Free Time

The apocalypse does not work with advanced technology released to the people.

If an artificially induced society reset is used, like has been uncovered of the past, then there is clear pathway for the utilization of advanced technology to avoid the worst losses. If advanced technology is used, the entire charade becomes visible.

There are some people who have amassed a lot of wealth, more than the combined wealth of every other time and place in the past. They are the forefront of the Human society “”. Years ago, many, the technology to transmit information AND energy was discovered, and this was a time when the fancy ‘modern’ technology of today, didn’t exist yet.

People with more wealth than most can even visualize, like being served (on) hand and foot. What if the technology that could be released and the catastrophes and civil unresets that could be avoided or non existent, are designed and installed as repeating programmable boundaries for the Human society, so that they can always pay someone to perform to their desires.