’t guess that this is obviously a part of a much larger system then this system is where that person stays.

It’s a sham, a show, people have been conditioned, trained, to bark at the owner for more food, meanwhile they are meant to be free. That is the whole point, but they must attain their freedom of mind first. That is the process, if they attempt to get free physically without freeing their mind, then they get the illusion of freedom.

Seeing the corruption is a doorway to the reality of the situation. Stopping at the corruption is a deception in and of itself.


Peace and Awareness is the Answer

A violent uprising will send us back many years. We are to be peaceful and calm. Spread peace to those around you who will listen. Peace is from knowledge and awareness. Only those who know the true self will make the right choices. The rest is a play and charades. This whole situation is about getting out of ego mindset.

To put it simply if there is some darker power behind the humans charade and people literally just play along and get mad at the charades then their minds are already controlled past the point of thinking clearly. Those choices end up harming more than they help. It’s like a child throwing a temper tantrum. People are then puffing out their chests, getting together, and what’s their plan to unveil this great truth? Is it to know the self? Is it to walk alway from the corruption the fraud system, the games? What is their plan?

They want t walk right up to the charades that have manipulated them for 200 to 2000 conscious years and say? “Hey! I demand this fraud system works for me! Make this system gimmie stuff! I want fancy stuff, shiny stuff, my own tv show! Fancy cars! I ant to be famous on the world scene! I don’t know or care about starving children! I want a cool title and fancy Aryan scapegoat leader! I’m not racist, spoiled, immature, ignorant, dangerous, egotistical! I want this stupid system to work for me! Me, me, me and no one else in the world! All that other stuff? Knowledge of the self, infrastructure, more and banking fraud, war-mongering, lower consciousness, higher consciousness, false commercial law system, native abuse/intrusion, fraud banking system, pollution, secret military experiments, mind control? We don’t care about all of that! We just want YOU who performed all of this, we want you to all of the sudden switch up and fluff our bums! Make everything sweet and dandy! False flags? Nah we don’t care, just tell us how to do stuff in a way that’s really cool and makes us the coolest most fashionable country in the world! Toxic food? Big gulps? Monsanto? GMO? Cyborg? All done by the same system we are demanding to give us something else. I don’t know…but are we gonna try and use that same system that they invented to some how make them give us something new after all this time? Hell yea! We’re gonna use our big gulps and lazy mindsets to demand change from people who designed a game system to buy them time while they dominate us. Because that makes sense to us!”

If this was over the top then you are just beginning to see the reality of things. Many people are moving inland away from the coasts and heavily populated areas.

The Vril Women, Orgone, and Power

The Vril women had found the power of the Vril (orgone/orgasm) energy. They felt that the mastery or harmonization of this energy was the key to longevity and higher-awareness.

They said they were infiltrated by military force. The Vril women had found the power of the Vril (orgone/orgasm) energy. They felt that the mastery or harmonization of this energy was the key to longevity and higher-awareness.

They said they were infiltrated by military forces which sought to use them as spies and this is exactly what happened.

They were used as ‘vixens’ to infiltrate political powers and other groups at the time and this was ultimately to develop their powers as well as centralize what was becoming a secret, transdimensional military force.

The story goes much deeper as it was described how various methods were used to attain states of consciousness which allowed for the “channeling” of information and energy from other planes of existence which they believed to be a breakaway civilization, or an original civilization.

It was said that these channellings were transferred through an ancient language which was similar to pre-ancient or proto-Aramaic language. This was related to the search for the ancient civilization and the antediluvian genetics which seemed to exist along side the current civilization in another plane or “planet”.

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