A Mind Beyond Time

Think of the possible benefits from a truly connected and compatible system capable of (safely, for increased free will and advancement of the full potential) producing a system of automatically organized information translation and holographic transmission system.

An internet of mind could be constructed where by a system is used to interpret the data equally across a multidimensional field of consciousness archive and ‘server’ network that automatically guides the correct requests with the correct results.

These results could be people, places, things, concepts, times, events, possibilities, scenarios, chemicals, constructs, memories or partially simulated realities to portray relevant meaning in a way that effectively utilizes technological capabilities. Entire lifetimes of learning could be completed in ways that we can’t even conceive today without accelerated learning systems in place, from birth, to ensure the mind can contain itself and its own processes within such a complex and changing sea of hypercausal interaction.

The current issues are extensions of this problem, both forwards and backwards in time. Our minds must become ‘new’, in that they are capable of handling what has been here since old. This was always what was going to happen, it was a matter of realizing that this is capable. Both the development of advanced AI’s capable of interacting with the human soul on such a finite level that thousands of dreams can be generated and ran in simulated consciousness until just the right matches are selected and combined to produce the ultimate simulated reality.

The solution is both found in the problem and in changing the source of the perceptions of the problem. The human mind itself is limited through the perception of the problem as a problem and aspects of human biological exploits are securely managed simply by choosing to do so. In other words, overt, centralized, hostile, violent, brute force is not so much possible for the absolute destruction of the mind.

If one does not reject, then their lack of consent will be automatically used within the continued construct resulting in the extension of scenari0. Long term, chronic, subliminal manifestation of hidden goals through the continuous and artificially managed psychotronic assimilation of values and corruption through conversion by deception, is the true problem.

That problem is not a technological problem. Technology can assist in the process of deception but the cause is people who work together, with the intent of deceiving others or manipulating and corrupted for personal benefit to the detriment of all life and true, increasing self awareness and free will. Those aspects of human society are not compatible with the highest form of technology and those intentions and interactions poison the central matrix archive for human souls that we can call a collective memory banks for future learning and interactive environments.

If we use up our ability to choose truth and free will, the environment changes according to that, not necessarily according to what we perceive as atmospheric phenomenon or ecological cycles. The last part reminds you of the kind of system this is, a bio tech intelligent information system that uses the awakened souls as active neurons for a multi tier world system that enables scalar extra dimensional interactions to rearrange t intersections to produce equilibrium.