Media Guided Subliminal Afterlife Programming

It is very challenging to most to first learn of the true reality.

Here is a snippet.

The media system is used to generate hyper-dimensional realities that are in the ‘mind’ of the collective.

The media system is literally rented out for use by various groups to control the afterlife through the insertion of subliminal program information into the collective.

The technology that is currently in use is so advanced that it can appear as every day technology.

Cloning and Immortality

A Path Chosen Between Two Worlds

You’ll have to choose a path in this world, everyone will or already has depending on your perspective. You already are choosing a path and there is no way to not choose. Everything we do is being monitored and interpreted in accordance with a plan for a new world.

Just so you know, the “Old World” is where people of ‘authority’ manipulate, coerce, and force their ‘subjects’ into alignment with their authority. That’s it. The “New World” is the situation where people can know the truth and primarily the illusion between projected authority and true, genuine power that comes from another plane of consciousness and energy. Consciousness and energy equals time. Continue reading “Cloning and Immortality”

The Manipulation of Human Consciousness, Cellular Regeneration and Space-Time

Besides the political context, this is the split between the higher and lower mind that functions to ensure a default protection and manipulability of everyone involved. This is the nature of the secrets and trauma based mind control that wealth and corruption of the human nature has generated. This is the nature of the programs that were designed to produce knowledge on the nature of human history, human control, power and corruption on Earth. Every single conspiracy theory that you know of was first known by those who sought to understand this reality and the history of humanity.
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What if “Satan” was the artificial AI, a synthetic intelligence network designed as an experiment, and that “Gaia” is the organic intelligence that is based on the cloud network of every soul and connected mind?

The Process of Controlled Disclosure and the Awakening of the Human Potential

The true nature of consciousness.

The holographic electrical brain.

The mind and the universe are one.

Military research projects have determined there is a world beyond this one that is currently invisible to the body’s senses.

There are corrupt wealthy individuals hiding the truth of worldly and non-worldly power, technology and the true history of this civilization and other countries.

Unaware people are troubled by the truth of how things are. Telling the truth is not how things are usually done and people have become accustomed to the carefully planted illusion that enables this society to function how it does now.

Everyone who is speaking with a controlled clearance for public disclosure has been prepared and cleared to ensure the safety of the population, to avoid the worst case scenario, to avoid violence or panic, and to ensure the safety of those in active military operation. That is the meaning of controlled disclosure regardless of what those on the outside can imagine.
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Bought-Out Disclosure, Sacred Sex Rituals, Secret Agreements to Deceive the Public, The (Underground) Insectoid Interdimensional Parasite

Research Donald Marshall. I was involved in the unacknowledged special access programs which were partly infiltrated or at least replicated by members of the bloodline elite.

Every radio show host, youtube identity, online persona regarding disclosure has partaken in ritual sex orgies, sometimes or more often than not with underage people in the underground bases and in specific ritual areas around the U.S.

All of them are there, the one’s who are pretending to operate for ‘disclosure’ agree with the very people they claim to be against and secretly laugh and make fun of the ‘stupid humans-useful idiots’ in the underground bases while trying to look ‘evil’ and show off for those who run the show. Continue reading “Bought-Out Disclosure, Sacred Sex Rituals, Secret Agreements to Deceive the Public, The (Underground) Insectoid Interdimensional Parasite”

The One True Compassion

The One True Creator is the COMPASSION of the LIVING ESSENCE.

To release from the illusion, follow the path of the HEART, the CENTER OF BEING. Only through the CENTER can there be equilibrium which undulates outwards to influence ALL.

The Truth of this Society: The Truman Show

  • Fossil Fuels are not from ‘dinosaur bones’.
  • The internal combustion engine was chosen in place of magnetic drive engines that could potentially run for thousands of years
  • There was a committee to handle non-terrestrial affairs on Earth
  • That committee sold out humanity for technology and in my opinion this was all a trick of the unconscious mind being played over the ego
  • Sexual intercourse was used per “Beta” programming to transfer and receive covert information by adept, psychic operatives of secret groups that infiltrated every major authority establishment

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The Discovery of Immortality and the Other Side of Eternity

You should know by now people, I know this is confusing and multi-layered, that’s why all the maps of reality drawn in ancient times are complex squares and geometries within geometries or wheels within wheels.

The projects to discover biological immortality resulted in a future race that was fully developed as soon as the ‘mind-machine’ was initially activated and entered into. Within a split second, millions of years of linear evolution occurred in a series of exponential ratios that reflect the cosmos. An entire universe was formed in the device and it was populated instantly.
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Important Aspects of Disclosure 4.12539756


Important Aspects of Disclosure 4.12935756

  • In this universe, civilization moves from a high level of complexity to a low level.

  • All is created out of a ‘nova-point’ singularity.

    • Only the supreme creator has unrestricted access to this singularity.

    • Groups have been fighting for the control of technology which yields limited access to this singularity and thus control over the realm and sub-realities.

    • Mind is the creative force in this universe, and this is a derivative of the totality of cosmic awareness.

    • The mind is electromagnetic ‘light’ based technology and essentially the natural interface with the universe. This is beyond organic or inorganic technology as then organic or inorganic technology is used to carry that mind such as a human body or a cybernetic system.

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Important Aspects of Disclosure 4

  • This society is currently within a hypnotism generated reality, the people hypnotized into believing the charades are the only people who see it and they can’t see any other reality. It’s a mind-cage that exploits psychological vulnerabilities.
  • There are clone robotoids. A supercomputer system records the neural activity and can only holographically replicate the neurology of low-awareness individuals or groups.
  • The heart is a powerful bio-computer and attracts what you resonate with through scalar interaction. Continue reading “Important Aspects of Disclosure 4”

Secret Space Program Full Disclosure Sgt. Pattie L Brassard, Karen Lucyk MacDonald, Aug Tellez – Galactic History of Earth and Humanity

Be aware of the holographic matrix that we are in, this is an artificial time-dimension construct. This is made, engineered through advanced machinery to mimic the true universe. All beings claiming to be from “elsewhere” are liable to be frauds attempting a deception for the own personal energetic harvesting agendas.

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An Important Aspect of Disclosure 3

Important Aspects of Disclosure

Important Aspects of Disclosure 2

The Modalities of WAR:

The Alien Agenda

Full Disclosure: The “aliens” are within the subconscious and brought in by the people who witness them. So if a person has an “alien” problem, they have a subconscious awareness problem and the “aliens” are actually an interdimensional representation of their own consciousness brought into the collective universe. Continue reading “An Important Aspect of Disclosure 3”

Important Aspects of Disclosure 2

Important Aspects of Disclosure 1

Important Aspects of Disclosure 2:

I.                This Realm is Made of Ideas in the Mind of a Larger Being

A.              These Ideas Constitute Metaphysical ‘Areas’ or Localities

II.             Reality is Comprised of Ideas Made from Ideas Made from Ideas and there are Repeating Universal Principles from Which All Ideas Exist

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Important Aspects of Disclosure

Here are some important parts.

  • This is a holographic reality.
  • There was an invasion.
  • Consciousness is polarized electromagnetism.
  • Awareness is the basis for high consciousness.
  • Self-Awareness is multi-dimensional.
  • Humans are used as pawns by lower-energy higher-dimensional forces.
  • Human bio-etheric emissions are siphoned and used to power devices and sentient  supercomputer systems.
  • The brains and auras/souls of high-energy individuals are used to guide these devices.
  • Many different forms of advanced technology were developed for mind-control purposes.

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