Biological Self Sustenance

Could you imagine if a plot of land was provided and every nursery that couldn’t sell their crops was not permitted to simply throw them out but was provided to be planted in these central areas within every population density level.

And since a consumer society produces and sells as much as it destroys or wastes, this would convert a leakage of our energy and resources from falling into an endless pit, into providing a literal endless bounty of sustenance with “little” work relative to starvation or war.

Every area could have its own prolific food and botanical preservation system that could be, by definition and architecture (with planning) self sufficient and capable of handling its local load.

This would be near impossible with heavily populated areas with millions of people. But in any area where the geographical and social requirements are met to provide the security, stability, and motivational ground work for a self sustaining system, the markets could be semi replaced by people growing food, for people.

This is already done on a small scale and in some ways, very large scales with trash clean up, out reach and assistance, food kitchens and so on.

If enough people could realize this is not only a possibility but a definite design feature of this environment and our intellect, it would initiate a decentralization of all aspects of true essential human survival which is currently entangled and thus potentially enslaved to and by a parasitic intelligence that has embedded itself in the Human social infrastructure.

Humanity has to supersede that which holds it back and overtake, into self sustenance, the critical consciousness amplifying power that the dominating parasitic intelligence produced as a byproduct of subjugating human life.

Now imagine what could be done with the technology and knowledge that has been hidden. You would not need to toil.

Humanity has to defend its own future by stating their lack of consent with the parasitic system and demanding the truth about what has been hidden in regards to corruption, advanced technology and manipulation (delays and restraints) to the human collective consciousness.