There is a gravitational ‘well’ of time that sits at the farthest reach from the ‘surface’ of the multiverse whereby all things are happening at the same instant and this instant can stretch out to encompass all instances within a hyperdimensional range of experience.

All events occurs in this local are occurring at a rate or ‘recording’ format that takes ‘eons’ to reach the surface of hyperspace where the combined resulting information of all physical or limited perception singular time experiences are consolidated into a continuous format.

In other words, communicating to the ‘height’ of where the multiverse has grown its diverted pathways of human intellect reaching the totality of a civilizations knowledge banks through quantum soul resonant harmonics enabling faster than light communication relays,

will require the majority of our minds working in unison to render enough processing capacity to communicate single sentences of meaning and details that would otherwise require entire lifetimes for single individuals to produce over one or more mediums.

We have already begun to do this, as the internet acts like a ‘fusion’ center where all interactive nodes can be held in a state of suspension and later linked together through an engagement that takes place within a controllable, sliding system of information management.

If we can control enough information in a closed loop system we can recreate and produce the perception of controlling time. Bubbles of potential can be created around each individual temporal node on the information network and then repositioned within a limited range.

And the way these bubbles interact does not have to be straight ‘lines of physical interaction’ but can be bent or distorted according to how the physical interactions would be interpreted directly without enhanced viewing or consciousness.

The singular view is a perceptual illusion, a kind of gestalt perception of self containment and separation that must shift and open up into latent and continuous uniformity on a higher scale, in order for there to be that first perception.

The reason people think there is separation is because there are so many people working together to produce that illusion of scarcity. Including everyone who supports it with unawareness.