Branding the Collective Memory

Trying to control what people think through deceptive tactics of controlling information and forcing narratives has delayed the activation of Humanity’s free will.

Collectively, Humanity is unaware and therefore incapable of directly influencing that which hindered and parasitically used more energy for personal benefits that did not collectively benefit Humanity and in some cases lead to the destruction or mutation of Human life.

The brain and personality flaws that are shaped through one’s response to stressful situations and the range of events that are not physically influenced, act like an organic AI program that limits each of us from seeing the truth.

People working for their own benefit at the expense of others implemented changes to remove some and introduced new processes to alter the mind. Society itself was reshaped to create contextual cover for the operating requirements and mechanics of a human control system.

Some aspects were made to function as disguises for underground business. The businesses were made to function as disguises for what can be described as a secret society given the direction to control Humanity.

In the beginning, those who stole power would not have access to the knowledge that sustains and advances society and the mind. There would be no real power outside that.

The influence that could be implemented through mere material wealth, through the course of history, through applied influencing of every form of learning and development (of humans), was used to distort language and information processing along with social infrastructure.

The result is two societies one of which is clearly benefiting from the work of the other. Up until recently, there was no great threat of those who would, but couldn’t.

Those who would challenge by introducing drama and taking up positions of wealth and power didn’t have any real power because that is not where the power is found. Specifically, that is not how the light house hydro gyro scalar transdimensional communication system operates.

The manipulation of the media is the attempt to subliminally bio hack the collective memory archives to reprogram the subconscious and use chemical modification to genetically mutate a stabilized sub human being that would lack resistance, intellect and mental well being.